The Ghost Who Walks

 Oversized Sweater- BCBG, Grey Infinity Scarf- Wilfred (Aritzia), Black Quilted Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Taupe Suede Litas- Jeffrey Campbell

So I definitely didn't update at all over Thanksgiving week, but I did drink a lot of boiled custard (a magical beverage indigenous to Tennessee which is basically just melted vanilla ice cream in a jug of joy), watch a lot of amazing Direct TV On Demand, and spend a lot of time with my lovely family-in-law. Franklin, Tennessee is seriously the coziest, calmest place on earth- the quaalude of locales, if you will. Anyway, these are some of the photos my amazingly talented photographer friend, Courtney Teesdale, took last weekend. I thought this was an appropriate outfit to post, because I wore this sweater every single day last week (along with black jeggings and disturbingly unwashed hair). Oh, so I have some seriously sad news to relate- Karen Elson's vintage store in Franklin, Venus and Mars, is no more. Joey and I went there the day before Thanksgiving anticipating another afternoon sifting through the beautifully edited collection, but there was a sign on the door saying they are closing (after a 70% off everything sale which is happening today while I sit on my couch in Dallas) for reasons I cannot fathom. I know how dramatic I sound, but Venus and Mars was just so so good. My cat just planted himself in front of the keyboard and is now staring intently into my eyes which means it's his dinnertime, so good evening, all.


  1. Wow amazing pics!
    I love them piece by piece!
    You look so stunning :)

    Great look and great post ^^

  2. I want that sweater. I was at Neiman's this weekend, and I saw the skirt version, in brown leather, of those shorts. It was pretty, but it just made me really want to see what those shorts look like in person.

  3. My dog sits in front of my computer all the time! Anyway, sorry your vintage store shut down:( The good ones are hard to come by. Love your look, the scarf is great...and btw...how did you climb that tree in those heels girl?! xo

  4. I love these photos! You look great :D
    That stinks about the store closing :(

  5. These pics are INSANE!! Good that is. And girl were you freezing your brains out??

  6. Yes, I did climb the tree in the heels, I am an amazing tree climber since about age 5...
    And one of the odd things about Dallas is it can be freezing one day and sweltering the next, it wasn't cold at all when we took the pictures : )

  7. Great photos too, amazing litas! <3

  8. oh no I cant believe the store is closing?!?! I was planning on heading to Venus and Mars when I visited some friends in Nashville, thats a bummer and a half

  9. i'm glad you stumbled onto my blog, cause i'm really glad it brought me to yours. lovely photos, i'm totally following.

  10. OMG!! Gorgeous photos!! Especially the 1st one,u look absolutely stunning!! Love ur sweater..

  11. Thanks for the sweet words, Margaret! You should totally get the glitter Litas! You would totally rock them. I wonder what your husband will nickname them... maybe, "disco party antler boots" or something! Hehehe.

    In case you do want them, ShopNastyGal.com JUST go them in, so you better grab them before they're sold out!

    Love the way you've been styling your Taupe Litas! I really want those too... hopefully soon. Hehe. ;)

  12. gorgeous photos girl! that sweater is amazing. looks super comfy!



  13. these pictures are really nice, and I like your writing style.
    http://mcqueenismymorphine.blogspot.com/ :)

  14. I forgot to tell you that her shop was noted as one of the best vintage shop's in the USA in the new Vogue/ Best Dressed issue. Weird its closing??? I'll bring the issue in tomorrow

  15. Wow, great pictures.
    I'm truly in love with Jeffrey Campbell Litas... Not long till Christmas and hopeful I'll get my mitts on a pair!