I planned on a real outfit post today, but woke up Sicky McSickPants, so I present you with some lovely ladies and a poufy little baby. First photo via Velvet Warning (which is really the best inspiration blog, in my opinion- this girl updates constantly and the content is always top notch). Abbey Lee and her fantastical necklace are from basically everywhere (seriously, I have that photo saved on my desktop in like, three separate folders). And the baby is mine.


Hi Seany.

Chiffon Skirt- American Apparel, Brown Leather Jacket- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Crochet Top- Vintage, Woven Bag- Wayuu Taya for Barneys Co-op, Platform Sandals- Vera Wang Lavender Label, Bracelet- Vintage, Hourglass Necklace- BCBGeneration, Armor Ring- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Flower Crown- Handmade 

The cow skull just happened to be sitting in the middle of that field. We didn't like, lug it all the way there for prop purposes or anything. Honestly, if this post were someone else's I would be mumbling something about it being corny and derivative (how many trends can you fit in one look?) but it just so happens to be mine, so I love it. Strange how that works.
After a pretty lengthy vintage drought I hit quite the jackpot this morning. My mom and I decided to visit Clothes Circuit (a vintage/consignment shop near my family's house) on a complete whim because we hadn't been there in years. I walked away with a vintage Missoni bed jacket (it's oversized, the colors are amazing, and it was only $150), the pictured crochet top, and a huge crochet scarf/blanket my mom found. If you happen to live in Dallas and wear a size six shoe, they have a pretty damn perfect pair of brown Miu Miu harness ankle boots (only $250). I kind of made a scene pathetically trying to cram my huge feet into them as I screamed across the (very quiet, with refined older ladies milling about) store for my mother to come see how amazing they were. 
OH. You know the Free People three stone rings I always wear on both middle fingers? They were stolen (along with my iphone) when little brother Ethan had a house party Friday night. I was ummm supposed to be babysitting. Anyway, I have started obsessing over finding the perfect replacements (instead of like, I dunno, world peace or gay rights or the horrifying fact that Michelle Bachmann has any kind of power whatsoever- nope, its all about the rings for me). I am leaning towards the Pamela Love triangle ring for one finger, but unsure about the other one. Recommendations would be lovelyyy. Taylor (thingsonhangers), that means you. I don't think anybody has better taste in jewelry.
I shall end this dissertation with a giant thank you to my endlessly crafty mother for whipping up the flower crown I wore. She never ceases to amaze me with her talent for taking my hopelessly unclear explanations, somehow divining exactly what I mean, and executing it perfectly. 


Puffins DO live in pear trees. I saw one once, I just didn't tell you guys.

Coat- Vintage, Grey Crochet Top- Free People, Black Jeggings- JBrand, Glitter Clogs- Miu Miu, Necklace- Iosselliani, Rosary- Aldo, Bracelets- Vintage and Fallon, Armor Ring- Free People

I got this shirt in the mail today after quite a long wait (or so it seemed...) and was immediately in love. Party in the back! Another favorite from good old FP. The giant fuzzy coat is from this random but awesome vintage store in Birmingham (Alabama); I had no idea what a staple it would become. The lining is half ripped out and there is a hilarious 60's era Sears label in it that I wouldn't ever remove. I like clothing with character (i.e. falling apart). 
Joey took these photos when we were walking to dinner this evening, hence the sort of depressing background. That white Mercedes is trying to edge in there on every shot, eh? 
So I've become sort of overly preoccupied with this whole header situation. My mom and I think the new one is a bit corny, but I am beyond tired of the old one and on the verge of just scrapping the whole damn thing and simplifying, i.e. just posting my blog name at the top like most people do. I need to resolve this and concentrate on something like, uhhhh, content? That would probably be reasonable.
Well. I was about to launch into a screed about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but then I remembered that all I ever write about are movies and television. Let's just say I have an odd crush on Adrienne Maloof's husband and leave it at that. Maybe it's because he acts like an older version of Joey.
My unbelievably crafty mother just sent me a photo of an amazing flower crown she made- mom has been on sort of a crafting bender, which is good for me because it means insanely cool shark teeth necklaces and the like. My friend Casey had this enormous megalodon tooth that mom turned into a work of art. And now Joey is texting mom to ask her if she will make him a crown of thorns. For an Italian lapsed-Catholic he is quite comfortable with the Jesus jokes.   
Sorry for the rambling- at least you don't have to listen to the phone messages I leave (unless I know you personally, then you do). They generally involve long pauses, "like"s sprinkled liberally throughout, and lengthy digressions about what happens to be going on around me. Yessir. Oh, and the relevant information is always at the very end.


