All You Need Is Love

Army Jacket- Trouve, Sequin Dress- Jenni Kayne, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Rosary- Aldo, various random jewelry.

I wish the sequins on this dress were more visible because they really are beautiful, but you get the overall effect. I just looked at the Dries Van Noten collection and was sort of disappointed considering it is usually one of my favorites, but I am not here to talk about Dries. I am here to elaborate on the quick mention from my last post about the mind-blowing Pamela Love presentation. 

Here is one of the better close-up shots I have seen of some of my favorite pieces. I would wear all of this together- when it comes to accessories I sort of just pile them on like a five year old. I guess I would be the opposite of Coco Chanel (you know, the whole take one accessory off blah blah blah before you go anywhere blah blah blah thing that everyone seems to think is the best style advice ever). I like to file that little snippet in the "Audrey Hepburn and Other Overrated People, Concepts, and Advice" part of my brain. Anyway, in case you were wondering about the beautifully deconstructed dresses the models are wearing (and you were, you know you were), someone who was at the presentation told me that a friend of the designer's went through a process including but not limited to dyeing, sand burial overnight at the beach, and burning (yes, burning) to get the garments to look like that. Sooooo a DIY would probably be a hilarious failure. Goodnight.

Playing Dress Up With My Cats

oversized red knit sweater- Free People, black long skirt- American Apparel, booties- Sam Edelman, black rosary- Aldo, The Who tshirt- vintage from Ahab Bowen, rhinestone necklace- vintage from Venus and Mars (in Nashville), various random jewelry.

After a Blue Mesa dinner tonight (hatch chile festival- quite good actually), Joey (husband/photographer) and I decided it was time to try taking some photos in our apartment. Such close proximity to my closet and all our random crap everywhere made this quite entertaining. Another plus was the presence of our cats, whom I suppose I should introduce now that I have been blogging for a few months. Boss Tweed, our white Persian, is visible in the fourth photo. He came to us quite magically while we were in college. He is enormous, sweet, and rarely moves-  except at the behest of Sherman, our other baby, who can be seen in both the fourth and fifth pictures. Sherman also came to us quite magically around my birthday this past summer. My family owns a ranch in Alabama, and he had been caught in some type of cage trap while we were vacationing there. When the handyman let him go, he wandered up to our house and decided I was to be his mother. People usually want to know the entomology of their names- unless they are just humoring me- so here we go: Boss Tweed was the leader of the Chicago political machine during the mid-19th century (and also had his hand in shady mob activity). He is generally pictured with a hefty white beard and mustache along with a giant cigar between his lips. When I first saw cat Boss Tweed, the facial hair resemblance was too uncanny to consider any other name. On to Sherman: it was rather mysterious for a house cat to be wandering around in an isolated area of Alabama, so we decided that he was the reincarnation of General William Tecumseh Sherman attempting to re-enact his famous Civil War-ending march to the sea. However, cats are notoriously lousy at leading pillaging armies, so he came back to Dallas with us. Boss and Sherman are best friends and (hilariously) do everything together. I should probably name this post "Everything You Never, Ever, Ever Cared To Know About Margaret and Joeys' Cats". 
I really don't have anything fashion-related to say except that I am obsessed with the Pamela Love presentation and am convinced she is the most talented jewelry designer out there right now.
Apologies for the lengthy and rambling post!


Be Sparkly, Star Child, and Live Forever

Here are some favorite street style pics from the fashion month festivities (so far- I have high hopes for Paris). I added the beautiful and ethereal Sofia Ajram photo because it is beautiful and ethereal and I get to do that because this is my blog. Also, I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend (hi, Travis) earlier today that ended somewhat like this- Me: "My children will probably be sparkly and live forever" Him: "See you later, star child". I thought the picture fit this snippet of conversation quite well. Joey (my husband) is very adamant that I wrap this up soon so we can watch "The Anniversary Party" before his bedtime, but very quickly I shall hit the highlights of this weekend. Jil Sander (well, Raf Simons) goes technicolor! Fake engagement between two close friends that involved severe drunkenness and one of my cheapo rings! Lots of Bob Dylan! Super sketchy party that I hazily remember wandering through for a few minutes that had pretty lights and smelled like Christmas! Still not being allowed to join the Strapping Virile Manly Men Book Club! Ok, the exclamation points are getting annoyingAll I have left to say is that the shredded sweater at the top seems to operate under the same concept as a shredded t-shirt and is therefore an enticing DIY.  

