Creepy Creepers

Cropped Shirt- Pixie Market, Shorts- Vintage 501 cutoffs, Shoesies- Storets, Bag- Marc Jacobs, Earrings- Urban Outfitters, the usual flair

Eeeep! My wacky Prada creeper-esque knockoffs came in the mail this morning! They are completely perfect and I am seriously ordering the brown ones immediately. Joey took these photos on our way to grab dinner and I kinda wish I'd had a chance to put together an outfit that does these babies justice. Instead you get to see the most random shirt I own. I'm not completely sure why I felt that a T printed with a giant greeting was necessary enough to bother ordering.
Oh. Sorry about the butt photo. And the beer that sort of sneaks it's way in to a couple of these pictures. I guess this post is sort of the opposite of yesterday's post. 
I really only feel like blathering about one topic at the moment: who the hell cares about the goddamn royal wedding? I know we're all supposed to think William is this gorgeous dashing prince (ew.) and Kate (excuse me, KATHERINE) is someone other than the biggest social climber ever. I also know that I'm supposed to care very, very deeply about whatever the hell she decides to wear for the goddamn royal wedding. Guess what? I don't. Kate Middleton gives me the creeps. Oh, and she's got terrible taste.  
King George III lost the colonies partially because he had gone completely batshit crazy. Seriously. We might still be a British colony if ol' George wasn't too busy running around naked. I know things are different now and modern royals have almost nothing to do with actual politics. BUT. the British people still pay for all the stupid pomp and circumstance and junk with their taxes. They own this wedding and they aren't even invited. I feel like a Sex Pistol right now, but whatever. The only royal worth anything was Princess Diana- and if you look at the horrified expression on her face throughout most of her wedding to Charles, it's fairly obvious she didn't even want to be one of them. Cause they're probably pretty shitty people. Scratch the probably. Prince Harry wore a full Nazi uniform to a Halloween party a few years ago: they are most definitely shitty people. 
The US may not be anywhere near perfect, but at least we are completely free of people like Camilla Parker Bowles and her icky man-child of a husband. 
Don't yell at me in the comments. This is my opinion and you will not change it. If you feel that strongly, then spend your "yelling in the comments" time buying those hideous commemorative plates. 


This speaks for itself.

I end up rambling about Titanic-related issues in this post.

Waffle Sweater- Theory, Lace Dress- Free People, Leopard Oxfords- Forever XI, Arrow Collar- Fallon, Hourglass Necklace- BCBGeneration, Earrings- Free People, Gold Sweetheart Bracelets- Vintage, the usual rings

I got the ol' roots done yesterday. I didn't think it was possible for my hair to get any whiter, but I'm ecstatic to be proven wrong. Renee, my hairstylist, is unbelievably talented and works at Orange in Deep Ellum- just FYI for any fellow Dallasites who care to know. Anyway, I decided to celebrate the root-whitening by matching my entire outfit to my hair. That statement sounds a lot less strange in my head. 
God, our new apartment setup has been really bad for my rambling- I have one eye on the TV (Southpark!) and one eye on the computer. This new capability isn't something my mind can handle. 
Anywho, now I'm gonna talk at you about jewelry. I've become completely obsessed with collecting Sweetheart Bracelets, which are probably the most fascinating things ever. I'm wearing two of them in the third photo, one from 1907 and the other from the WWII Era. I just found one on Ebay from some random fraternity in 1905 and I desperately want it- the prices vacillate wildly though and this one is most definitely out of my league. I love how they each have some mysterious history- for whatever reason I immediately associated the aqua rhinestone one with the sinking of the Titanic. Which is pretty strange since it's engraved with a date in 1907, and the Titanic definitely sank in 1912. And of of course there's always the tiny detail that not every single human alive in 1912 was a passenger on the Titanic. 
Speaking of which: you know those enormous blow-up slides that are made out of bounce-house material? Well, I was driving past this Methodist church and they were having some kind of lame childrens' carnival. One of the attractions was a bounce-house slide thingee that had a freaking "Titanic sinking" theme. Because 2,000 people didn't die tragically in that disaster or anything. I had to like stop my car and sort of gawk at all these kids happily sliding away, their mothers cheering them on and seemingly finding absolutely nothing disturbing or uhmmm offensive about the whole shebang. So. Strange.
Ok, I'm off to do some important falling asleep in front of the TV. 
By the way: since this post somehow became Titanic-themed, you totally need to check out the original 1953 film. It's beautiful, and quite a bit less corny than the one we all saw in middle school. Just a tip.
That was a really, really odd post. Whoops.