All we see and all we seem is but a dream within a dream.

The new header is up, which you already know if you happen to be reading this. Sorry, redundant. I wasn't going to post tonight, but then I saw the above mixed media extravaganza on the Free People blog (the artist is Beth Hoeckel) and knew I had to repost it immediately. Also, I couldn't really tell if I liked the header when it matched the post below it. Anyway, the second photo is from my favorite film of all time, Picnic At Hanging Rock. I won't ruin it with my clumsy words, except to say that every year there is a screening of the movie at hanging rock (a real place in Australia), which I would pretty much do anything to attend. 
If you like the new header, or think I should go back to the old one, or just scrap the whole thing altogether and stop obsessing over headers, then lay it on me. Have a lovely evening!


New Header?

Taupe Sweater- BCBG, Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Grey Infinity Scarf- Wilfred (Aritzia), Oversized Print Scarf- Wilfred, Lita Boots- Jeffrey Campbell, Rings- Free People

Sorry about all the blatant reposting, but I really like this particular shoot and am thinking about making a new header from one of these photos. I am pretty tired of the blankly staring/piece of glass holding header that I've had for a while. So, if you happen to have an opinion, then please voice it- I will be forever grateful.


"I had a mad impulse to throw you down on the lunar surface and commit interstellar perversion"

Army Jacket- Talula (Aritzia), Woven Poncho Top- LF, Jeans- Citizens of Humanity, Lita Boots- Jeffrey Campbell, Hourglass Necklace- BCBGeneration, vintage bracelets

Sorry about the repeating pose. There's only so much you can do with a poncho to avoid looking really, really wide. Joey has become quite adept at tracking down great locations. However, he's testing my patience at the moment as he yells at Brad The Bachelor about bad Kanji tattoos and Winstrol (which is apparently a steroid of some type). It's not easy to string together sentences that make much sense when a certain someone is in the background getting loudly angry at a reality show character. Ok, now Joey wants Brad to put his shirt on, dude. Why, after so many seasons, is this show still unendingly fascinating? Train wreck effect, I suppose. 
I was watching Manhattan today while getting ready for work and it reminded me of how beautiful Mariel Hemingway was. Throughout the film, she wears pretty much the same men's oxford shirt and looks amazing. Not that I am the queen of minimalism or anything, but I can certainly respect someone confident enough to refrain from draping themselves in everything they own all at once. Ok, Joey is getting antsy- good evening to all and to all a good night. Sorry if this post was a bit nonsensical, I'm not joking about all the background commotion.


Me and My Shadow

Slipdress- Le Fou (Aritzia), Rosary- Aldo

It's rather interesting that I happened to post the latter photo (from facehunter) at this particular moment because I have to be at a bridesmaid luncheon in an hour and am still sitting on the couch in my sweatpants, um, blogging. SO, there is decidedly not time to kill today. The top photo is from a shoot I did with Courtney Teesdale a long time ago but I enjoy how worried my ghost appears to be and of course assume you will be equally as amused. Plus, my hair looks thick thanks to photography magic. Sorry for the half-ass post but I really should be standing in my closet right now, staring blankly at my clothes. Because that portion of getting ready always ends up being the longest.


Ziggy Starclogs

I don't really shop at Neiman's, mainly because Barney's is superior but partially because the whole Dallasite with a Neiman's Card thing is so beyond cliche. But when Last Call rolls around I always end up finding some amazing gems for ridiculous prices, which is nice. I actually didn't even know these particular clogs existed, but was quite happy to take them off their hands- my bridesmaid attire this weekend calls for "fun shoes" and I think these fit the bill rather well. In fact, I would describe these as more along the lines of "batshit crazy" than merely "fun", and batshit crazy always works for me. I think these require a Christopher Kane galaxy print something. 
Oh, and in case you were desperately wondering if I tracked down a black dress for the wedding, I found quite an adorable little number at Aritzia. Yay. My bridesmaidenry (new word!) is now complete. 
By the way- something about the way we photographed these makes them look like little shoe porn stars. Feel free to slut shame my new babies as much as you want.


