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1- Why I got my nose re-pierced (thanks Bambi!)
2- Why foil hats can be beautiful 
3- Why I miss Japan (Dallas is a bit lacking in the lets-knit-a-sweater-for-that-bus department)
4- Why tattoos can still be clever (please don't tell me that's pen)

Happy weekend to all and to all a good night.
pics- free people blog, summerteeth, and some I've had too long to really remember


...And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Scarf-Wilfred(Aritzia), Shirt-Talula(Aritzia), Jeggings-Jbrand, Boots-Vera Wang Lavender Label, Coin Necklace-All Saints, Turquoise Cross Ring-F21, Silver Armor Ring-Free People, Bag-Alexander Wang Donna Hobo

The title of my post refers to an Australian war protest song called "...And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda"- I highly recommend the wikipediaing (new word!) of this song as it's history is fascinating. Actually, Australian history is pretty interesting in general. Ok, I am off to find a dress that is white, will flatter 15 different girls, will never go out of style, and is under a certain budget- cute bridesmaid dresses are so hard to find (this is for my friend Langley- I am already married to the adorable person who took these photos). 


Marc Jacobs F/W '10

Even though it's 50 million degrees in Dallas (and most likely will be until about Christmas), I am beyond ready to wear all of this. I refuse to wait to wear velvets, knits, full-length slip dresses and skirts, and vaguely ugly shades of grayish blue and pastel chartreuse (I am suspicious that chartreuse can't be pastel, but whatever, you get the idea). Usually I would be madly attempting to find anything similar- but I think I am going to have to go with the original on some of these, which means some major money saving is in the works. We'll see how that goes.



Sweater-Wilfred(Aritzia), Skirt-Talula Babaton(Aritzia), Pointelle Socks-UO, Clogs-Sam Edelman, Bag-vintage Enid Collins, Jewelry-mostly vintage, Silver stud cuff-Fallon, Silver armor ring-Free People

I really want to start a collection of Enid Collins handbags- the one pictured above was an exciting find at New Bohemia (a vintage store in Austin). Enid is definitely on my list of most interesting Texas folk artists- look her up on ebay. Oh, and how cool is this Enid fan from the early '70s...her name is Maureen and she was the Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava (?). I have no idea what that title means but I imagine Maureen was somewhat similar to Maude Chardin from Harold and Maude. If you don't know what I mean by that then you haven't seen Harold and Maude which is something you must rectify immediately. Anyway, I want to be like Maureen when I grow up. Or right now. Most of my idols are elderly- I like that whimsy that can only come with extreme youth or extreme age.


Fun With Flowers

Grey Leather Jacket-Doma, Silk Dot Shirt-Talula(Aritzia), Shorts-JBrand, Boots-Steve Madden, Jewelry-mostly vintage, silver shield ring-Free People, silver cuff-Fallon, "gnarly" bracelet-BCBG

That flower tasted bad. Will elaborate tomorrow, but right now I am off to do something very important (i.e. watch The Omen II) I hate already knowing they will be unsuccessful in killing that little devil (literally) by virtue of the fact that there are like fifteen more Omens. Breaking News!!! my cats just kissed each other on the lips. Yes, cats have lips. that is all.


Tripping the Light Fantastic

Dress-F21,Scarf-Intermix(label?),Boots-Sam Edelman,Jewelry-mostly vintage,silver armor ring-Free People,heart necklace-Bonadrag(In God We Trust)

Texas has such beautiful sunsets sometimes and last night was especially pretty, so Joey (husband) and I decided to wander around outside, which led to some really nice pictures in front of the old cemetery that abuts our apartment. I am rather pleased with this dress I found at F21- it looks like a cross between vintage lingerie and a cheap wedding dress that someone took a scissor to. It would look really good with my missing kimono, but I think the tie-dyed scarf makes a nice replacement.


The Tragedy Of the Lost Kimono

Kimono- vintage Chanel

So I used to have this absolutely beautiful vintage Chanel kimono/caftan with batwing sleeves, but college has a funny way of reducing your wardrobe. You see, College likes to fling the most prized members of your wardrobe into other girls' closets. Damn you Collins Dorm, your mystical thieving ways have robbed me of some very beautiful pieces. By the way, when people use the word "piece" to describe every article of clothing they own right on down to a pair of Forever 21 booty shorts they picked up at Buffalo Exchange, it becomes a problem for me. But we all have our peeves- my husband gets mad when I say "garment", which probably has more to do with his hatred for the entire cast of Project Runway (especially Heidi Klum, who bothers him so much that the new Lite and Fit commercials send him into episodes of Klum Rage) who really do throw that word around like they're getting paid every time they use it. And maybe they are. Maybe the word "garment" is sponsoring the entire show so it can insinuate it's way into the general public's lexicon. Maybe the Garment Family is rolling around in piles of royalty checks somewhere. But I digress (a lot). If I had that kimono now, I would wear it everywhere and with everything. I would never take it off again. And I would refer to it as my Piece Garment. While wearing it with a jaunty scarf, like this girl.

pic- dora's fur


Red is the color of my true love's hair...

pic- tfs

This girl is so cool and intimidating- not exactly my usual type but some people are just so perfectly put together that they transcend type, no? Oh, and her name is Pandora (some kind of editor for Tank (?) magazine). If I were a beautiful pale redhead with a perfect braid named Pandora then I would do exotic and mysterious things including (but not limited to)- swanning around in various turbans, painting my walls black and throwing sparkles at them before the paint dries, and slipping Oscar Wilde quotes into my everyday conversation while making it sound completely natural. I would be very interested in the morbid aspects of Victorian culture, also. In fact, I would have written my dissertation (Pandora has a PhD in this little fantasy world) on something involving Memento Mori and their impact on grieving during the transition into the 20th century. Ok, completely insane digression over.

Sadly, Pandora probably just DJs in her free time.


Iffy Collage

First Set!Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

My first attempt at polyvore! Somewhat frustrating and much tinier than I thought the finished product would be (there was a lot of unused space I think I neglected to notice)- but oddly satisfying also. It's rather dazzling to have my own (very) little virtual inspiration board rather than just
haphazardly tacking up random pictures in my closet that I ripped out of magazines. I suppose this one has a bit of a Summer theme, which was completely accidental.


Current Loves

Miranda from Picnic at Hanging Rock (a beautiful Aussie movie)

random hippie girl

Jovovich-Hawk Spring '07
(actually the entire Jovovich-Hawk archive seems pretty relevant right now)