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Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow

Jacket- Isabel Marant Etoile, Dress- Free People, Kneesocks- F21, Boots- Steve Madden, Bag- Free People, the usual random jewelry

It was by no means cold in Dallas today, but the cloudy weather made it easier to fool myself into thinking knee socks and a jacket were reasonable. Though the argument could be made that an Isabel Marant anything is reasonable in any situation, anywhere (even if it is from the diffusion line). I am really getting excited about Paris FW in order to further stalk (yes, stalk is the correct word) what will certainly be my next Isabel obsessions. I still haven't gotten over my lack of a certain patchwork tunic from S/S '09. OH! I just saw the photos of the Jil Sander show, and could not believe what a magical departure all the beautiful colors were. Go Raf! I remember reading an interview with him a while ago in British Elle and he seemed very sweet and humble; I even developed a bit of a Raf Simons crush (now my crushes are reserved for old men like Steve Buscemi and Alec Baldwin, the Buscemi thing is inexplicable, I know). I appreciated D&G, but Jil Sander was just perfect. I want to wear a million colors now but of course I just posted myself wandering around in shades of gray. Happy weekend!


The sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case

Minidress- Zara, Scarf- Aritzia, Platforms- Vera Wang Lavender Label, Fish necklace- F21, Armour ring- Free People, Heart necklace- Bonadrag (In God We Trust), Silver cuff- Fallon, other random jewelry

I know the title of this post has nothing to do with the post whatsoever, but it's a beautiful phrase from a beautiful song (Landlocked Blues- Bright Eyes) that reminds me of a particular time that seems so far away it's as if it happened to a different person in a different lifetime. Anyway, when I saw this cable knit mini dress at Zara I had that heady feeling you get when something is so perfect you can't believe how lucky you were to have found it. God, I just read over what I wrote so far and I managed to make even shopping sound wistful and melancholy. Maybe this isn't a good night for fashion musings. I have this bad habit of listening to conservative talk radio whenever I'm driving (the idea being that I will better understand what the other side is selling) but sometimes the people who call in are just so pathetic and deluded that I end up more sad than angry. These awful men (Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity etc.) seem to know exactly what they're doing- and it all seems so dirty. The point is, I spent way too much time in the car today listening to way too much hatred and all I want to do is curl up and listen to some Cat Stevens or something to cleanse myself. Sorry about the fifteen-year-old-with-a-xanga-account ramblings.


The Queen of DIY

When my mom sent me these pictures I was completely amazed- if you don't know what I'm talking about then scroll down a couple of posts. I know everyone claims to have ADD, but spend some time with me as I attempt to complete any kind of project and the reality of the disorder will become terrifyingly clear. However, my mother can knock out basically anything just from looking at a picture. So I will soon be in possession of an almost perfect replica of the Magical Wrist Adornment- sorry for cribbing your style, girl from Facehunter, but this one was just too good to pass up.


Everything is Illuminated

Tie-Dyed Top- Maggie Ward, Cutoffs- I forgot, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, long fish necklace- F21, various random jewelry

If you haven't heard of Maggie Ward, I highly recommend checking out her latest lookbook- everything is really beautiful. I was so excited to see this scarf-esque top at Co-op today and decided we were meant to be together (I also decided an Isabel Marant Etoile coat and I were meant to be together, but the price tag was disapproving of our romance). 
My husband has decided that a tripod will be necessary for any further night time photography adventures, and I think I concur- these pictures are a wee bit nutso. Anyway, right now all I want to do is lay down on the couch and fall asleep to Blood Simple (yes, I am the kind of sicko who finds Coen brothers movies relaxing- Fargo works like an Ambien). 
So far London has been the perfect antidote to the overall mehh of the NYFW shows- Acne and Holly Fulton have joined my list of favorites. Sorry New York, I just ain't no minimalist.
OH! And to demonstrate how great my mother is- I called her tonight to ask if she had seen my last post because I wanted her opinion on the Magical Wrist Thing. She had already begun picking it apart and planning a DIY- kind of like a couple years ago when she figured out how to do Raquel Allegra better than Raquel herself. She is quite the artiste, my mom.
Ok, most fragmented post ever ending...now.


Abbey Lee and Something Magical.

I have always been a fan of Abbey Lee Kershaw, even back in the day ('08-'09ish?) when it seemed like she was falling and fainting on runways right and left. I am a sucker for model street style just like everyone else, but it seems as if some models are given credit for their style when anybody so tall, thin and beautiful will naturally look great in whatever they wear. If the average person throws on black leggings, a white T, and ankle boots, it's just an everyday outfit- if Lily Donaldson does, its "simple but sexy" or some other euphemism for "really boring". Anyway, Abbey Lee has always been one of those models who really does have a great aptitude for putting an outfit together. The above photo (you would not believe how much I geeked out over her new white-blonde hair)is one of my favorites from NYFW. Ok, on to the Something Magical. I believe that is an amalgam of bracelets in the photo below Abbey, but am not completely sure. All I know is that it is awesome, looks like it involves a scrunchie-type element, and could have a Tom Binns something thrown in there (hence the tiny safety pins?). I keep staring at it, trying to figure out the logistics of a DIY, and am now wondering if this Magical Thing is actually all one giant bracelet. Hopefully someone who knows will come across this little blog and let me in on what this is. Oh, and I like the gold nugget necklace too. 
Happy Monday, and happy London Fashion Week (how great were Topshop Unique and Charles Anastase?)!

