I Think Yer Pretty

You know how people sometimes set completely unrealistic goals for themselves? Like, uhhh my decision to look exactly like Anja Konstantinova? 
At least I can use these photos for bleached-eyebrow porn. I'm doing it, ladies and gentlemen. I'm really gonna do it this time (bleach the ol' eyebrows). And then you fine people will say, "But you barely had eyebrows to begin with!" And I will smile, secure in the knowledge that I'm one step closer to being a pretty pretty princess. 
Ughh. Actual post that makes actual sense later on today.

pics- RackkandRuin, OracleFox, some random tumblr I forgot the name of whoopsies.


My hair is about five different colors right now

Kimono Top- Wilfred (Aritzia), Pleated Skirt- BCBGeneration, Eyelet Crop- Free People, Belt- Vintage, Silver/Gold Cross Bracelet- Courtesy of Konstantino, Oxfords- Steve Madden, the usual random jewelry

I know the last two photos are sorta redundant, but we were really trying to get some good shots of that Konstantino bracelet. Sadly, we didn't really manage to do it justice. The piece is unbelievable- there is a little diamond in the center of each cross, and all this filigree-esque detailing. I sort of don't feel worthy of such lovely flair, I mean, notice the white plastic tile bracelet I chose to wear next to it? That's some classy lady shit right there. Madeline has oft mentioned her addiction to Konstantino jewelry (which works out well since they employ her), and I'm pretty sure I get it now. Apparently they make everything by hand in Greece or something, which is awesome, but I would be fine if it were all churned out on some assembly line operated by chimps- the jewelry is just that pretty. Oh, so I have decided I need one of their chunky rings, like, tomorrow. Super early birthday present, Joey!
So we spotted this random nature-y (by our pathetic North Texas standards) area just off the highway, which was random. Our decision to explore resulted in these sort of weird location photos. Because I always wear a pleated pink skirt (and balls-out jewelry) on the woodsy banks of dirty streams! The outfit may have made a bit more sense in a relatively urban environment, but I'm kinda wearing all my current favorites at once, which is always nice. The BCBGeneration skirt fulfills my need for pleats quite well (although there's a Karen Walker pleated midi-length I've been desperately trying to track down). 
I actually feel like BCBGeneration is my little secret. Maybe people expect the clothes to be sorta "teenaged chippy interviewing for her first part-time job". That's what I assumed, since BCBG can be pretty "After work, let's go get awful sugary cocktails then watch Sex and the City 2 for the fiftieth time!". That made no sense. More succinct version: BCBG can sometimes (sometimes!) be tacky, so people might assume BCBGeneration is just teen tacky. However! The store is actually a wonderland of pretty pastels, twee prints, and very cool jewelry. Also, vanity sizing! I can pretend I'm a size 25 pant (that's like four sizes off) when shopping there. 
Welllll, happy weekend all- I have a really good giveaway with Urban Revisions coming up next week, so watch out for that!

BTW: I linked a few things in this post. The strange gaps in my basic computer knowledge make linking sort of mystifying for me- so let's just all hope for the best, k?


Denim on denim on blonde on pale on tired on blah blah blah.

Destroyed Denim Top- One Teaspoon, Denim Shorts- JBrand, Moccasins- Minnetonka, Beaded Belt- Aritzia, Arrow Collar- Fallon, Square Bangle- Fallon, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love, the usual vintage jewelry.

I am really pleased with this One Teaspoon top, but practically apoplectic over the One Teaspoon black leather jogging shorts that ship April 15th- they should match perfectly. Hopefully they fit- those awesome shorts and I have some pretty big plans. 
Ughh, I have never been so exhausted and honestly don't trust myself to string sentences together right now. But when I post tomorrow, expect some major fire and brimstone regarding (what else?) a movie that Joey and I made the mistake of watching last night. For now, I'll just leave it at this: if you are a fan of Kazuo Ishiguro's 'Never Let Me Go', then avoid the film version at all costs. I have never been more upset by a book to movie adaptation. Ok, that's all I've got in me this evening. Except how cool I think Joey's photo shopping is on that last picture- love the sort of '70s vibe- which I kinda ruined with the really bad eyeliner job I must have been walking around with all day today. So envious of you makeup wizards. 

