Peter Max Homage

Denim Vest- LF with painting by Joey, Cutoffs- Self Made, Boots- Steve Madden, Hair Wraps- My Mommy, Bullet Necklace- Self Made, Bracelets- F21

I don't feel like writing a novel at the moment (unusual, eh?), but I definitely feel like I can handle a few bullet points. So. Let's do this.

- Regarding the denim vest: husband Joey doesn't like to brag about his artistic ability, so I shall do the bragging for him. Because of my obsession with all things Peter Max, I basically asked Joey to copy Max's "Closer to God", but with even more neon. Also, a bunch of planets cause planets are cool as shit. So on Saturday Joey sat down and knocked this thing out in about four hours. Pretty impressive, right?

- Mom and I are super into hair wraps and basically anything hair wrap-related at the moment, so if you were kinda squinting at your desktop like, "huh? What's in her hair?", that would be it. I wish my hair were thicker because I'd like to have some really thick dread-wrap type junk going on. 

- I don't think I've worn the above shorts on the blog yet, but in real life they've become my #1 wardrobe staple. It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish with $1 thrift denim and some purple RIT dye. Actually, we've been going bonkers with RIT in general around here, along with about thirty other projects. Then there's all the (future) home projects I've got floating around in my brain. 

- I turn 25 next week, which for some reason seems way older than 24. Maybe cause it coincides with us FINALLY buying our own place (don't want to jinx this, but it looks like we've found exactly what we wanted- like, beyond our wildest dreams what we wanted).

- Casey (www.beautyandtheecstasy.blogspot.com), my mom and I are heading down to Miami next week for a bit of a 25th birthday celebration. Yay! Expect a lot of "beachy" twinsies photos. Minus the obligatory tan with me. I freckle, which is nice, but that's about it. Speaking of twinsies, head on over to Casey's blog soon cause the dress she's wearing in the last picture is seriously perfect. Except for the fact that I'm a giant so it's way too short for me, hence no borrowing.  

- Taylor (www.thingsonhangers.com) is selling me her AMAZINGLY creepy "face" handbag, so you people are gonna get to see a LOT of that highly divisive piece of vintage wonderment. If I could have any handbag ever available, I think I'd still pick the face bag. You're gonna regret selling this one so so bad, Taylor. But don't reconsider. Please. 

- Random: I've been really into "quotable quotes" recently. Feel free to share a favorite, if you're so inclined. 


Yes, I Am Alive + Personal Style Icon #3: Sarah Sheffield

Dress- 90's Vintage (Dallas Vintage Shop), Platforms- Vera Wang Lavender Label, Earrings- Odd but awesome Sally Beauty Supply knockoff in rural Alabama, Sweetheart Bracelets- Ebay (vintage), Cobra Arm Thingy- Another Time and Place, Beaded Pouch Necklace- Vintage (What's On Second in Birmingham, Al), Other Necklaces- Sorta self-made I guess

Heyyy! So about last week...and the week before...I don't have much of an explanation regarding my lengthy blog absence, or billions of readers still checking my weirdo blog often enough to merit one of these: 

Guys, I'm SOGODDAMNSORRY for being a horrible blogger, I know life was incomplete without your superfuckingessential thrice-weekly dose of...uhm, photos in which I wear my clothes and wander around trying to look natural yet somewhat attractive/overly detailed and confusing clothing credits/lengthy nonsensical screeds about cats, random esoteric shit, the latest Mom News, the latest Casey News, how every film sucks except Harold and Maude, how every musician sucks except Cat Stevens and Lou Reed, and the always lengthy portion where I do a LOT of hand-wringing about how "insert my punching bag of the moment here" is a bad feminist. I rarely manage to talk about my blog's ostensible subject- fashion. And litter. 

So that pseudo-apology kinda took a wrong turn and ended up in  Bonkersland. I would delete, but Bonkersland is probably pretty entertaining. Ok, obviously I'm gonna have to ease myself back into the whole "writing a post that isn't complete nonsense" thing. So a few bullet points, then I shall share the next personal style icon with my remaining reader(s?).

- Casey Anthony is guilty. So SO SO guilty. But I think I always kinda knew she wouldn't have to pay for murdering her daughter. After the initial "Are you kidding me? Not even guilty of Felony Child Abuse? WHO ARE THESE JURORS?" shock started to dissipate, I realized it was just another case of attractive white girl syndrome (or we could just drop the fancy titles and call it RACISM). I'd elaborate, but then I'd end up vomiting all over Joey's precious Mac. 

- Speaking of Joey, the two of us are finally, finally moving into our very own place! These are the top reasons for my overweening excitement: Exposed brick walls on which we can display our "art" (the quotes are there for a reason- we tack up some weird ass shit)! A backyard for the teepee Joey plans to build! Painting a giant rainbow on a wall, then christening it our "Official Quote Wall"- anyone can write anything that speaks to them. But I get the first quote..."I have learned that to be with those I like is ENOUGH."- Walt Whitman. Perfectly, profoundly simple way to start things off, eh? And last but not least, the serene knowledge that we can do whatever we want to whatever we want whenever we want, because it's OURS. YESSSSSS!!!!