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Yes, I am wearing a hat.

dress-Free People, hat-Aritzia, boots-Steve Madden, silver cuff-Fallon, black orb ring-Marc Jacobs

Generally speaking, I am firmly in the anti-hats on Margaret camp. This is partially due to the enormity of my head which renders even headbands difficult to wear, and partially because when I see someone in a hat they just seem so determined. I always imagine the hat-wearer is thinking thoughts like "I will be jaunty" over and over again. The point is, hats make me uncomfortable. But I think I like this one- I would certainly rather evoke Charlie Chaplin than Vanessa Hudgens (you know, she of the High School Musicals and President of the Perennial Giant Floppy Hat Brigade). Ok, hat talk time is over! On to NY fashion week! I am really excited about what Anna Sui sent down the runway, and just sort of eh about Marc Jacobs- I get the whole 70's Taxi Driver reference, but just can't work up much enthusiasm about it. Maybe I am still too excited about his fall collection and getting my hands on more giant knitwear in muted colors.


But for now we are young, let us lay in the sun and count every beautiful thing we can see

Dress- FP, Scarf- Intermix, Boots- Vera Wang Lavender Label

I really, really wanted to be mysterious and smoldering for this dress and even attempted a dark eyeshadow disaster (that sounds like the name of a terrible band that adolescents would enjoy) but realized it was not to be and just went with my overall paleness. Oh well, contrast can be good sometimes. There was also a problem with what the Japanese like to call daikon ashi (radish legs) which basically means stumpiness- thanks boots! Ok, so now that I am finished picking myself apart for your reading pleasure, how 'bout them there fashion shows?  So far I am excited about Suno, Rebecca Taylor (unusual for me, but exciting nonetheless due to the non- prohibitive price points)and parts of Alexander Wang. I am in the minority I suppose because Charlotte Ronson bores me- it looks like what everyone has been wearing for the past two years. I do not understand all the hype. But that's the beauty of fashion- if it weren't subjective then it would just be math, which I find terrifying. This is the reason that I hate, hate, hate that show What Not To Wear- it takes people who have their own unique look going on, forces them to throw all their clothes away, and leaves them with like three incredibly safe and boring outfits. I could probably write a dissertation on this topic, but will instead just say that people who try to apply rules to fashion are the worst and should probably have stuck with Algebra.


"I should like to change into a sunflower most of all. They're so tall and simple."

Sweater- Topshop, Pants- Aritzia, Shoes- Sam Edelman, Jewelry- mostly vintage, Armor ring- Free People, black orb ring- Marc Jacobs, long bead necklace- Coldwater Creek (yes, you read that right), heart necklace- Bonadrag, In God We Trust

Of all the "liquid leggings" or rubber pants or pleather pants or whatever you want to call them that I've ever owned- and I've been through many, as the shine always rubs off (thanks American Apparel, for making a crappy product and having a skeez for a CEO) within about a month. These Aritzia ones are superior by far. This weekend involved lots of fried chicken with sriracha sauce, glorious, glorious drunkenness (the kind that makes you want to not only sing Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, but really inhabit the lyrics, you know?), hanging out with an old friend who I was ecstatic to see hasn't changed a bit, being excited about Alexander Wang's completely new direction, and almost having a bout of the vapors over Alexa Chung for Madewell- I am the proud owner of most of the collection (thanks mom!) but still love the black velvet dress with the white peter pan collar the best. Also, no hangovers this weekend (huge accomplishment for me)! Lovely, lovely days.


Thanks, Alexa!

Dress-Alexa Chung for Madewell Shoes-Steve Madden


Pretty Pictures, Good Advice, and the Ramblings of a Maniac

There is no real theme tying any of this together. So I will just leave you with two thoughts:  

1)I am excited about Alexa Chung For Madewell so much that I feel like the black velvet dress with the little white collar is an unbelievably beautiful friend who just happens to be creepily needy and has figured out a way to haunt my dreams.
2)Sidney Poitier was beyond hot when he was young- if I were the type of person who used words like "smoldering" to describe attractive men, then this would be a case where I might just do that. However, I am not Cosmopolitan magazine (and THANK GOD FOR THAT). 

Ok, happy beginning of Fashion Month! 
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