The Ghost Who Walks

 Oversized Sweater- BCBG, Grey Infinity Scarf- Wilfred (Aritzia), Black Quilted Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Taupe Suede Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

So I definitely didn't update at all over Thanksgiving week, but I did drink a lot of boiled custard (a magical beverage indigenous to Tennessee which is basically just melted vanilla ice cream in a jug of joy), watch a lot of amazing Direct TV On Demand, and spend a lot of time with my lovely family-in-law. Franklin, Tennessee is seriously the coziest, calmest place on earth- the quaalude of locales, if you will. Anyway, these are some of the photos my amazingly talented photographer friend, Courtney Teesdale, took last weekend. I thought this was an appropriate outfit to post, because I wore this sweater every single day last week (along with black jeggings and disturbingly unwashed hair). Oh, so I have some seriously sad news to relate- Karen Elson's vintage store in Franklin, Venus and Mars, is no more. Joey and I went there the day before Thanksgiving anticipating another afternoon sifting through the beautifully edited collection, but there was a sign on the door saying they are closing (after a 70% off everything sale which is happening today while I sit on my couch in Dallas) for reasons I cannot fathom. I know how dramatic I sound, but Venus and Mars was just so so good. My cat just planted himself in front of the keyboard and is now staring intently into my eyes which means it's his dinnertime, so good evening, all.


M + J

Plaid- F21, Black Leather Shorts- Phillip Lim, Combat Boots- Steve Madden

Off to Nashville tomorrow morning! I am so excited for Pellicone Family Thanksgiving (and Karen Elson stalking). I had an amazing shoot with old friend/amazing photographer Courtney Teesdale today, so I should be inundating this blog with some wonderfully professional images throughout the week. Joey and I will also try and take photos in Nashville while we're there (I know, you're just dying for more of me pouting in various locales). Oh, and in case you were wondering what I'm trying to get across with my horrible chalk skills- it says M+J with a heart underneath it. I happen to be in fifth grade. Sometimes I write variations of Margaret Pellicone all over my notebook; then remember that I AM Margaret (Shaw) Pellicone. 


"Your dress is red. you look like the devil." - Joey Pellicone

Purplish Crushed Velvet Mini Dress- F21, Black Faux Fur Coat- Vintage, Black Knit Beanie- F21, Dream Catcher Earrings- Aldo, Silver Armor Ring- Free People, Black Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell

My husband may be incredibly handsome, witty and smart, but his childlike clothing-related quotes could fill a book. Examples: my taupe suede Litas are "Those boots with the antlers for heels", anything shiny and black is met with "You look like a robot", and when my bangs were growing out and I had to slick them back, I was "Aerodynamic". So when he informed me that this obviously purple crushed-velvet dress is pleasing to him "Because it's red and you look like the devil" I thought it was pretty cute/entertaining. I highly recommend asking your significant other to pontificate on your outfit. Unless he "gets" fashion (lucky you), then go see what your dad has to say. You will not be disappointed, I promise.
Anyway, I believe this is one of the most inexpensive outfit posts I have ever done. Minus the shoes, I think it totals out at way under $100. Just FYI. Margaret the frugalista (a term that should never be used, under any circumstances, lest one sound like a Burlington Coat Factory ad or that really annoying girl you know who is completely well-intentioned and friendly, but just so corny all the time). 
Have a beautiful Thursday- I am so excited; only three more days until Joey and I head to Nashville (his hometown) for Thanksgiving. I am planning some major Karen Elson stalking- not only does she live near Joey's family, she owns the most amazing vintage store called Venus and Mars. If you haven't checked out her album "The Ghost Who Walks", seriously do it. The girl is a poet.


I suppose this is where the "litter" part becomes relevant...

Downside regarding the Litas: looking like a giant in photos with your two omg bffs 4lyfe. I wish I could blame the enormity of my head and extreme paleness on the boots, but that might be pushing it. Anyway, there is absolutely no central theme tying together the photos I just posted, so let's just be huge nerds and title it "a litter of inspiration" or some other blog name-derived corniness. The second pic is one of my favorite men (he was a bridesmaid in my wedding, teehee) dressed adorably, as usual. His name is Travis, and yes he is always that dapper. Next we have another breathtaking Sofia Ajram photo. Never have I seen one of her photographs without wanting to blow it up and hang it on every wall in our apartment. The Peruvian bag is self-explanatory (i.e. awesome), followed by (I am starting to sound like a tour guide, sorry) a beautiful Alison Scarpula photo. Lastly, I somehow managed to just now come across the blog froufrouu, and am completely floored by how perfect every single one of her looks are. This was one of my favorites. Perfect. 
On another note, I have been so unbelievably sick all day. Until about an hour ago, I couldn't even sit up without vomiting. You really needed to hear that, I know. Actually, one of my peeves is when people ramble on about how sick they are (unless their illness is mysterious or exotic, that's always interesting), but it bothers me even more when the inevitable dream-describing begins. I have found that illness-ramblers are always inveterate dream-describers. My husband is one. I have learned to cut him off at "I had the weirdest dream last night...". 

pics- Joey, Sofia Ajram, christeric blog, thehiddenpeople, froufrouu blog


Leather Shorts and Jevans.

