Junkyard Saturday

Open Knit Sweater- BCBG, Grey Cutoffs- I forgot, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Scarf- Anthro

Joey and I went to this incredible junkyard sort of area near our apartment today in order to take some photos for a new header (I like how it turned out, actually), and here are some outtakes from our little Saturday adventure. So this isn't really a style post or anything- although I am all kinds of obsessed with the lattice-knit sweater I am wearing. I actually never shop at BCBG, but they were having one of those overly complicated "sales" where you end up suspecting there is very little actual savings in the end. The salesgirls were amazing- they managed to compliment basically everything I was wearing, figure out what I was looking for, and steer me into a fitting room filled with merchandise within about thirty seconds. After feeling rather bemused for a moment, I zeroed in on this sweater and a great camel/grey striped t-shirt. Anyway, I just got home from work and Netflix is calling my name. I think tomorrow I will finally do my Ode To Karen Elson post which I have been putting off all week. You are dying of anticipation, I know. By the way, the shadow on my lips in the last photo is convincing me that I could try black lipstick. Talk me out of it, alright? Thanks. Because there is no way that wouldn't be the Makeup Debacle Of the Century.


  1. you look great, the images came out perfect. The scenery has a artistic vibe (:

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  2. Great outfit!
    I seriously love the boots!

  3. I lOVE your blog Marg!! Remeber the xangas we had freshmen year haha? You look sooo beautiful and I love how you said in an old post that you think Audrey Hepburn is over-rated- I have always thought that haha!

  4. Jevans!!!! I miss you. BTW I bet those awesome xangas are still floating around out there somewhere...

  5. this is a great post!thanks heaps for your comment :) & i shall follow you back!x