They really are that good.

Army Shirt- TNA (Aritzia), Velvet Mini Dress- Free People, Taupe Suede Litas- Jeffrey Campbell, Stone Necklace- BCBG

I promised myself that I was going to be more original and ignore the Lita craze, then I realized that they really are that good. More comfortable then many flats I own, beautiful heel that looks somewhat like a carved antler (according to my husband, but he just returned from a hunting trip in South Dakota so maybe he just has antlers on the brain), and a large enough platform to attract hilariously disapproving glances at Target. I know this because we went to Target after taking these photos, and people were staring at me like I was wandering through the store kicking over displays or something. And this is on Halloween. There were shoppers wearing tails and wings. Anyway, if you are teetering on the edge of purchasing the Litas- just go for it. I am already considering which ones I want next. Maybe the red leather? I have been driving everyone crazy by demanding they try one on to experience their strange Nike-esque bounciness.
This has been a pretty laid-back Halloween weekend for me due to a convergence of many uninteresting factors, but I am still completely determined to have a horror movie film festival with my husband and cats tonight. The problem is, I am a movie snob and hate unnecessary gore. So that narrows down my options to pretty much nothing. I wish there were like fifteen really great sequels to "The Shining". Now that is a quality horror film. It seems like the Japanese, Koreans, and Italians make all the best scary movies, and we haven't made a good one since the 70's. 
Now I am officially rambling, and will stop after I implore you to VOTE!! I assume that most who are reading this understand how important this election is- no matter which side you are on. So this Tuesday, don't forget! My vote is pretty much useless because our no good very bad man of a governor will undoubtedly be re-elected (red state), but it's still incredibly important to stand up and be counted- otherwise, you have no right to complain about anything your elected officials do. I am starting to sound like P-Diddy (remember the whole Vote or Die campaign back in '04 which made it sound like if you didn't vote then P-Diddy would come and kill you? That was rather ill-advised) and should probably stop here. 
One more thing- don't forget to dress up your pets, take pictures, and post them on the internet. Because an internet without cats and dogs in costume is an internet I don't want to be a part of. 


New Shoes and Red Lips

Black Bowler Hat- Aritzia (Talula), Oversized Black Sweater- Free People, Jeggings- JBrand, Leopard Print Oxfords- Forever 21, Cross Necklace- Vintage, Rings- Free People

I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever tried to wear red lipstick. So there's that. I actually like it, but couldn't help being super vigilant about getting lipstick on my teeth or something equally embarrassing. I feel like I haven't been posting very much over the past couple of weeks which is mainly due to a massive cold that got so bad I convinced myself it was a resurgence of Mono (it wasn't), and partially because I brought most of my clothes over to a friend's house and left them there and have been to lazy to pick them back up. I am really into these oxfords I randomly found while wandering around F21, even if they are basically made of cardboard. But that's the beauty of disposable trend retailers like F21- I get a pair of leopard print shoes made out of paper and glue, and they get five dollars. Oh, and in case you were wondering if this is the sweater I wore in my last outfit post (but in black), then you are correct. I also own it in red. I suppose it must fill the knit-sized hole in my heart or something because if it came in any other colors, I would buy them also. Well, it's time for my nighttime winding-down routine. Which will include Advil Cold and Sinus tonight because I am making Meth. Ha! No I just have a sinus headache. If you didn't understand what I meant about Meth then you have never had to deal with an overly suspicious pharmacist who, even though you are exhibiting obvious cold symptoms, is convinced you are buying Advil Cold and Sinus for nefarious drug-brewing purposes. Hope your Monday was as uneventful as mine.


Blonde On Blonde

Knit Taupe Sweater- Free People, Skirt- Free People, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Black Rosary- Aldo, "Let's Make Out" Heart Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), Rings- mostly Free People, Bracelets- mostly vintage and Fallon.

