A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius*

Romper- Vintage ('90s), Platforms- Vera Wang Lavender Label, Giant Cuff- my Mommy made it, Shark Tooth Necklace- Mommy/Casey's Mommy dual effort, Hoop Earrings- Free People

So when I refer to my mom (and Casey's mom) as "mommy" in the above jewelry credits, that's pretty damn creepy, huh? You can't hear my vocal inflection (sarcastic), so it's just like I've got a bad case of arrested development (ha! tv show!) or something. 
Alrighty, this shall be my last post before I fly off to Philly/NYC for a couple weeks-ish. Joey and I are visiting one of my favorite human beings on the planet (hi, Seany!) and his family, who are amazing. We bonded with the Phillips family while attending Seany's older brother Ryan's wedding in Fukuoka, Japan, a couple summers ago (less random than it sounds- Ryan married a ((lovely lovely)) Japanese girl ((hi, Eriko!)) who befriended Ryan and Joey when they lived in Fukuoka). So I'm giddy with excitement about all the shopping opportunities up in NY (ideas welcome!!), but even giddier about hanging out with the Amazing Phillips Clan. Random fact: Mr. Phillips totally invented Cold-Eez. You know, the cough drop. Ohhhh I have so many good Phillips stories, but I've written wayyy more than I planned (since I never do that or anything), so I'll space the stories out as I update throughout my time in NYC/Philly.

Oh, most importantly, the vintage romper pictured above? Totally not mine. Casey was the lucky one who found it yesterday at Ahab Bowen (great vintage store). But because she is Casey Russell, the sweetest, most generous, and sparkliest unicorn of them all, I totally get to borrow it for my vacation. Oh! Be sure to head on over to Casey's blog throughout the next week, because Joey took some great photos of her in some really great outfits she put together. There is so much joy in watching Casey methodically build her little outfit piles, accessories always on top. Oh, and we had fun with some hilarious (because I am about three times her size) twinsies photos. Also, you can gaze at her cheekbones and feel like a super creepy person. God, you creeper. 
Ughhh sososo sleepy. Just gotta explain the title of this post and I'm out- since I'm way too lazy to list what Casey's wearing in that last photo, just comment on her blog if you're wondering. Sparkly unicorns named Casey tend to be unbelievably obliging. 

*The title of my post refers to Dave Eggers's first book/memoir. It's of unbelievable literary importance, and he rambles way more than I do- We're talking pages of lengthy footnotes about complete minutiae. So I sorta feel like we're kindred. No. Talent-wise, I'm lying on the ground marveling at the stars, wondering how he managed to hang them in the sky. So we aren't kindred, I just write a whole fucking lot, as does he. But of course his ramblings are endlessly hilarious, perfectly punctuated, and filled with stunning feats of grammar. Dude manages to do gymastics with grammar- so glorious. There's a reason his memoir turned the literary world on it's ear. So if you care about reading, (and you really should...this generation takes so little pride in our trailblazing authors) go read "A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius". Although if you care about reading, you've probably already read it. Sort of a Catch-22 right there. Oh! That reminds me: why, why, why are so many people like, proud that they don't read? Can someone explain this to me? Shouldn't that be really embarrassing? 

P.S.- It's late and I'm exhausted so forgive any nonsense, misspellings, etc. Have an amazing, uhh period of time until I next post, lovely humans!

P.P.P.- Some other great books by Dave Eggers: 
"You Shall Know Our Velocity" (fiction) 

"What is the What" (memoir he co-wrote with one of the Somalian Lost Boys) 

"How We Are Hungry" (fictional short stories- my favorites are "The Only Meaning of the Oil-Wet Water" and "What it Means When a Crowd In a Faraway Nation Takes a Soldier Representing Your Own Nation, Shoots Him, Drags Him From His Vehicle, and Then Mutilates Him In the Dust.")

He has also written so so many amazing stories AND found/promoted amazing yet unknown authors in his literary journal and on his website: http://www.mcsweeneys.net/tendency/


  1. i freakin love that romper, it's so perfect, and goes great with the shoes! love this look :)

    Fashion Bag 411

  2. I am officially in love with you.

    And frankly I think you are quite a gymnast with words yourself! I haven't read that book (oh for shame) but I totally will. (;

    Have fun on your trip - as I'm sure you will, what with that magnificent vintage romper of yours. (Yes, I am claiming it for you because your sweet, sparkly unicorn friend should totally give it to you now. <3)

  3. you can keep it in your closet for a while until I feel like being kelly taylor for the day:) i mean it's not like we don't share everything we own as is. i have a separate part of my closet that's yours. creepy? naaa.

  4. looking fab as always - I love borrowing clothes - its like a wardrobe re-vamp without the price tag! :)

    Have lots of fun on your trip



  5. i love the look, so cute and your shoes are amazinng! they match your hair so well hehe
    and loving the JC's too
    xx http://highwaiisted.blogspot.com

  6. Oooh that romper is soooo cute!!!! :D And I love the shoes! :D

  7. You are coming to NYC! You will loved it here, i am sure :)

    Great romper and those shoes. Nice!

    Still drooling over Casey's perfect cheeckbones.