Leopard Jacket- Zara, Quilted Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Grey Sweatshirt- Nation, Black Ankle Boots- Sam Edelman

I am pretty sure these leather shorts are one of the luckier finds of my shopping career (that statement doesn't sound odd or anything). But seriously, I was wandering aimlessly through Nordstrom a few days ago and there they were, inexplicably marked down to about half the original price (which wasn't ridiculously high to begin with). I remember The Unstoppable Rumi Neely waxing poetic on her blog about how great they were a few months ago and she really wasn't exaggerating. Anyway, Joey and I decided to take photos at the usually quiet independent movie theater near our apartment and we think there was some type of high school formal event happening. It was the corniest thing ever- they had this red carpet leading to the front door, complete with a bored looking woman clutching a microphone and making nice comments about the girls' dresses. I suppose there was some variation on a Hollywood theme? Awkward-acting teens who didn't seem to have much to do but wander around in clusters relegated us to a corner of the lobby with some rather harsh lighting, which sucked. But guess what doesn't suck- the fact that one of the coolest people in the world found my blog. Her name is Jevans (real name, I promise) and she is hilarious. She is also one of the few people who made attending a largely Baptist, generally insane university (Baylor- hello, College President Kenneth Starr!) pretty fun. So, hi Jevans! I miss you and your hilarious one-liners and predilection for refusing to look anyone in the eye, under any circumstances. Jevans brought my husband and I together by pretending to need Calculus tutoring (she is a math genius) in order to lure him to our apartment. Then she had to sit there for an hour and act like she didn't understand her homework while I pretended to watch TV. Good times.
Goodnight, all!


Junkyard Saturday

Open Knit Sweater- BCBG, Grey Cutoffs- I forgot, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Scarf- Anthro

Joey and I went to this incredible junkyard sort of area near our apartment today in order to take some photos for a new header (I like how it turned out, actually), and here are some outtakes from our little Saturday adventure. So this isn't really a style post or anything- although I am all kinds of obsessed with the lattice-knit sweater I am wearing. I actually never shop at BCBG, but they were having one of those overly complicated "sales" where you end up suspecting there is very little actual savings in the end. The salesgirls were amazing- they managed to compliment basically everything I was wearing, figure out what I was looking for, and steer me into a fitting room filled with merchandise within about thirty seconds. After feeling rather bemused for a moment, I zeroed in on this sweater and a great camel/grey striped t-shirt. Anyway, I just got home from work and Netflix is calling my name. I think tomorrow I will finally do my Ode To Karen Elson post which I have been putting off all week. You are dying of anticipation, I know. By the way, the shadow on my lips in the last photo is convincing me that I could try black lipstick. Talk me out of it, alright? Thanks. Because there is no way that wouldn't be the Makeup Debacle Of the Century.


Cold and Windy

Tweed Jacket- Isabel Marant Etoile, Skirt- American Apparel, Taupe Suede Litas- Jeffrey Campbell, Bird Skull Necklace- UO, Rosary- Aldo, Heart Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), Rings- Free People

As you can probably surmise from the above photos, it was so freezing and windy this evening that I can't believe I ever wished for Fall. I am ready for Summer now- and all the sundresses, bare feet, tans and beach visits that beautiful season entails. So after receiving all the items on my extensive and exacting Christmas list, let's skip forward to about mid-July (which happens to be my birthday!), deal? Alright. I'm surprised at how long it took for one of the mass retailers to knock off the Pamela Love hummingbird skull necklace- so thanks, Urban Outfitters, let's hope a talon cuff is next. Although if I were a designer who walked into F21 or UO and saw a carbon copy of something I had poured all my energy into, I would be livid. Oh wellll I guess it comes with the territory these days. 
You know the whole "be careful what you wish for" thing? Well, in my last post I was all pissy about the lack of good horror movies out there. And I found one. Ohhh did I ever. And it was the most disturbing thing I have ever witnessed. If you are easily scared, or not easily scared, or really anything other than a psychopath, then never ever watch "Death Of a Ghost Hunter". The acting was really iffy and it was certainly low-budget but HOLY CRAP. No gore, just a creeping sense of dread that slowly turned into such terror that my husband (who enjoyed "Aliens" as a small child and has a disturbing penchant for anything zombie-related) was even freaking out. We felt guilty for even watching it. Just avoid. Please. I am really not being dramatic- it's that scary. 
I had planned on talking about Karen Elson-related issues tonight (she is quickly becoming my Erin Wasson, if you know what I mean by that), but after that mondo-divergence I think it's time to wrap this shit up. Have lovely weekends filled with lovely weekend things.