Well, we definitely came upon the three most adorable horses ever. There was something rather surreal about these babies- they were preternaturally calm, but completely convinced that the camera was for them. Whenever Joey took a photo, they would pose. I'm completely serious. So we decided to just go with it, especially after realizing that I shared some rather striking hair and complexion similarities with one of them. Anyway, my mom bought me this skirt from Free People (where else...) to try to cheer me up during the Great Blog Hacking Debacle Of 2010, and it really is perfect. Just what I needed during the two days when I thought Fashionlitter was gone forever. I don't want to go into the details (mainly because they are strangely traumatic), but I will say that I had no idea how important this blog had become to me until it was deleted. You know that ridiculous movie "Hackers" from like the mid-90's? Well IT LIES. Hackers are not cool, gorgeous geniuses who hang out at cyber-punk themed bars and save the world from whatever stupid thing they saved the world from in that movie. Hackers are just bad people who like to destroy things. If my husband weren't a total computer otaku then I probably would never have gotten my blog back. Thanks Joey! 
Ok, well I am going to go watch a random netflix and gorge on Zebra Cakes (a type of Little Debbie) and nurse my rapidly worsening cold. Oh, if you are so inclined, check out the Free People blog- there is a short feature about Fashionlitter and my penchant for wearing FP in pretty much every outfit. Including this one. Happy weekend everyone!

Google me this, Batman.

Thank you, mysterious and stylish mystery girl, for telling Google exactly how I feel about them. I have to leave for work now, but I'll do an outfit post tonight and elaborate on how something that should have taken ten minutes took three days. I love my computer nerd husband and eternally helpful mom!

pic- waynetippets


Cable Knits, Pendleton, Solvang, and my mom

Cable-Knit Sweatshirt- Free People, Grey Cutoff Shorts- I don't remember, Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Handbag- Pendleton, Rings- Free People, Oversized Cuff- made by my mother : ), Black Rosary Necklace- Aldo

I know this is my second post today, but I wanted to share a few recent acquisitions. I have become completely obsessed with cable knits (the more oversized, the better), and this Free People sweatshirt has recently joined my ever-growing rotation. If you are a regular reader then you may have noticed that this is my fourth outfit post in a row to feature my black Solvang Clogs. This is because they are the perfect shoe. I actually like them better than the Litas, from what I have seen (scandalous and shameful, I know). On to the little Pendleton bag. It actually came to me quite by accident- my father bought it at some man emporium for manly men who like to hunt, fish and do other manly men activities. I snatched it up the second I saw it at my parents' house. So, uhm I suppose I might have technically stolen it? Anyway, my incredibly talented mother made the huge cuff in the second photo- I actually asked her to copy it from a picture of a mystery person's beautifully decorated wrist that I saw on Facehunter. Well, I suppose that's the rundown on my current favorite possessions. I am starting to bore myself so I am certainly starting to bore you. Have a lovely evening, I am off to watch what will most likely be a cheesy horror film from the 70's. Sometimes I think my interests are a wee bit out of the mainstream.

How Soon Is Now?

You would not believe how excited I was to find more photos of the mystery girl I am so enamored by (remember her from the colorful hair post?), and see that not only is she even more beautiful and well-dressed than I thought she was- her tattoo seems to reference one of my favorite The Smiths songs. If you have never heard "How Soon Is Now", then I highly recommend it- along with "This Charming Man" and basically the rest of their discography. Morrisey and Marr were a magical pair.
Anyway, the last two photos have nothing to do with my new style icon (I am going to be rather embarrassed when she turns out to be someone really well-known whom I don't recognize). I just thought I should share with you (hello, you) that I will be shamelessly copying the doodles (I hate the word "doodles", but there really is no synonym) on the denim shorts pictured above. I already have the perfect pair in mind. Also, I need that bag in the last photo. The variables for hilarity are endless. Imagine trying to get on an airplane, or into a movie theater, or basically anywhere. Carrying that tote is like asking for some kind of magical adventure. Or spending a wee bit of time in some sort of airport frisking cavity search nightmare. Well, I am hoping to have time to do an outfit post tonight after Joey and I get home from work, so I will babble at you some more then. 

pics- all from Facehunter/Yvan Rodic Blog 


"Yes, to dance beneath the diamond sky with one hand waving free..."

