Ethan Starts College on Monday and I am LOSING IT. This Post Is All Kinds of Crazy.

Dress, Denim Shirt, Boots, Head Scarf, Necklaces, Slave Bracelet- vintage, Bag- littlest brother Griffen got it for me in Peru, Bracelets- bleghhh, blah blah blah if you have any questions just ask me in the comments, k?

How cool is that last photo? It kinda makes me nauseous...but pretty much everything makes me nauseous these days, so no surprise there. Every morning I open one eye, cautious, breath-held, praying (to whom?) that the fluid sloshing around in my ears isn't gonna result in another day/days/week spent lying on the couch, waiting for the world to stop spinning. 
Explanation: Lucky Ol' Margaret (oh, fuck off, I know referring to oneself in the third person is lame) has another odd illness!!! Technically, I've had the same illness since twenty. I've never mentioned this on the blog, because it is ostensibly a style blog of some sort, but I had a rare auto-immune disease called Guillain-Barre Syndrome, which involves years of recuperation/setbacks. Illness talk is never interesting and always depressing, so if you feel the need for details or a disgusting symptomatic rundown, wikipedia those three evil words. "Guillain-Barre Syndrome". SO. FUCKING. HORRIBLE.
Anyway, the random, ridiculous after-effects of GB linger for years, which sucks. Obviously. And it seems to hurt everything, and currently that thing is my inner ears. I'm sorta at the point where my mom has to accompany me on every doctor visit because all I hear is "bleghbleghbleghbleghhhh". So from what my mother has told me via my ear specialist, I have Labrynthitis. Which basically is just a huge excess of fluid sloshing around inside my ears. Apparently, this is normal for those lucky few who are sorta not really kinda hopefully recovering from an Autoimmune Disease. But if "normal" means having the spins way too often (you know, like when you're wayyy too drunk?), tripping/falling like a toddler, and wasting chunks of my life sprawled on the couch, then fuck normal. 
God, I sound angry. Like, Henry Rollins angry. 
I'm actually quite happy (like, Wayne Coyne happy) thanks to the FANTABULOUS TAYLOR CONZELMAN! Taylor (www.thingsonhangers.com), you made my day, week, month, whatever, with the amazing FACE BAG...plus some other really cool junk I would never have sold. 

Sorry for all the complaining, brother Ethan leaves for college on Monday and I'm starting to lose it. A bit. Or maybe a lot. Colorado is far away and Ethan is so independent and all I can do to keep from a full-on sobbing episode is remember that he will be perfect at whatever he decides to be perfect at- and you will know his name. If you're cool enough. 
Because here's the thing- Ethan, Griffen and I are a billion tiny feathers. You have no idea what's happened to us. We see colors like you hear jet planes.*

*That last part was...ehhh "modified plagiarism"? Sort of a mishmash of Dave Eggers book quotes that probably made sense to only me. 


    I start school on monday too! :( But i'm in my last year of high school so it's all good.

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  2. Love this and you have amazing hair too ;)


  3. I love your posts because they ramble on in a way that's totally coherent and interesting and I can only imagine that you talk in the same way you write, only much faster. Also, love love love the black lace dress. wow.

  4. that last photo is so sweet, and so is that colourful bag!

  5. It's tough when you feel like life is passing you by, but I'm sure this challenge is just another bridge to cross.

    Love you outfit today, especially the boots and scarf.

  6. Oh, you darling thing, I am so sorry to hear about your ailment! D: I hope all that dreadful fluid goes away soon! Oh the bright side, you look ridiculously cute. RIDICULOUSLY. I love that colorful scarf in your hair, it looks so pretty against the white. And the dress with the boots is adorable. Your tooth necklace is pretty freakin' awesome too. I hope you post about the face bag soon, I'm dying to see how you style it!


  7. Poor thing, I've heard of that illness, and it's a bitch! I hope the fluid thingy will pass! Rock on with your fab outfits and funny writing!

    xoxo Despite color

  8. I totally got the Dave Eggars thing, so at least it didn't fall on deaf ears. I Wikipediad Guillain-Barre Syndrome and my boyfriend caught me and asked what I was doing, to which I replied "Margaret Shaw has this", and he was like, "That girl whose blog you love?!" Then we read about it and went, "Shit." Intense. Then I figured that if I am creepy enough to read about your medical situation, I am creepy enough to do a giant blog post on you, so I kinda did...

  9. I saw Henry Rollins once at the Starbucks in Bham and I have to say... the man looks pretty good.

    I am glad you love the face bag/all the other goodies. I am in a bummed out mood too because my bff is moving 2 weeks before me and also because I watched that guy I told you about go home with his ex who apparently has a thing for JUGGALOS. Juggalos, Margaret. And my Isabel Marant necklace broke after one wear. Anyways... that sucks more about your ear fluid thing. I have been pretty lucky in the illness department but recently had a horrible eye allergy that knocked me on my ass for over a week. So I empathize... ear fluid sounds really not fun. Your hair looks awesome and that dress is so so so good.

    Oh and I just saw the email with your cat.... god. I can't handle how cute he is.

  10. WOW margaret, love your unique style. definitely a new follower!


  11. I most definitely googled your syndrome.. & that ma'am sounds like no fun. I'm hoping your ears feel better asapppppp! xoxoxo

  12. love your blog so much. i was about to ask where this bag is from then saw it's from peru, it's so beautiful!

  13. so sad to hear about your illnes. Hope you are doing better!

    Love your look!

  14. sorry to hear about your illness! how annoying :(

    Love this dress on you and all your bright accessories!

    Leeds Fashion Blog

  15. that's nothing! i have chronic verbal diarrhea!

  16. Guillain-Barre sucks big time, poor you. Hope you're feeling relatively more 'normal' soon.

  17. Margaret, I want to hear about all things involving your life so please talk away at all non-style related things to your heart's fancy. I have the same dilemma on my blog too. Anyways, I am so so sorry to hear about your disease! I wiki'd it and ahh..it sounds like a nightmare. I will send warm healing thoughts to you, my dear!

  18. you are the shit.
    following the hell out of you.

  19. Thanks for being so wonderful, all you wonderful people!

  20. This is an awesome look


  21. I wish my hair could be as blonde as yours. Let me rephrase that: I wish I wasn't too lazy so I could have your amazing hair color. Also, just thought you'd like to know, you have inspired me to cary around an old satchel (yes, I use the word satchel. Or Matchel, if you will) that I got in Mexico, all because of this post. Thanks for changing my life.

  22. I'm sorry to hear about your illness, that must be tough! And my brother'll be leaving for college next year, it'll be so strange... anyway, I love your dress and the scarf in your hair! Feel better soon!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  23. Wow, nice love your outfits! This was a great post. Hope you post more.