In Which I Write Way Too Much About Things (Necklaces, Mainly).

Wow. I am now acutely aware that nothing is more troubling than posting a photo of oneself directly above a photo of Bambi Northwood-Blyth. From here on out, all images of my face shall be kept completely separate from facial images of she who resembles a young Brooke Shields (only somehow prettier and more ethereal). 

I've been kind of obsessed with all the beautiful chokers and bib necklace thingees that've been popping up everywhere. Taylor, from thingsonhangers.com, has a really cool/simple one. That applies to like, every conceivable type of jewelry, though. She has quite an eye for flair. Anyway, the sparkly Fallon piece I'm wearing above was one of those lucky "hanging out in the bowels of my jewelry receptacle" finds. I was pretty happy to rediscover it- and by "happy" I mean "overweening excitement so intense that a bemused Joey briefly wondered if I have always been this shallow". Hopefully, he wasn't reminded of the first time we met. It was one of "those" nights where my drunkenness rose to the level of bonkers that could easily end with naked night swimming, the belting out at the top of my lungs some long-forgotten Dropkick Murphys song, weeping about "all the beauty in the universe", or, in this case, loud and slurry proclamations to my lovely friend Miriam that "he's totally hotter than I thought he would be". "He" being Joey, who was standing right there, sort of taking it all in. I tend to follow the speech patterns of a Sweet Valley Twin when intoxicated. Point being, the first statement my husband ever heard me make was about as shallow as shallow can get. Funny how such an inauspicious meeting led to our lovely little life.
ANYWAY, now that I already have what I was looking for, it's time for my next obsession: the ManiaMania "Afterlife" choker. Bambi looks unbelievably gorgeous in the above photo (and the rest of the ManiaMania campaign), but Abbey Lee has just been wearing the hell out of that choker recently. Each new picture of her sashaying around like a towheaded Egyptian Aussie princess from the early '90s (uh, that description isn't nonsensical in my head) makes me want that piece more. I would have posted some photos, but since you've seen them on every other blog, ehh. 
Sadly, my weekend in Alabama was all about trying to keep from vomiting. So all the photo-taking plans Joey and I made were sort of the last thing on my mind. I've never mentioned this on the blog, but I have a frustrating vertigo-esque ailment that pops up at the most inopportune times. So I had three surreal days of Lifetime Movie Network (after a while, those movies blend into this blurry tapestry of banal strangeness and you quit differentiating one from the next). Oh, and in case Alfred Hitchcock* gave you the notion that "vertigo" just means "fear of heights"- imagine extreme motion sickness, but you aren't even moving, and not much can be done about it. And throw in that feeling you get when you drink too much and things start spinning. That's vertigo.
God, I am a long-winded writer. Here are the CliffNotes: "I like the Fallon necklace I found. Sometimes I am shallow. I like that one ManiaMania choker. I have vertigo."
Tomorrow I shall do an outfit post. With very little blather underneath it.

*Sorry, another random movie mention- I am referring to Hitchcock's Vertigo, which is a great film, but vertigo is shown to be a fear of heights, not an ailment (which it is- oh man, it is).


Off to Pinthlocco

Going back to this place! And by that I mean Pinthlocco Plantation, my family's wonderland about an hour away from Montgomery (which is the most horrible city in the nation, on so so many levels). While I won't be updating again until Monday, Joey and I have some really exciting photo-taking plans for our time in Bama. Have a lovely weekend everyone!


a long post about tattoos.

