Sad Day In Shoe Land

Dress- Darling (ASOS), Vest- BCBGeneration, Platforms- Topshop, Dried Flower Necklace- BCBGeneration, Agate Cuff- Coldwater Creek (yep), Square Cuff- Fallon, Other Bracelets and Turquoise Ring- Vintage, Armor Ring- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

So I'm thinking maybe it's getting kinda redundant to list every last thing I'm wearing in all my posts. Like, there's no way anyone is actually reading my super lengthy rundown of every single piece of jewelry within a five-mile radius. Basically, I'm gonna start listing only what's essential or new. I doubt you are jonesing to hear (again and again) that my armor ring is, in fact, still from Free People. I half expect myself to start telling you where my panties are from, then like crediting Mother Earth for the grass I'm standing on.
Oh, the platforms pictured above freaking fell apart this afternoon. Actually, they had already broken (the suede ripped out of the instep) when we took these photos- I kept tripping while walking through the grass, which was really only a preface for the ginormous fall that ultimately ruined my shoesies. Thanks, Topshop- they lasted three whole days. 
I am tired and hungry and some quesadillas are calling my name, so it's time to settle in with a super crappy movie. Joey and I watch so many that we've run out of actual quality films, and are reduced to choosing based on camp value. 
One last thing- it was inconceivably windy this afternoon, hence the rather ridiculous (third from bottom) "ohmygod what the hell is happening here" photo. Maybe my roots have just gotten so long that they're taking on a life of their own. 


Sparkly Bits

Bustier Top- Wilfred (Aritzia), Skirt- American Apparel, Platform Sandals- Topshop, Shawl- Vintage, Necklace- Free People, Peace Ring and Sweetheart Bracelet- Vintage, Wooden Bead Bracelets- Aldo

I am super beyond excited about the pictured sandals- they are a bitch to walk in, but fulfill my Celine knockoff wooden platform (flatform?) needs quite well. So thanks, Topshop. Maybe it took about two years for them to finally reach my doorstep, but I've dealt with their website enough to realize "priority mail" is actually Topshop code for "carrier pigeon". The bustier top from good ol' Aritzia (my lovely employer) has a rather curious way of making my boobs look huge- I am really not used to seeing, like, cleavage and all that jazz in photos of myself. Interesting optical illusion.
Does anyone else feel like everything in their closet is suddenly irrelevant? The complete sea change that seems to have occurred this spring has me jonesing for basically the opposite of everything I own. I need multiple pleated knee-length skirts (in pastels) immediately. Oh, and while I don't particularly respect Erin Wasson (yes, this is a mortal sin- prepare the firing squad- but don't forget her quotable quote about the "amazing style" of homeless people), I would do some shameful things for the leopard print maxi skirt she is wearing in that one photo circling the blogosphere. So, basically I need some longer skirts. And more crochet shit. And lots of white and lace and lovely florals. Oh and pretty blue things- really any shade will do. 
Happy almost Friday- it's time for me and Joey to watch an illegally downloaded version of that new Liam Neeson movie (Unknown), which doesn't even look that great. So if a SWAT team busts through our door and arrests us for this one then I'll be pissed. If we're gonna get in trouble over something as silly as downloading bootlegs, it better be for a quality film like L'Avventura or Buffalo 66. 
That was quite a digression. Sorry. Sort of.  



Silk Dot Top- Talula Babaton (Aritzia), Quilted Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cardigan- Wilfred, Zoe Boots- Sam Edelman, Beetle Necklace- Mad Art Jewelry (Etsy), Square Cuff- Fallon, Other Silver Bracelets- Vintage, "Gnarly" Cuff- BCBGeneration, Armor Ring- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

Well I certainly haven't posted much (i.e. at all) this past week. So if you were on the edge of your seat, sorry about that. My eyebrows are still not bleached- I missed my hair appointment, which was supremely stupid, because my roots are getting noticeably bad. Sadly, in a greasy icky way not a cool Debbie Harry way. 
Anywho, the Pamela Love triangle ring (most obvious in the first photo) that Joey got me for Valentine's Day is my new favorite piece of jewelry, even though it's about as uncomfortable as it looks. I keep jabbing myself with the points at inopportune times. Definitely worth suffering for, though. I love how the photo makes me look as if I'm setting some kind of magic spell with it. Judging from that scary angry deep-set eye, the spell is probably bad. I just turned you into a toad. Or something.
I'm having trouble focusing on writing this, because Joey has the "Funny or Die" Show from HBO on in the background. I really didn't expect it to be so hilarious. Highly recommended. 
Wellll that's all she wrote, except I do feel the need to credit Oracle Fox for the arms-behind-the-neck pose. It really works for the purpose of showing off the back of something plus all one's hand jewelry, and I just blatantly ripped her off with that. Mandy Shadforth, you are one talented lady. Haaa that rhymed, sort of almost. 
Lovely weekend, all! 