Woodland Creature

Sundress- Free People, Neon Bra- UO, Lita Boots- Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses- UO, Ivory Cuff- somewhere in Namibia, Bead Jar Necklace- Free People, all the usual jewelry suspects.

I sort of have this sneaking suspicion that the "Litas in the air" photo wasn't my original idea- like maybe I saw a similar picture on another blog and just don't quite remember? So. If I ripped you off, mystery blogger, it wasn't my intention! For now let's just think of it as a possible homage to a possible person's possible photo. 
Anywho, I'm way too exhausted to write my usual novella or even string two sentences together properly. My thoughts are completely staccato. 
Looks like this is it: The Shortest Post I've Ever Written. Hopefully you enjoy the photos. Happy weekend, people!

Edit: Hello. It's Saturday morning and my urge to ramble and ramble has returned. Seriously though, I just felt the need to apologize for all the armpits. In the above photos, I mean. I think I just wanted to show you people my awesome neon bralet. Or maybe I'm just really, really awkward at posing. 
That is all.


Alone in Kyoto.

Top- UNIF, Cardigan- Talula (Aritzia), Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zoe Boots- Sam Edelman, Skull Bracelet- made by my mommy, Square Cuff- Fallon, Cross Necklace- Vintage, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, the usual random vintage junk

...and by "Alone in Kyoto" I mean "Alone in Our New Apartment Building Here in Big D". But I looove that song (who doesn't love Air?), and the former title has a much better ring to it than the latter, eh? Joey and I have been fully celebrating our ability to longboard up and down the hallways and scream at each other as loud as we want (ha). Everyone else begins moving in tomorrow, and our awesome week as the sole residents of this building shall come to an end. Although technically we're more like squatters than residents. Joey and my dad are in apartment development, and getting to stay for free in the places they build is quite a perk. I deeply enjoy being asked where I live so I can reply with something super vague about "Joey and I squatting in some random building for now". Reactions are always amusing if I use my best sad and wistful voice. 
Anywho, I guess these photos are a demonstration of what we've been up to in our new digs. Sorry about the kinda boring outfit. I freaking love this UNIF top though. The part of Dallas where I live doesn't have very good shopping, so I was unbelievably excited to come upon the most amazing boutique, Blinc, literally right across the street. I walked in and immediately started hyperventilating- they carry tons of UNIF and Wildfox, and some other really interesting labels. The buyer is this adorable and sweet blonde pixie with amazing tattoos. I kinda want to be her when I grow up. I guess the point of that digression is if you're ever in Dallas, you must check Blinc out. And if you already live here- go. Like today. If only to pick up some rad UNIF pieces. By the way, Christine, of christeric/UNIF fame, seems like one of the coolest girls ever. And yes, I am aware of how stalkertown that sounds. 
Seriously though, my favorite aspect of this giant style blogging echo chamber is the fact that we all seem to really respect each other. Maybe I'm super naive and everyone is catty as hell (my head firmly in the clouds) but I really don't think that's the case. I absolutely love that when Taylor was on the French Vogue website I was probably more excited than her. Same thing with Madeline's lightning-fast rise to blogging success. I could go on and on. And I'm pretty damn sure that you people are just as happy for me when something cool comes my way. Imagine how horribly backbiting the whole thing could be- and I'm sure it is, sometimes. But overall I think Gloria Steinem would be proud as hell. 
That was a corny little digression. But I think it's true, and I think that's beautiful.

Oh! And now for the winner of the gorgeous Urban Revisions shredded scarf...the lovely and ethereal Nita-Karoliina! I can't wait to see how perfectly you style it, Nita. You people should totally check out her blog if you haven't already- it's definitely one of my daily reads.   

One last thing. I ordered the best shoes ever. I've been obsessing over those crazy Prada creeper-esque oxfords, and then I saw these on storets.com:

Only $85, I almost ordered them in brown and black, but settled on the black. IAMSOEXCITED. Hopefully their arrival coincides with the arrival (finally) of my One Teaspoon leather jogging shorts because there's no way that wouldn't be the basis of a perfect outfit.


"I've been doing some research. In real life there is no Algebra."

