Hi, Daddy! Hi, Taylor! Hi, Entire State of Tennessee!

Shirt- My dad's practice shirt from college football, Belt- has sorta made the rounds within my friends and family to the point where I'm not even sure anymore, Shorts- LF, FACE BAG!!!- I snapped that shit up before Taylor had a chance to think twice (i.e. vintage that I bought from Taylor), Boots- exact same situation as the aforementioned, the light-up thing is a watch. That's how it tells time. I brought it back from my trip to the Space Age, Triforce Ring- Pamela Love, Cross Bracelet- Konstantino, cause I'm a fancy lady. Told you to stop reading this part. It's just gonna get apeshittier and apeshittier.

This post is weird. I'm gonna post again tonight anyway, so, outline format, take it away...

- Sorry the outfit is a bit boring. Joey and I were in the parking lot of our local "North Texas Attempts Some Kind of Independent Film Store, Fails", realized I was wearing the OfficialTaylorConzelmanOfThingsOnHangersLeatherSmotheringBag AND the OfficialTaylorConzelmanOfThingsOnHangersGrannyBoots, so decided to go ahead, try and minimize my increasingly David Bowie-esque face (Thanks, blahbleghblah, for causing the least flattering weight loss possible!), and show you people what you really want to see. Which would be the aforementioned Conzelman Smothering Bag. We're a morbid lot, aren't we? Speaking of morbid:
  - I lucked out on a perfectly preserved antique Victorian 
    Mourning Locket yesterday. Dead hair and all. 
  - I also got another one of those shiny dead beetle lucite 
    bracelets that creep my mom out so much!
    - See, sometimes I talk about shopping.
    - Still no fashion anywhere in this post, though. I think I 
      kinda dislike fashion. My style icons are Henry Rollins and 
      Brother Ethan. Female-wise...probably the angelic girl 
      who rang me up at Half-Price Books yesterday. And Riley 
      Deaver. But see, all those people are too busy being singer/
      poets, awesome hippie brothers, mysterious book pixies, and 
      amazing singer/dancer/actresses (god, Riley, is there 
      anything you can't do?) to care about "fashion".  I should 
      have thought through this last summer when I started a 
      blog and named it, uh, FASHIONlitter. I guess I just can't
      bring myself to find "icon-status" inspiration in someone 
      I don't even know. I shall make an exception for the late, 
      great Ruth Gordon, and a fictional literary character- 
      Daisy Miller. OH! And Madeline (the blogger, not the child
      who lived in the Plaza), and Taylor, and Stephanie...ok, if 
      I start naming blog-friends this could go on all day. But I 
      can't forget Casey Strawberry Freckleface. Or Langley Meek. 
      She isn't a blogger...more of a guru of all things. Fun 
      Fact: Langley Meek has two sisters, all three of them are 
      stunningly gorgeous. Joey likes to ponder that often- not 
      in a creepy way, more from a genetic standpoint.
      - I was silly not to name this blog something more 
        creative, like my cousin, Sarah, who just started a tumblr     
        - You should visit my cousin Sarah's tumblr.
        - She is that beautiful pin-up badass I featured. The 
          Zelda Fitzgerald genius Alabama native, remember?

Ok, my outline got all bonkers, and I only have a couple more things to say. 
First: just thought of a few more style icons, and I happened to notice that, once again, there's no Pixie Geldof-esque blahblahs to be found (but let's be honest and ask ourselves why, exactly, Pixie $ Geldof $ is $ a $ fashion $ icon...$$??). There's Travis Jennings Brown, who already sounds like a Hemingway-esque author (if you think I'm referring to Dree Hemingway, then I will seriously block you from my blog), but isn't quite yet. He will be our generation's Hemingway, though, and I shall supplicate at his feet. Maybe he'll let me write a rambling intro or some shit when they do his biography. I could talk about that one of those Den of Iniquity weekends. I promise there will be Simon, and Garfunkel, and naked night swimming. There might be some illicit substances, but then again, maybe we were all straight arrows. I guess you'll find out in fifty years when I write this intro. 
Last but not Least: did you know my daddy was like, a super serious football player? Fascinating factoid, eh? He played Center (?) for the Dallas Cowboys. That's why I live here. Seriously. If he'd been drafted by the Green Bay Packers, well, I'd be me, but in Green Bay. Which I imagine involves a shit-ton of turtlenecks and very little barefoot time. that scares me. 

That was basically ALL tangent. I sounded like an annoying person who took speed. And made about as much sense. Forgive me, I'm doing about five things at once. And I'm not gonna proofread (eeep!). Publish.


  1. Reading you is like reading a subcultured literary minded person who took speed. And THAT is a good thing.

  2. I love those shorts!! :D
    Haha, I love reading your crazy posts :)

  3. aweesomeee, i love your shorts xx

  4. love love love that bag... damn!

    my style icons are characters in books and movies... so i totally feel ya on that tip. great post.