Light and Shadows

Bed Jacket- Vintage Missoni, Shredded T- Raquel Allegra, Faux Leather Leggings- Wilfred (Aritzia), Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Cross Necklace, Turquoise Ring- Vintage, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Square Bangle- Fallon

Sorry for the photo dump- I had a wee bit of trouble narrowing them down. Wellll it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, finally. The snow has melted and the sun is out and life is lovely. Plus, it's that time again when I get to spend hours on the interwebs finding out what I will be wearing in the fall. Rag and Bone, Vena Cava, Rebecca Taylor (?!), and Jenni Kayne are some of my NY favorites so far. I always feel a kinship with Jenni Kayne (stalkertown), because I got married in one of her lovely sequined frocks. 
Oh, I'm getting my eyebrows bleached on Tuesday. I don't trust myself with a box o' bleach, so I'm going to let my hairstylist handle it. If she's willing. There is a definite chance she will be like "um, you already have no eyebrows", and refuse. 
So I'm gonna stop talking at you since I posted so many photos- have a lovely weekend! 



Open Knit Sweater- 12th Street Cynthia Vincent, Floral Bells- Free People, Circle Scarf- Wilfred (Aritzia), Hourglass Necklace- BCBGeneration, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Armor Ring- Free People, Turquoise Ring and Wood Rosary- Vintage, Lita Boots- Jeffrey Campbell

I am completely in love with the open-knit bell sleeve coziness of this sweater. Too bad it belongs to my lovely friend Casey. I had no idea a piece of clothing could cause so much bedlam at the Shaw/Pellicone apartment. Joey keeps sniffing the sweater and asking me why I don't wear perfume more often, and General Sherman has been sitting in the closet like, staring up at it nonstop. I don't know if kitty is yearning to shred or cuddle, but I suspect the former (although the latter would be pretty adorable). I think the next cat we adopt should be named General Bonkers. There's something wildly hilarious about having a General Sherman and a General Bonkers- like one is super serious and one's just completely insane. But I digress (actually, the digression began immediately following the first sentence- oh well). 
So I'm pretty much set regarding bell bottom things. I kind of already was, but the floral print on these is just way too good to pass up. I said I was done buying knits about six months ago and that sure as hell hasn't happened, so my closet is starting to be half bell bottoms, half hugely oversized knits. 
Well, enjoy the windy photos, because that wind is bringing another (!!) snowstorm, and we Texans fall apart if there's even the slightest wintry weather. I don't know how you people do outfit posts when there's snow- for me, anything beyond cowering in my apartment (with the heat cranked all the way up) is an accomplishment. Have a lovely Wednesday!

Oh. And I'm kinda sure I am going to bleach my eyebrows. They pretty much already don't exist, but I saw a photo of Britt Maren that made me realize I need them to be even whiter. Go figure.


Liza Minnelli

Top- American Gold, Hourglass Necklace- BCBGeneration, Cat- Liza Minnelli 

Well hellloo. Due to inclement weather (still!!), we are unable to shoot outdoors, and things seem to fall apart a little bit when we move inside. So. I present you with some insanity that occurred after a dinner out with the family. Notice the picnic basket? That happens to be Liza Minnelli's "Think Tank". In other words, the kitty's house. She rarely leaves. Imagine all the hilarious situations that can (and do) occur in a kitchen where a three-pound cat lives in a blanketed basket. 
Anywhooo. I like that American Gold top quite a bit. I wish I had pre-ordered it in bone, also. Maybe someday when the weather finally clears I can do a real outfit post- I also bought the Let it Bleed bells and they look really perfect with pretty much everything. 
So I have a new header. Again. The old one was corny as hell- I got really tired of my face staring beatifically down on the blog like some kind of lame patron saint of Fashionlitter. Maybe this one will last a few days. Have a lovely weekend, unless you live in North Texas and are having to deal with the weather AND all the Super Bowl tourists. Yay, football.


Ice Storm

Wellll I guess you can reasonably presume what's on my mind. One of the (many) strange things about north Texas is the epic ice storm that seems to roll around every few years, causing everyone to go completely batshit crazy. Right now it's day two of Ice Extravaganza '11. The excitement has given way under the weight of rolling blackouts, Joey's insistence that my Prius is not equipped to drive in these conditions (he's probably correct), and complete Law and Order: SVU overload. So stir craziness, basically. 
Top photo from velvet warning, next two from the bowels of my hopelessly unorganized compy, and the last is me, in happier times. I was tan! Freckled, even! And everything was so warm and lovely that sparkles just appeared out of the sky. That isn't like, a photoshop lens flare or anything.