Guess who finally got an Instagram..

No AA parking. Seriously, guys.

Dress- ASOS, Jacket- Rebecca Minkoff, Sparkly Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Bracelets- Buddha Babe


Cowgirl Dress

Dress- ASOS, Shoes- Topshop

I'm back, back. My photographer/soulmate/best buddy/left brain/personal motivator (quite a list of superlatives, I know) has been on a jaunt through Europe (must be nice) so I let the blog fall fallow for longer than I'd planned. How do you like the decoration someone added to my car? So, so kind. I'm unsure as to whether I should freak out and assume I'm being stalked, or just accept that this what happens in Los Angeles. Oh, well. There's something dramatic, almost guerilla-artistic about the contrast between the angry white scratches and the blood-red door. So uh, thank you, mystery person, for your creative contribution to improving the aesthetics of my Toyota Yaris.


Blue and Orange and Omg the Men on the Venice Boardwalk are Creepy

Dress- Vintage (Jet Rag), Skull Bag- random boutique in Santa Clarita, Shoes- Topshop, Ring- YSL, Random bracelets mostly vintage

I feel a little awkward jumping in to the whole "rambling about every aspect of my life" thing after such a long silence. Oh! I do have one thing: my best friend just got in to Harvard Law and I'm over the moon excited. My lovely, silly, hilarious, wonderful Paige has worked toward this for years, and nobody has ever deserved anything more. I'm so proud of you, little lady!