  5. whoa, okay a lot of tangents but thats cool. I cant seem to get the Victorian Mourning Locket complete with dead hair out of my brain..where did you score this

  6. -i don't really have a style 'icon' either. it used to be karen o but wearing a metallic leotard almost everyday only gets you so far. i think naming someone as one of my icons would only make them so much more out of reach and make me see the huge differences between us.
    -i LOVE dead lucite bug things. my friend had some beetle plugs i always admired.
    -your outfit isn't boring, it never is! i love the orange and the lace shorts with the pom poms are perfect. also, can i have your belt, it's awesome.

  7. BORING?!?! Hardly! You could never look boring. You have cute boots, a badass spiked bracelet, and a delightfully morbid bag. I've been so excited to see that bag, and it's even creepier than I expected. It really looks like someone's smothering! Horrible, I know, but I'm pretty morbid myself. I am that freaky girl that has a skeleton wearing lipstick on her wall and a jewelry box that acts as a sarcophagus to hold her mummified dead black widow spider pet. Oh goodness, I hope I'm not scaring you away! Anyway, I love your tangents. I would be disappointed if you stopped going off on a billion different subjects in one post. You totally crack me up, every time.


  8. You are so nice! The bag is just as perfect as it was when I first saw it on Taylor's blog. I'm so glad it ended up in your hands. Also, I love your fascination with eerie macabre jewelry. And, and, and! My boyfriend and his friends always tell me that I look like David Bowie. Great faces, the three of us!

  9. Dude!!! My grandaddy was super srs bsns football player too, but he played for Harvard. Crazy, our coincidences. Yeah... I feel the same way as you mostly, I could not give less of a fuck about fashion and the reason I rarely have photos is because I am usually wearing cutoff shorts and a t shirt/no make up/some boots or gross sandals or sneakers and I don't think people want to see me wearing the same variation of boring BS every day and also they would be disgusted if they REALLY knew how little I was my hair.

    I think the only legit "style icon" that I have is probably Sharon Tate. I'm kind of obsessed with her. Oh and I feel you on the not feeling Pixie Geldof. I don't really care for that neon hipster I-just-left-an-MGMT-show look.

    I am glad you love my stuff! I will be moving next week to somewhere with even better thrifting, so I will of course keep my eyes open for you. But I don't have anything for you right now unless you want a pair of Dsquared aviators (no, you don't). Oh, and GIVE ME THE WEED BELT.

  10. what midgy fails to mention in this post is how she hit me with that book! like some kind of goddamn madwomen!

  11. i was a goddam MADWOMAN. If you're gonna tell everyone about my secret issue with spousal abuse, you can at least use the word correctly. I am a MADWOMAN. Actually- MADWOMYN, we're all feminists here, eh?

  12. I am sorry to say that the first thing that popped up into my head was...Debbie Does Dallas. But lord, if Dallas means less time layering up in sweaters and socks, then hell2tha'yes. I'd move there in a millisec.

    Shorts are killer, bag is awesome/insane, and I can't think of much that tops a lucite bug bracelet. Got a few of those myself.

    ps. Big fan of the outline list posts. Maybe i'll Margaret-style write a post like that soon. It's so hard to think of full sentences, sometimes. So much easier. Who has time for full thoughts, anyway?

    strawberry freckleface

  13. Awesome post :) I love the bag and the belt!





  15. Need the shorts and that creepy-as-fuck bag!
    I like the structure, we all seem to understand it anyways.
    Pixie Geldof is gross.

  16. Ok, I've just fell in love with you, your style and your Nirvana t-shirt!

    so following this blog!


  17. AAAhhh...

    i love your style!
    i'm making a post about you on my blog!!! (http://theseshirtsarerad.blogspot.com/)

  18. That bag is creepy... yet amazing! Great style!

    London Last Night

  19. Cool outfit!


  20. I love those shorty shorts! Your outfits are not booorrrrinnnggg at all. I find them Fun!

    Fashion in the Fog: Out with the Old in with the New

  21. amazing blog! i'm so in love with your style!

  22. those shorts look great on you.

    wish I had long legs to pair with cloths like this. you look amazing.


  23. So good looking! I love your blog! My favourite*


  24. oh how i like this outfit combo. esp. the bright yellow with the soft lace. and what a pair of nice boots you got there.x

  25. I. Love. This. Blog. Seriously, it's awesome. And the outline format is very organized and concise! xx

  26. i love your style !

    you have a new follower :)


  27. Love your Shorts <3


  28. without wanting to sound like a crazy, obsessed stalker - i love you.
    and this belt is the perfect accessory.

  29. Nice outfit!


  30. Love the shorts!!! so cute!!

  31. Your rock! You rock the entire tennessee love your outfit. :)

    Mens watch @suitauthority.com

  32. Love your outfit and and your hair is cool!!

    Queen Of The Sheep

  33. love those shorts!


  34. Ah those boots and that watch!
    Those are great!

  35. I love your style!!!


  36. a weep. this face bag! WAAAH! truly amazing style and blog! <33


  37. Nice outfit and hair. I want that shorts and face bag, so cool.

    granton world