Personal Style Icon #2: Casey Russell

Hi, So here I am creeping on the beautiful and hilarious Casey Maria Russell, my second real-life style icon. I kinda love how terrified she looks, like I'm some kind of white-haired ju-on chasing our heroine down a wooded path. Oh. And she's totally doomed. Or so says the legend of the ju-on (you know, "when someone dies in the grip of a powerful rage...blah blah blah").

This first outfit is sort of perfect, partially because it's adorable, but mainly since Casey is demonstrating her total weird-ass shark obsession. The T-shirt is printed with a giant shark jaw, and she's most definitely wearing three separate pieces of jewelry involving shark teeth. The giant tooth on that freaking amazing necklace is like, really real. She has this box filled with shark memorabilia, and once in a while she decides to let our super crafty mothers go nuts making rad shark flair. 
Story: So one time I'm telling Casey a really terrifying story in which Joey and I are on our honeymoon (Virgin Gorda) in this tippity tiny ocean kayak thingee, when suddenly Joey decides to jump out and like, wrestle this shark (tiny, but still!) to the shore so he can study it or some weird shit. I assumed she'd be as "Joey you're a lunatic" as I was, but he informs her that it was a lemon shark. She sort of nods soberly, like shark wrestling is perfectly natural or something, and the two of them use their best kindergarten-teacher voices to try convincing me that lemon sharks are safe as kittens. I wasn't buying it. But I was totally into the fact that this adorable little pixie girl is all shark frenzied. 
Oh, and her little green shorts are Seneca Rising. Just FYI, because I know you want them. 

I'm kinda bummed that you can't see her earrings or necklace all that well in these, since the blue feather earrings and blue rosary necklace Casey was wearing really popped against that watermelon shirt. So just use your imagination, and admire the perfect bells she tracked down. I think they're Hudson. 

We decided to go real high-class and just throw her outfits in a bucket and take the photos in this fairly isolated woodsy area. Because Casey and I share a fascination with all things morbid, we were all "What if someone like, dumped a body here?". Then this cop showed up and informed us that someone had, in fact, dumped a body there. A couple weeks ago. Bad timing.
The cop then made quite a conclusion jump and decided Joey had kidnapped us and was like, forcing us to pose for photos against our will. I assume you can imagine our difficulty explaining what exactly we were doing. Apparently the area is on "high alert" so after some harassment and a really goddamn odd warning about bobcats (?!) we were kicked out. Of the woods. I seriously doubt that's legal, but dude was squirrelly as hell (jittery hands, constant gun touching...) so we just went with it. 

But before our run-in with the law, we did manage some great photos of Casey in her super cute Free People eyelet dress. I'm totally creeping in the background again, but at least I look human. 

Since Casey is a petite little fairy, she can wear shirts like this stripey sailory piece as a mini dress. For that, I am jealous. 

So the above oxfords are basically awesome. Floral-print, sequined shoes totally work for me. Casey is really amazing at tracking down random/awesome/original things on the interwebz. Which is one of the many, many reasons why you should start checking out her new blog. Actually, she just updated- perfect timing: www.beautyandtheecstasy.blogspot.com
Maybe if you internet people follow her blog then she'll update more, and she's funny as hell (oh, and just about as long-winded as me...maybe that's a selling point?), so mosey on over there and check things out. Oh, and regarding the overlap between our respective wardrobes: that's just the way it is. We've got this perfect storm of mutual copying, borrowing, and accidentally buying the same things going on, then there's our shared love of piling on the accessories to the point of ridiculousness, so yep. 

Princess shoes: see above! Also, I totally went and bought those hot pink shorts she's wearing (J Crew, odd). Perfect example of the whole wardrobe overlap situation.

I was fairly sure that the twinsies photos were gonna turn out awkward. And they did, but this one has a certain charm. Because nothing is more charming than glaring at/silently judging...something?
So I am officially way too tired to do anything more than lie in bed and read this really entertaining/sad/morbid true crime book I've been into recently. Also, I feel like this post is gonna take up an entire blog page so I should probably wrap it up, eh? 
So there you are. Goodnight, people. Don't forget to head on over to Casey's little blog seedling (www.beautyandtheecstasy.blogspot.com). Her latest outfit post really is breathtakingly lovely.


  1. The wardrobe overlap sounds like me and my friend Ashley, we buy a lot of the same stuff. It happens. Both of you look fantastic in these. I love Casey's green shorts. And I love your bag.

  2. This is such a brilliant feature. So sweet. x hivenn

  3. You both looking beatiful! Like sisters...
    I love the white lace dress ^___^
    Love the bobcatsss! Or not..


  4. wow so beautiful!love it all:) xx

  5. Oooh! she has great style! Definitely going to check out her blog :D

  6. Begingin of this post i was hoping she had her own blog and there we go :) she has.
    She is really pretty. Those cheeckbones?? seriously.
    Love her style. You too are so fresh here in the "blogworld". Totally gonna follow her blog too!

  7. Excuse me little lady, these photos are now property of the Army Corps of Engineers. Actually because the Army Corps of Engineers is a public entity the property is actually public land, so technically I am unable to do anything to you because you cannot trespass on public land without proper signage. OH,I also cannot take possession of photos taken on public land of private citizens practicing their freedom to take pictures. So basically I have wasted 30 minutes of my taxpayer fueled salary to harass you. Now, if there are any nude shots in there, I will need those immediately.

    Oh, and your husband terrifies me even tho I've got the 9mm!

  8. gorgeous photos ! blond attitude :D <3

  9. OMG! laughed out loud Officer Joey P.

  10. You are both so cute! I also own those floral oxfords and love them. Your pics are beautifully totally freaky tho that that area is on high alert glad you all made it out safely~

    Fashion in the Fog: Guest Post at Along the Shore

  11. these pics came out great, too bad the fuzz ruined your good time.

  12. You both looked gorgeous! Amazing style youv'e got going on!

    Love Despite color

  13. This is amazing! I love her, and I actually don't think the twinsie shot looks strange at all. You just go together so well. And your getting-kicked-out-of-the-woods story is hilarious.

  14. I love the carefreeness in these photos. The outfits in the first photo, wow! The colours are amazing. Thanks for sharing the photos and drop by me too, soon.


  15. you both have such good styles and i have to say that i adore it very much!
    sort of similar hair and gorgeous style! pretty!


  16. wow she has great style, you both look very similar, even your styles, which is awesome!
    oh and i love your previous post, i just did a post titled 'jeepers creepers' about some that i'll be selling in my store soon..weird :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  17. Love these images! Shame you got kicked out of the woods (how strange!!) but the pictures you got are just stunning.


  18. oh how we would love to shoot our next lookbook of the two of you....are you in SoCal if so hit us is so that we can collab!