First Post!

Dress- Free People, Bag- Alexander Wang, Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell, Accessories- vintage

The great thing about my first post is that nobody will form any opinions about me, because nobody will see it, at least until I get my "sea legs" so to speak. And by getting my sea legs I mean figuring out how to even write what I'm writing- my husband (and photographer!) had to explain EVERYthing, including but not limited to the finer points of blogging which I'm fairly certain a ten-year-old could figure out(assuming that would be the age when one would feel the urge to dedicate an entire blog to Insane Clown Posse). But I really shouldn't be making fun of childish ICP blogs when I just posted six photos of myself pouting. And am about to post even more. Anyway, I guess this is the part where I say this:
Hello blogosphere! Don't be mean to me- I am a generally nice person with two cats, who tends to ramble when writing AND speaking, and has had a bit of a fashion obsession since forever. I work on the periphery of the industry, and my favorite label is Isabel Marant. Ok, that's all. Hi mom!


  1. Love the clogs!
    Where'd you get?

  2. thanks mom! you bought them for me on the Free People website...sneaky, sneaky.

  3. love your style!!