Hello Again (Also, meet Ms. Fancy Face, Queen of the Universe)

Dress- Zara via Crossroads, Stripe Jacket- Zara, Velvet Loafers- Zara (god, these outfit credits are deeply depressing), Sunglasses- H&M, The Most Perfect 
Necklace Ever Created- Harrod's in London, "Texas" Necklace- some booth at the Melrose Trading Post, Pave Bracelet- www.adornmentsboutique.com, Beaded Bracelet- Buddha Babe (www.buddhababedesigns.com), Cat- Ms. Fancy Face, Queen of the Universe.

Oh, Hai! I suppose I'm blogging again. I'd say "I'm back", but it always seems somewhat...imperious, I guess, when bloggers say that. Also, I haven't touched this thing in about two years so "I'm back" doesn't seem sufficient. My life is totally, utterly different now.  I live in LA, have an actual grown-up career (Like, what? Since when am I gainfully employed?), and am happily free of all romantic entanglements for the first time since I was about fourteen (Wow, that's sad...Sorry, Gloria Steinem). Yay! I'm Mary Tyler Moore, except, not really. Contrary to popular belief, I can not turn the world on with my smile. So, uh...now that I've presented a super awkward, rather arrogant, unsolicited pseudo-resume...I guess I'll just wrap it up. I'm endlessly excited to have this creative outlet again. I've missed the whole blogging routine, especially the part where I get to fill this blank space with my clumsy words.


  1. the necklace makes me happy that it exists even if it doesn't belong to me :D Welcome back x

  2. It's good to see you "back"! Your hair looks amazing and I'm loving the outfit! :)