Maxi Dress- Kimchi Blue, Lace Crop- Forever XI, Suede Flatforms- Urban Outfitters, Beaded Fringe Collar- Free People, Silver/Gold Cross Bracelet- Courtesy of Konstantino, Skull/Black Cross Bracelet- made by my awesome mom, Woven Bag- Wayuu Taya, the usual vintage flair

I feel like I haven't posted in about five days, probably because I haven't. I would totally apologize, but seriously doubt you were frantic. I'm fairly certain that it's healthy to realize the ol' blog is always completely expendable/replaceable. 
So this outfit made me feel very Mother of the Bride. Nice that it photographed fairly well, cause in person I looked sort of like I was about to fluff your skirt and take nips from a flask while wiping tears from my eyes and reminding you that there's still time to back out. I guess the accessory overload saved it. 
On to more interesting topics: I found the raddest knockoffs of those psychotic creeper-esque Prada shoes. They are seriously perfect and will soon be mine and we shall be very happy together.
Oh- and how could I forget! Joey and I moved. Our new apartment feels huge and our new setup means I can now type this while simultaneously watching Twin Peaks Season 1 (again). That show never, ever gets old. But the Scream franchise sure does. Oh wow, does it ever. We just saw Scream 4, because I am an idiot and thought it would be...funny? I guess? Ol' Wes Craven just kept killing off every character until we were convinced the movie would end in an empty room with a cell phone ringing, nobody left to answer it. Although there was a lovely moment where Ghostface demanded that this character answer a bunch of obscure horror film trivia questions, and I knew every single one. I was really proud of myself. But now that I'm actually typing it, I feel super creepy. And even creepier for being like, all proud and shit. 
I know I was supposed to announce the winner of the Urban Revisions shredded scarf on Friday, but the moving left me sans computer- I shall do so on Wednesday. Which is tomorrow. Today, in some places. 
That is all. Back to Twin Peaks. Hope your week is a happy week. Oh, and if the above writing is somewhat nonsensical- I'm still getting used to my ability to watch two screens at once. This post was pretty much just seamless mind junk.


Bob Wills is still the King. And Jessica Wakefield is still a psychopath.

Dress- Vintage, Lita Boots- Jeffrey Campbell, Long Chandelier Necklace and Hoop Earrings- Free People, a bunch of the usual jewelry

Lazy post. I'm just sort of hanging out in my little beige corner with my big beige shoes. I do like this vintage dress quite a bit, though. It's all kinds of Elizabeth Wakefield. She was always my favorite Sweet Valley Twin. Actually, Jessica Wakefield was a total sociopath if you really think about it. It's completely beyond me as to why ol' Jess was meant to be any kind of role model for little girls. 
I sound sort of bleghhh (Honestly guys, I'm not bleghhh at all! Because that's totally an actual word and everything!). Sorry about that. American Idol is on in the background at the moment and my attention is completely divided. I like the kinda laid-back girl with the cute half smile and pretty hair who sang the hell out of Janis Joplin last week. But I am really really deeply upset by the girl who pretends to be super-de-duper out of this world excited all the time and just runs around the stage like she's on some kind of realllly fun speed, only she isn't. I might be more into the whole shtick if she were, since that show has had basically every type of human except speed freak.
Oh, I like that country-singing kid, too. And I rarely enjoy the genre, mainly because Taylor Swift and all those other corny teenagers who just sing pop with a twang are considered "Country Artists". The very thought makes me want to scream "Bob Wills Waylon Jennings Bob Wills Willie Nelson Bob Wills" over and over until my voice gives out.
I like how I know absolutely none of the contestants' names. Enjoy trying to decipher all that jazz I wrote up there, and enjoy your Thursday!


Encino Woman

Leopard Dress- Free People, Denim Vest- BCBGeneration, The Awesomest Shoes In the Whole World- Jeffrey Campbell Brisbane Wedge, Arrowhead Earrings and Friendship Bracelets- Urban Outfitters, Peruvian Pins- gift from brother Griffen, Knitted Bangles- made by Mom, A lot of the usual jewelry

I like that as you scroll down, the photoshopping gets more bonkers. I also like my new shoes, which are light pink and have a perfectly pointed toe and architectural wedge. Jeffrey Campbell's people know their shit. 
I'm not gonna write a novel tonight, mainly because it's more important to me that you read my previous post. You guys wouldn't believe how cute Ethan's been about the whole "style icon" thing- he would never admit this, but he absolutely savors every comment. Oh! I should share with you lovelies a prime example of how odd my family is. Joey, Mom, Ethan and I went to dinner tonight after taking these photos, and (having changed into my combat boots) I looked unbelievably '90s. The three of them kept begging me to walk aimlessly around the restaurant, confusedly asking various patrons how long I'd been frozen. Way to go guys, Encino Man joke! Actually it was sort of a modified Encino Man joke, since I was full-on early '90s, not full-on cave person. But yeah, they really thought I'd do it. And the oddest part of all is how Joey and Ethan would have totally been all over that, without a moment's hesitation. I'm the shy one in our family I guess. And I'm really not shy at all. 
That's all I've got, except that my gorgeous and hilarious friend Annabelle is going to start up a style blog! I am beyond excited for you guys to see her upstage the hell out of me. 
Have an awesome Friday night!

