Fun With Feathers

 Fake (no way does this thing deserve the term "faux") Fur Coat- Vintage (early 90s) Guess, "The Who" T-Shirt- Vintage, Belt- No idea, but who cares, Stripey Pants- F21, Beaded Necklace- Made by Youngest Brother Griffen when he was a child. Yes, "Little Rattler" is scrawled on it in marker.

 I had no plans for the above jacket beyond Halloween, but have slowly realized it looks awesome in any/every situation. Thanks, person who designed Guess jackets in the early '90s, for providing me with the opportunity to look a bit like the Cookie Monster, and a bit like a streetwalker. 
But for once, clothing and clothing-related issues are not the first thing on my mind. I have become utterly obsessed with interior design, as my endless house search ended a couple weeks ago. "Ended" is a rather small word, really. I now reside in the silliest, most wonderful, funhouse to ever grace the DFW Metroplex. Example: the foyer is a SOLARIUM. And there are so many secret closets that I'm still finding them. And each bathroom has a theme (paisley bathroom, glass bathroom ((sexyyy)), completely red bathroom, etc), and I know you'll want to punch me if I say "and" again, but grammar flies out the window when I start blathering about this place. It was built in the '30s, makes me feel like Eloise, and is imbued with a sense of magic I can't really explain. It's a blissfully happy version of the haunted dance school in Suspiria (my favorite Dario Argento film). Bleghh, I will just post photos once we've decorated. I can't explain it with my clumsy words. 
HOWEVER- there is one problem. I have huge ideas and a small budget. Advice, please! I imagine most of you are good at this kind of thing, so any genius decorating tips are beyond appreciated. 

P.S.- I just realized you probably assume the above photos were taken in our new place, but that would be The Famous Ethan Ivey Shaw's old bedroom. I'm sure he's already painted something like that uh, mural/quotable quote on his dorm wall. Ethan, if you're reading this: I can't wait to see you on Thanksgiving. I'll bring a pile of books for you, my literary little brother. 

P.P.S.- Sorry that last part veered into private phone call/message territory. I'm a bit emotional due to the sudden and toosadtoreallytalkaboutsonodetails loss of my kitty, General Sherman. He ran away, but my parents have been working so hard to get him back that I can't help but think this is a temporary parting.  HAPPY THOUGHTS NOW. FEATHERS! 

EDIT: Hopefully all of you amazingly wonderful people understand that I have been terrible at returning comments because my life is in such a transitional state. Your kind words mean so much to me. 

ALSO. Just wanted to bring your attention to a fellow Dallasite who recently started a blog (streetstyledallas.blogspot.com). This girl is LEGIT. Beautiful, stylish as hell, and quite adept at making Dallas look cooler than it actually is. So go check out her blog and follow it!