Dress- Free People, Donna Hobo Bag- Alexander Wang, Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Rosary- Aldo, Rings- Free People, "Love" Ring- F21, Bracelets- Fallon and vintage

Joey and I were quite the rebels when taking these pictures- as we were driving down the road he saw that fence (only in Texas can you find a rural looking barb-wired field completely surrounded by enormous office buildings) and just stopped the car, put the emergency lights on, and hopped out. Anyway, this dress is kind of a departure for me- more feminine than I usually feel comfortable in, but way too pretty to turn down. Free People has been really knocking it out of the park recently- I worked for them for about 2.5 years and never saw anything as great as what they've been doing recently. Speaking of retail outlets, I have always talked a big game about boycotting American Apparel (due to their hiring practices and skeez of a CEO) but I might just have to eat my words because their cupcake and ballerina Halloween costumes are absolutely beautiful. Every year I end up just grabbing random crap out of my closet, rubbing glitter on my face, and going as a fairy/hippie, which is getting really boring. It would be fun to wear the AA ballerina costume with my old toe shoes (I used to be a dancer) and get beyond wasted- the variables for hilarity (or broken ankles) when I try to bust out some of my old ballet moves are basically endless. Ok, I have officially talked myself out of my (admittedly irresolute) AA boycott. And all for some silly skirt that I could just buy at a dance supply store. You win this time, Dov Charney. But I still think you're a perv. So there.


The Morning After

Long Black Jacket- Free People, Lace Top- Wilfred(Aritzia), Grey Cutoffs- no idea, Black Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Fringe Bag- Vintage, Black Rosary- Aldo, Rings- mostly Free People, Black Ankle Socks- F21

After a completely wonderful but incredibly tiring weekend, I am not really in the mood to do much more than fall asleep in front of the TV (there has to be something unhealthy about the consistency with which I do this). I love the look in my eyes in these photos- they could be some kind of public service advertisement for the dangers implicit in the consumption of too much vodka and Taco Cabana. Anyway, if this post is rather nonsensical then I apologize, but I am running on fumes, so to speak. I just realized that Taco Cabana may be a regional thing. If so, then let me explain- it is basically the perfect drunk food. In fact, I got drive-thru there once on like a Tuesday afternoon and my husband made fun of me for about a week. You really aren't supposed to eat it unless somehow intoxicated, mainly because it isn't very good- however, the bland pseudo-Mexican food takes on a magical (I really overuse that word, oh well) quality when used to soak up alcohol. OK, now that I have adopted what is ostensibly a fashion blog for the purpose of rambling about bloodshot eyes, vodka, drunk food, and my tendency to say magical a lot, it might be time to wrap it up. Great, now I'm hungry. 
Well, I'm going to watch some sick crime show while falling asleep and eating whatever I can wrangle out of our rather disgraceful fridge. I guess it's officially Monday, so happy Monday to all and to all a good night. 


Improving Nature

These are my favorite examples of the technicolor hair that has been popping up seemingly everywhere for the last few seasons or so. I had light pink streaks in the front of my hair like Dree Hemingway post-Giles S/S '10 (the first photo) for a bit, but they kept washing out and never quite looked right. For some reason it's hard to get people (and by people I mean certain hair colorists) to understand the difference between cotton-candy pink and hideous Avril Lavigne pink. So I gave up. However, I am still a huge proponent of hair colors not found in nature and am sort of considering the My Little Pony streaks in the third photo.

I guess now that it's Friday I can officially say happy Bachelorette Weekend to Langley Meek! You are more beautiful than all the beautiful things (and all their beautiful colors) in the world!

pics- whatannaloves, fashionising, nylon mag, hanneli


Strange Creatures

Denim Dress- Current/Elliot, Black Thigh-Highs- F21, Black Booties- Sam Edelman, Black Rosary- Aldo, Heart Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), Rings- Free People (left hand), Rings- Vintage (right hand), various random bracelets, Bag- bought by my brothers in Namibia so ?, Necklace on bag- F21

My family refers to this Current/Elliot dress as "the sack" so I suppose it isn't the most flattering item in my closet- however, it works pretty well as a backdrop. I can kind of just pile on whatever else I feel like wearing and be pretty sure there will not be any huge issues with clashing. Oh wow, Joey(husband) is watching Ironman II right now and Mickey Rourke's character has the best blue streaks in his hair ever. Also, Robert Downey Jr. is still incredibly beautiful. Back in high school I was so in love with him that I xeroxed his face onto a bunch of computer paper and taped them up all over the school. I thought this was really rebellious for some reason- what a strange little teenager I was. That's all I have to say, but Boss Tweed (one of my two cats) wants to share something with you:

I think he is demanding a cigar. Or really, really upset about the return of minimalism. He wants to out-boho you. He wants it bad.