SO. This is a post about tattoos, obviously. 
OK. I have had ink on the brain recently. Although I've wanted a tattoo for a while, now seems like the right time to get on with it (for reasons that are a bit too private and frankly, too uninteresting to tell you about). 
I have been toying with two options. My favorite movie, Picnic At Hanging Rock, is filled with beautiful dialogue, but I'm drawn to one quote in particular: "Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place". It's spoken at a gorgeous moment in the film. No idea how I'd want it to look though.
My other idea is also a quote, from my other favorite film, Harold and Maude. It comes at a turning point, when Harold is finally learning to love life. Maude sees a sad little nimbly tree planted haphazardly outside of an office building, and decides they need to rescue/replant the tree somewhere it can thrive. She simply says "Grab the shovel, Harold", and they go about the business of saving the tree. It's a beautiful moment, because the viewer realizes this small act has completely changed Harold's way of looking at things. But there's one pathetic little problem were I to choose this quote. I want a sort of stylized little nimbly tree underneath the lettering, drawn the way I imagine Peter Max might have drawn it during his psychedelic period, if he collaborated on said drawing with Shel Silverstein. However, I can't draw for shit. Not even stick figures. So. I have this pretty exact idea in my head, unable to find it's way out due to my sad little useless hands. If one of you artists felt like trying to um, draw up a nimbly-sad-Peter Max-Shel Silverstein-tree, I would be forever grateful. Whichever idea I choose, the placement will be on my side, underneath the bra line. I think. 
Regarding the above photos: the first is that beautiful girl from SRC783 (I think)- how cool is her saturn palm? Then we have Cole Mohr (swoon) and his famous tattoo. Third is adorable Madeline from the amazing blog www.jeangreige.blogspot.com, which you should visit immediately. I would have linked the web address, but there are strange gaps in my computer knowledge, one of which happens to be making links out of things. Those "state with star over hometown" tattoos never get old for me- but they only work if you come from somewhere quirky, and Madeline definitely does. We have Bambi on Bambi (of course) which is arguably the cutest tattoo on the cutest girl, ever. Ohh- and Lily Cole never gets any attention for the script on her foot, which I can't fathom, because it's awesome. She has "as bees, geometry" in Latin, from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" (it was in Latin in the novel, she wasn't being pretentious or anything). I like the idea of ethereal Lily all wrapped up in Victor Hugo, stumbling upon that snippet of a lovely line, deciding it's exactly what she's been trying to say all along. Oh. And the last picture (the one with the nonsensical tattoos) is of what's her name, you know, the pretty girl who stole jewelry ideas from Bliss Lau, that girl who once actually said these actual words in an actual interview and actually meant them, in fact actually defended them two years later: 
   "The people with the best style for me are the people that are the poorest. Like, when I go down to Venice Beach and I see the homeless, like, I'm like, 'Oh my God, they're pulling out, like, crazy looks, and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans'". 
You know, that awful girl. I mean, she looks pretty in pictures, that's for sure. But then, doesn't prettiness fade? And all we're left with are the horrible things we said back when we looked pretty in pictures?

Oh, and we are also left with our tattoos. 



The Ubiquitous Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cala Luna Tunic- Free People, Neonish Green Crop Top- Free People, Zoe Ankle Boots- Sam Edelman, Necklace- Urban Outfitters, Vintage Silver Bracelets

This probably goes without saying, but it was like wind-tunnel windy today. Hence the everything flying everywhere thing. At the moment I am completely worn out and just want to watch some random movie. Oh, and this one better be superior to 30 Days of Night, which was a crime against celluloid on SO many levels (man, I was actually so excited about that one...). First of all we had the whole "Josh Hartnett attempting to act" debacle, which was really quite sad/pathetic because you could basically see the steam coming out of his ears as he tried to be dramatic and heroic and all that jazz. So he is a horrible actor, but the script didn't help. I actually found a website dedicated to the myriad plot holes in this film, but my favorite would have to be the hilariously convoluted ending. It involved Hartnett injecting himself with vampire blood so he could become one of them vamps (for reasons I'm not entirely sure of), followed by about fifteen minutes of our boy hero fighting off them vamps, and finally, because Joshy is now a good vampire, we close with him clutching his (previously estranged, but soulmates once again) wife, as they sit on a snowy hilltop waiting for the first sunrise in thirty days. This is intended to be quite emotional because everybody knows that vampires turn to ash in the sun (except with Twilight, in which they just get all sparkly). SO. The actress playing the wife tries really hard to screw her features into something resembling a bereft expression as the sun rises and Good Vampire Josh meets his ashy fate. And scene. 
God, now I'm in the mood for a really beautiful film. At the moment Peter Weir is kinda calling my name, so I think I (and sleeping Joey) shall watch either Picnic at Hanging Rock or The Last Wave. Or Gallipoli. Those are some gorgeous and wistful and sad and lovely and lonely movies. 
Ok, stopping with all the film talk now. Actually, stopping with all the talk now. It's slowly drift off to sleep on the couch time, an activity I take very, very seriously. And with all that pan pipe in the Picnic at Hanging Rock score, this should be a thirty second process. Hope you're all having fun having your Saturday night fun having! Hahaa I crack myself up- there is a very specific type of person who finds that last sentence funny, and I think by "specific" I just mean "only me".
Shutting up now, really.


