In Which I Get Drunk and Try On All My Clothes.

 Cat Shirt- Self made, Huge Pink Denim Shorts- JBrand + RIT Dye, Sparkly Cable Knit, Printed Scarf- Madewell, Cut-Offs- Borrowed (stolen) from Casey, Awesome Leopard Shoes- F21, Studded Belt- Zara, Lace Peter Pan Dress- F21, Black Sweater- H&M Divided, Ankle Boots- Vintage, Leather Jacket- Doma, Plaid Button-up- Madewell, Lacey Shorts- Birthday present from Casey, Terrifying Dead Creatures Bag- Vintage, Classy Hooters Shirt- Thrifted, then slashed up a bit.

So I'm not dead. However, I am divorced! Yep. Hence the whole "disappearing for almost two months" thingI left my photographer. So Joey will no longer be a character on this blog. But Casey and Mom are still around! And I've got plenty of new characters to fill the void in your heart. Because I know random, half-explained stories about the people in my life are real void-fillers. To avoid being gauche, I'm not going to air as much dirty laundry as usual. Just know that there is absolutely no reason for you to feel sorry for me, and I'm happier than I've been in a long time. Recently, I've been obsessed with the DH Lawrence poem, "In a Boat".  This is a roundabout way of telling you what is going on in my life without actually telling you. God, the lengths I'll go to over share on the internet.

Moving on!  I chopped my hair. Yes, it sounds painfully cliche after a breakup, but had more to do with too much bleach and too little conditioner than some sort of psychological cleansing ritual. I kinda wish I could tell you a dramatic "scissors, mirror, single tear running down my cheek, sad music trilling away in the background" story, but no such luck. 

I'm not going to ramble for five years, partially because I want to stop using this blog as a forum for whatever random thought pops into my head (ok, that was a total lie: my random thoughts are gonna stick around, they'll just be a bit more edited), but mainly because I just bought the new Teen Vogue (Oh, stop being such a snob! I know you read it, too!) with Alexa Chung on the cover, and (unlike the stupendously boring Peaches$$$Geldofs we're supposed to worship*) she actually has that whole "I would purchase/support basically anything she's involved in" thing. Oh, and she definitely has the "I bought her entire over-priced Madewell collection, including the stupid cosmetics bag" thing. Less complicated version: I am an enormously devout Alexa Chung fan-girl. 

*I know, it seems like I say something negative about ol' Peaches in every post. But have you ever read her abysmal NYLON articles? And did you know that they're ghostwritten?? And doesn't that make you wonder if she's, umm, literate? Also: the emperor has no clothes, people. She doesn't dress that well. Which is mind-blowing, considering her connections. I know I'm preaching to the choir, I've yet to come across anyone who harbors some huge Peaches crush. So I'll stop, but first I shall leave you with this very depressing thought: I wonder how many teenage girls know everything about the Geldof sisters, and nothing about Gloria Steinem. HA! I'm so predictable. First post in over a month, and already back to my pseudo-feminist hand-wringing.