Choose Your Own Title (because I am too lazy)

There's something a bit icky about bookending an inspiration post with photos of oneself, but I like these and didn't really have an outfit post to place them in. They are from a shoot I did with the lovely and talented Courtney Teesdale a couple months ago, and (despite my decidedly wonky eyebrows in the first one) I wanted to share them. Hence, the inspiration/sort of outfit post hybrid. 
I hate when bloggers start some boring and complicated tangent about why they haven't posted in a while (as if I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for their next Heartbreaking Post of Staggering Genius), so let's just go with sometimes real life gets in the way and leave it at that. 
Anyway, you have probably seen most of these photos pretty much everywhere (one reason why I rarely do inspiration), but if not, then please enjoy. The amazing wrist photo and the beautiful girl with the tattoos and jewelry are from Facehunter, and I sourced the Abbey Lee 80's portrait style photo from SRC783 (even though it's all over the place, and with good reason). The lovely flowers pic has been sitting on my desktop forever but I bet it's from WeHeartIt or something. 
I have spent the past week or so hunting for a black dress to wear for a wedding in which I am a bridesmaid (congrats, Langley and Garrett!), and have been coming up with so much crap. Everything is ill-fitting or ugly or overly studded or zippered or bandaged or too tight or too tentlike (I really enjoyed typing that sentence). You get it. Suggestions welcome- I will be forever grateful if someone can provide me with a link to a lovely black cocktail dress that isn't too whatever. Thanks! I will inundate this little blog with outfit posts when the weather clears. That's one of the many beautiful parts of being a Texan- knowing the ice and snow is very, very temporary.


Stars Not Dots

Leather Jacket- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Star Print Silk Blouse- Urban Outfitters, Swing Skirt- Talula (Aritzia), Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Rosary- Vintage, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Stone Ring- Free People

I wish the star print on my blouse didn't photograph as dots. I also wish I had noticed there was a giant run in my tights before putting them on (thank you, General Sherman!). These complaints seem petty, however, when I gaze upon the wondrous jacket bestowed upon me by a magical convergence of great timing and stupidly low pricing. While walking through my local Barney's this morning, I noticed the above jacket hanging alone with some lame Loomstate tanks on a sale rack. After a few minutes of touching and dreaming I noticed the sale price and almost keeled over. Then I noticed it was my size. Done and done. I hate being so dramatic about clothing, I start to feel like someone who would use the word "fashionista" in a non-sarcastic setting. But sometimes the situation merits, eh? 
On to more important issues (i.e. Asian horror films), Joey and I watched quite the masterpiece last night. The Victim, which is a Thai film, was so amazing that it will probably be remade by some American director and completely ruined. SO, see it before that happens. I am not easily terrified due to the sheer amount of horror I watch, and Joey was able to passively watch Alien at age seven (seriously), but we were both losing it. 
I have noticed my propensity towards rambling about movies on what is ostensibly a fashion blog, so um whoopsies about that. At least there aren't any political lectures. Joey gets to hear those allll the time. 
Welp, it's time for my Japanese lesson (#2! I will be fluent within the week!), hopefully my horrible pronunciation improves because Joey seemed to be holding back some rather unfriendly laughter last night during lesson #1. 
Have a beautiful Wednesday!


We Go a Bit Bonkers On Sunday.

Vintage Desert Storm T- Archive or Ahab Bowen (?), Leather Leggings- Wilfred (Aritzia), Bracelets- Vintage, Fake Hindu Prayer Beads- Aldo, Long Necklace- BCBGeneration, Cat- The Unstoppable General Sherman.

So I had this great idea where Joey and I were going to do some kind of black and white tile reminiscent of that iconic Edie Sedgwick photo. Then I realized that my facial repertoire consists of pretty much one blank, passive expression, then General Sherman decided to show up, and finally, Joey decided to have some fun with his new computer's photoshop capabilities. So, here we are then. As the title says, a bit bonkers.

On to a completely new but much more interesting topic, I am always on the prowl (ha, cats) for new and interesting vintage stores and websites. Recently, Raw Edge Boutique was brought to my attention and I was quite impressed. Case in point:

Really cute, right? Those happen to be my personal favorites, but these Brits have plenty more adorable vintage on their website, www.rawedgeboutique.bigcartel.com. I also found that the prices were beyond reasonable, which is pretty rare after making that depressing conversion to the weak little US Dollar. So, yay! 
It's time for the Joey and Margaret Watch a Usually Odd and Always Disturbing Movie segment of the evening (yes, our evenings are pretty regimented), so have a beautiful Monday.