  8. love that romper! and love your jewelry.
    haha i know right! those jackets are awesome. could probably do a similar DIY to and old denim jacket.

  9. I feel like no matter what type of mood I'm in I always find myself laughing or smiling once I'm finished reading your blog posts. So this trip better not take too long because I don't wanna find myself going through margaret withdrawals. I've also decided you should have a tv show of some sort.. think about, I think it would be a really genius idea. HAVE FUN IN NY LADY!

  10. so beautifull ! really nice dress :)

  11. have a great time in NY. You have to stop by the Century 21 department store in downtown Manhattan. Its a bit overwhelming but you can find the best deals there!

  12. Darling dearest, what can I say. I'm overwhelmed and relieved and just a little embarrassed that you got the Swedish wife of Joey's friend to translate the feature for you and that you liked it. I mean, normally I just write whatever I like about the featured blogger and hope that she'll never find out what it says. Haha. "justkiddingnotreally"
    I really did try to make your feature a good one since you're an absolutely brilliant person and I sort of want to move to Dallas and hang out with you and Joey and Casey. It's way harder to write about bloggers I really like and admire, it's so hard to do incredible people justice in only 1400 letters including spaces. Waaaay easier with bloggers that I don't desperately want to like me. Justkiddingnotreallyagain.

    Can't wait for you NYC posts, especially to hear more about the Phillips family who sooo sound like the type of people anyone would want to have over for dinner and drink way too much red wine and smoke cigarettes indoors.

    Have to say that you made me feel uncomfortably elitist when I thought "why in the world would she have to explain her blog post title? Like people don't read Dave Eggers?" Phew. I have to start hanging out with the Common People. Which, incidentally, is the song I always end up doing at karaoke.

  13. amazing jumper!

    a few places you should shop-
    tokio 7
    opening ceremony
    beacon's closet in williamsburg
    artists and flea in williamsburg

    also i know of a TON of restaurants/other shops that i can't seem to remember right now. is there anything in particular that you're looking for?



  14. Your shoes are amazing. I love that the romper is so innocent and is juxtaposed with the wildness of your hair in the wind! Cute!

  15. Hey, call-out to the SF lit scene! I lived in San Francisco for like 5 years and even tried to volunteer at 826 Valencia, where they looked at me, their faces drawn with disappointment, and informed me that they were OVERBOOKED for volunteers. Do you have a McSweeney's subscription? I do, and the Head-Box that came issue before last was FANTASTIC, and of course I've read all of the Eggers (obligatory California reading), and I've laughed while goats got rocked like a hurricane and cried while recent refugees were tied up at gunpoints in their first American apartments. And yeah, what is up with people being proud of their illiteracy? I follow, like, 50 teenage girls on Tumblr and sometimes they post their musings instead of pretty pictures and it is painful. It makes me worry about the youth of the supposedly developed world. I swear this popped up on my dashboard the other day: "IF U NO LYKE HIM U SHUDA NOT SPOKEN AT HIM SLUUUUTBAGZ GEEZ LOL." Charming.

    This is the longest comment ever. Sorry. In summation and closing: I love you and you are perfect and I am so bummed that our paths will not cross in New York.

  16. Love this whole outfit.

    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  17. Zeitoun! The best book ever about Katrina.
    This Egger's book is now required reading in some schools I admire.

  18. Mom's right, guys! (shaweli is my mom) "Zeitoun" is AMAZING. Eggers tells the story of this wonderful family who make the mistake of riding out Katrina, and end up paying the most unfair and ridiculously horrifying price imaginable. Remember that the story is completely true, then decide if George W. and his cronies weren't criminals.
    I had no idea it was required reading?? Certainly not in Texas!

  19. One of the guys in my class wrote as his farewell in the yearbook AND I QUOTE: 'Dnt go lame lyk an old lame person that reads books an stuff. Lol'. Wonderful... What an addition to society he's going to make. Definitely going to get hold of some of Eggers' books. Funnily enogh, I'm reading Catch-22 at the moment!

  20. your necklace is amazing. i love it. and so sweet that your friend is letting you borrow that romper :) xoxo

  21. you have a raaad blog, the way you accessorized this is mesmerizing. im also super jealous of your prada platforms. now following


  22. love your shoes theyre amazing - and your friendship bracelets i wear one on my wrist too xx

  23. ok-----i have to immediately comment back cause i just read that story you wrote me about the creeper woods and the cop thinking your husband (side note: i can't believe you are married?!?) was a fetish monster!!! hahahaha!!! toooooo good. and even better that this post has casey (your co-kidnap victim) in it!!! feel free to share an epic poem comment like that any time! hahahaa have an amaaaazing weekend darlin!!

    ashley <3


  24. aaaggghhh, those shoes! that romper! that jewellery!
    i want it all! fantastic x

  25. Great windy pictures! I was a a similar situation a few days ago...love your dress!

  26. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and thank you for your comment and visiting my blog so glad you did as I love your blog too.

    Love this outfit and your style rocks xoxo

  27. Amazing romper! And those shoes ahhhgggg GORGEOUS

  28. Love the shoes


  29. I love this style,love the you dress and high heels.your hair style is so amazing<3