Beautiful Sunday

Floral Dress- Free People, Striped Shirt- Free People, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Rosary Necklace- Aldo, Various random jewelry.

There is definitely something a wee bit terrifying about the number of times my face appears on this post. Please allow me to explain: I have the worst hair in the world (really, the entire world) and due to a magical convergence of wind, sun, and light (ha that sounds like the intro to some ridiculous childrens' TV show), my hair looks halfway decent in most of these pictures. Hence, the collage frenzy. I bet you (hello, you) never want to see florals with stripes again. And I don't blame you one bit. However, today on Fashionlitter we (we being me and maybe some awesome stalker I don't know about yet) are celebrating the fact that for about twenty minutes my hair looked cool, and that happened to be the twenty minutes when Joey(husband/photographer) was taking my picture. 
I really need to do a giant fashion month post, but in the meantime I suppose I'll mention another one of my Paris favorites- Tsumori Chisato. I often bemoan the seeming return of minimalism, and collections like this are the perfect antidote. Hopefully this means there will still be beautifully wacky pieces available next Spring when everyone is purging themselves of all the elements that make fashion fun. 
Ok, that's all I have. Don't forget to watch Mad Men tonight!


My last name is not Dickenshit.

Silk Blouse- Wilfred (Aritzia), Grey Cutoffs- I don't remember, probably vintage, Platforms- Vera Wang Lavender Label, Brown Stone Necklace- BCBG, Heart "Let's Make Out" Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), various random jewelry (mostly vintage or Free People)

I wasn't going to do an outfit post tonight, but realized that (due to the extreme thinness of my hair) it would be prudent to record for posterity the closest I will probably ever get to the much-coveted bun on top of the head look. Also, I realized that this shirt is pretty much the perfect silk blouse. I have had it for a while and never wore it until now- go figure. Anyway, sorry if the outfit isn't the most exciting. Speaking of unexciting things (nice segue, eh?), Balmainnnnnnn. As a (former?) fan, I am sort of insulted. I know this is going to be one of those "The Emperor Has No Clothes" situations where everyone pretends that good ol' Decarnin knocked out the most original/genius collection ever, but just LOOK AT IT. I understand that certain designers have a very distinct point of view (Rick Owens is a good example), but this isn't distinct- this is copying yourself. There are certain pieces in this collection that look exactly like pieces from last Spring. And if I wanted another studded leather biker jacket I would just go to ANY effing store in the mall and buy one (I bet it wouldn't cost me 2.5 million dollars, either). Seriously, Anthropologie probably has an interpretation hanging out among the racks of twee little cardigans, boot-cut Sevens, and floral, work-appropriate whatevers. To be clear, I have nothing against Anthro. Please don't yell at me. It's just the last retailer I can think of that would ever carry a studded biker anything

Now I shall click through some Meadham Kirchhoff color-saturated, magical amazingness while eating Little Debbie Zebra Cakes (one of the more perfect culinary delights) with "Jesus Camp" (one of the more fascinating documentaries) playing in the background. Multitasking calms me down. Although eating Little Debbies may not be considered a task- I suppose it's all in how you look at it.

Ha! I planned on ending the post there, but have something wildly hilarious to share with the lone reader (hi Joey) who managed to get this far before (understandably) losing interest. Cold Case Files is on TV in the background and they just introduced a detective named Mike Dickenshit. Keep in mind that this is not a fictional show. This poor Mike fellow has actually slogged through life with a surname perfectly crafted for every varietal of bullying. Now that puts the sad end to my Balmainia in perspective. At least my name is not Margaret Dickenshit. Goodnight!