Little Brother Ethan Ivey Shaw: Personal Style Icon #1

Hello peoplez. I've decided to start a regular (bi-monthly?) feature, about which I am super duper excited. We bloggers tend to exist in some sort of Abbey Lee/Bambi-fueled inspiration echo chamber. So, I am going to show you lovely ladies and gentlemen the flamazingly (new word?) stylish people I am lucky enough to know in like, real life. My wayy stylish and interesting little brother* popped into my head immediately. Followed by about 382747238 other lovelies. So this should be unendingly fun!

So, subject #1: Ethan Ivey Shaw. Yes, my unbelievably rad little brother has a name just as cool as he is. Ethan is probably the only person I know of whom I feel comfortable describing as a "hippie". That word is way overused, but completely apt regarding Big E (as my dad calls him). Just think of the song "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out" by Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam, and you've got my baby brother's personality. He is exactly who he wants to be, exactly when he wants to be it, and does exactly what he does, exactly when he wants to do it (hello, nutso sentence, nice to meet you!). Of course, this translates to his incredibly unique style. 
I love the first photo, because it kind of sums up the way he dresses himself. Notice the Boy Scouts bandana? There happens to be a medal of some kind underneath it. Why, you ask? Therein lies the awesomeness. Why, indeed. 
Ethan recently learned to knit, and has gone nuts knitting cozies for everything. Including his chalk bag (inveterate rock climber: talented enough to spiderman up some impossibly smooth rock faces, handy enough to build a rock climbing gym in my family's attic) and ipod earbuds. He usually has some bit of colorful knitted something trailing after him, or wrapped around his head, or just draped around his neck. Hence the customized chalk bag in the second photo.
I can think of a few people who would pay money for the perfectly distressed and blood stained(!) t-shirt he wore for most of SXSW (he generally sticks with plaid, dirtied up Ts, and vintage). I surmise the blood is from some rock climbing or skateboarding (his other passion) accident. Or just a friendly yoga duel (basically what it sounds like). 
Oh and the next photo demonstrates one of his knitted bits, this one being an unusually dark headband. The kid loves neon- I wish I had some footwear photos, because he has quite the eye for shoesies. Generally speaking, he goes for the brightest/craziest footwear he can find, as long as they're skateboard friendly. Also, look at the joy on that face. Completely infectious.
Moving on. The "I heart Ethan" button (worn by a lovely friend of my brother's) is pretty funny. Mom and I made about a hundred of those the night before his birthday (which coincides with the last day of school) four years ago. The fact that they are still floating around speaks for itself. You can't help but love Ethan.
Next- facial shot! Because he is an undeniably beautiful boy. 
Last but certainly not least, the starting point for one of Ethan's skate parks. He and his best friend (who took most of these photos, hi Nick!) actually build these all over Dallas with their bare hands. I mean like, hardcore concrete pouring and the like. Some pretty famous skateboarders have come through Dallas solely to skate the parks/courses. 
Well, looks like my little tour through the unendingly cool and stylish life of brother Ethan has come to an end. Gonna get a little sappy here (uhh this portion will not be a regular feature), but I am beyond excited to see what Ethan does with his life. He starts college in Colorado this Fall, and I know my insouciant little brother will be something amazing and completely his own. Kid's more creative than ten of me, and more at ease with himself than any teenager I've ever met. 

Anyway, hopefully I've been clear enough that these little style stories are gonna be more than just "cool shirt omg she's so thin". I want to really introduce you to the awesome and quirky people I am lucky enough to know.

SO. Two weeks from now you shall be meeting the adorable, hilarious, and cuter-than-any-button Casey Maria Russell. This girl leaves a trail of sparkles wherever she goes, reminds me of a unicorn (figure that one out?), and has no right to style her outfits as perfectly as she does.
Goodnight, all!

*My youngest brother, sixteen-year-old Griffen Eli, will hopefully appear in the future (pleaseee Griffey...)