- Mom, don't worry about little Liza, after a short yet stinky vomiting episode on the way up to Plano, she immediately asserted herself as the Ruler of Legacy. Joey decided she has become a Park Cities Snob Cat. Sherman and Boss were quite welcoming, but she kinda just ignored them (Plano cats...so inferior!). She has been choosing strange hangouts, though. Last night, after stumbling half-asleep to the dark bathroom at 3 am and sitting down to pee, I heard the most horrifying screech/howl/meow/mogwai noise, EVER. Liza, huge eyes glowing, jumped out from behind the toilet (Yes, she was hanging out behind the toilet) and seriously threw her little four pound body at me. Possibly the single oddest and most terrifying moment, ever. 

- FYI: If you aren't my mom, the above story refers to cats. I just realized how insane that whole thing would sound if you assumed these were humans. Mom is worried because we're babysitting her cat this weekend. She assumed our two cats would bully her cat. NOPE. 

Enough about me, let's move on to part 2 of this epic post. 


Trust me, if you only read one of my Icon posts, this should be the one. Say hello to my fascinatingly original cousin, Sarah Sheffield! She's Betty Page, Gloria Steinem, and Zelda Fitzgerald all wrapped into one flamazing seventeen-year-old.
Her style icons are pinup types like Jane Russell, Betty Page, and Marilyn Monroe. Sarah certainly rocks the 40's/50's pinup look, but I love how she throws in elements of Rockabilly and Pseudo-Punk style to make it her own. 

Before we move on: these photos were all taken by Joey in Alabama at the Shaw Family Farm (aka Pinthlocco Plantation) in one of our restored cabins. The farm is one of my favorite places in the world: partially because my Dad, Grandad, and other Shaws have added, renovated, and beautified our family land over the years into something too special to adequately describe, but mainly because most of the enormous (really, ENORMOUS) Shaw family lives within a few hours of the farm (mostly around the Birmingham area). So whenever we go, it's like a family reunion. Obviously, I get to have a much closer relationship with my extended family than most. Sorry for the digression, but our magical corner of Coosa County, Alabama, is too unique to easily explain. And it's given me the chance to really know Sarah, and watch as she's grown up. Although she's one of those few fascinating people who were born mature.  

Cool Stove, right? Anyway, she's wearing shoes and a skirt she found at the Goodwill in Alexander City, Al. It isn't a city. It's a sleepy, odd little town about half an hour from the farm. And people keep their old crap forever, so imagine how great the thrift stores are...

Her hair is unbelievable. More explanation later. The shirt is also an Alexander City thrift store find, but she up-cycled the crap out of it. There's even a heart cutout surrounded by circle studs on the back. So cool.

The Sailor Jerry-esque necklace is definitely a Sarah wardrobe staple, as are awesome rings (notice the giant frog?)
I love how my crochet top has a completely different vibe on her than it does on me. It says a lot about her personal style.

Sarah loves the whole "Rosie the Riveter" bandana look. This is my favorite photo of her- the outfit kinda encompasses all the genres she gathers from. And I don't know anyone else who can do gauges and a nose ring, but still evoke the whole pinup look. 
The "Detroit" shirt is Urban Outfitters (I think), and the studded bra was another "crafting and up-cycling at the farm" creation. It started out as a Goodwill random sorta creepy green bra. Notice the chain straps she made?

Sarah is only seventeen, which kinda blows my mind when she's advising me on a crafting/upcycling project I can't figure out, or calmly discussing seriously deep issues with insight/maturity most adults will never master (as she simultaneously drives me around downtown Birmingham, AL while I flip out in the passenger seat about making it to a certain vintage store before they close (("OMG, SARAH, ARE WE GONNA GET THERE? HEY, SERIOUSLY, SARAH, HOW FAR AWAY ARE WE NOW...AND NOW?!)). Sarah being Sarah, when we finally made it (just in time!) and had to run two blocks to get there, she beat me while wearing heels. I had moccasins on. Perfect example of how she's a lady AND one of the toughest people   I know. 
Growing up in Birmingham isn't easy for those who are a bit alternative. And as Sarah says, "Just so you get what I mean by "alternative", think basically anyone who doesn't tease their blonde hair sky high and wear Ann Taylor. Loft, if they feel adventurous." When I referred to her as Zelda Fitzgerald earlier, I meant her willingness to be completely herself in a city that doesn't welcome personal expression much. I also feel that they share a knowledge of exactly who they are, and exactly where they are going, which is sososo unusual to find in a teenager. Zelda's famous quote about being a flapper (and therefore VERY ALTERNATIVE) in Montgomery, Alabama, is the perfect way to end this post. Because it describes Sarah exactly.

"She covered her face in powder and paint because she didn't need it, and she refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn't boring. She was conscious that the things she did were the things she had always wanted to do."- Zelda Fitzgerald.