My cat is snoring. Loudly.

Eyelet Cropped Tank- Free People, Scarf- Free People, Swing Skirt- Aritzia, Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Long Spike Necklace- Urban Outfitters

After what felt like a pretty lengthy shopping drought, I did some major damage this afternoon at my local Free People. That was nice. But I feel pretty shallow talking about shopping, as today Illinois finally abolished the death penalty! How unbelievably beautiful is that? Fifteen states down, a shitload (including my own) to go. I am pretty consistently horrified by the crimes that Texas perpetrates against it's citizens (google Cameron Todd Willingham), and know that (barring some kind of federal moratorium) there really isn't any hope for us Texans to join the modern world anytime soon. But I am always excited when other states do the right thing. I don't know who this blog reaches, but I do know that not everyone agrees with me. Quite honestly, I don't care. If you believe in the death penalty then you are wrong. So don't try to change my mind in the comments- it will be a waste of time for both of us. If you need an outlet for your (misguided) anger, then just call me fat or something, ok?
Strangely enough, now that the lavender in my hair has faded to the exact shade I was going for, it doesn't seem to show up in photos. Conundrum. Ok, that's pretty much it, but I did want to show you a small feature I have in this month's NYLON Korea. I get way too excited about these things, then I feel guilty for being excited. Oh well, goodnight!


New things, and things that will be new.

Hi people. So I finally did the light purple (they really won't be lavender until a couple more washes) streaks. I had myself convinced that everything within a five mile radius of the sink had to be covered in gobs of vaseline or the dye would magically turn it all purple, like, the instant I opened the bottle (I've been told I tend towards the histrionic). This did not happen, which was nice, but the vaseline made my hairline really damn greasy. Hence the very obviously greasy hair in the above photo. Notice the lavender wall? We painted that just for the snapshot. Joey and I are very dedicated to, um, matching the bedroom wall to my hair. Oh, and the nose ring is gonna stay for now. Just FYI. Because I know you were up all night toying with that conundrum.
So the second photo. That would be my next project. Joey and I are moving in a month-ish, and we are quite dedicated to the complete copycatting of that whole tableau. I don't remember what blog I found the photo on, so I can't credit it- sorry about that. 
Goodnight, happy Tuesday!


"Grab the shovel, Harold."

Silk Top- Wilfred, Snake Print Tank- Wilfred (Aritzia), Lace-Inset Bells- Free People, Cross Necklace- Vintage, Layered Necklace- Iosselliani, Square Cuff- Fallon, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

As usual, Joey did some obvious photoshopping on that last picture. There's just something about my face that makes him want  to...alter it. Ha. It does kinda make me want to reconsider my reconsideration of the eyebrow-bleaching though, as I assume it would look somewhat like this- creepy. And what girl doesn't long to look creepier, right?
So we are about to watch 30 Days of Night, which I am way too excited about. Maybe because it's (quite literally) the last remaining horror film that I have yet to see (foreign or domestic). Actually I missed out on the whole Saw thing, but that was absolutely on purpose. There's a big difference between a scary film, and one where a useless villain just goes bonkers throwing bloody severed limbs all over the place. Although they did churn out some pretty damn good slashers back in the '70s. Slashers are actually entertaining, it's the torture porn that bothers me. No, worries me- maybe it's the unbelievably trenchant sexism. But that kind of applies to like, over half of all movies ever made. Harold and Maude is really the only romantic comedy I can think of that isn't just swimming in "ladies are stupid so just throw pretty things at them and they might shut up". 
Ok, Margaret Ebert, signing off.
Oh ya- I bought the lavender hair dye. But I don't want to part with my nose ring. SO. Looks like I shall be playing the adolescent with an attitude (ohmygodmomyoureruiningmylife) for a little while. I could always get a job at like, Hot Topic.