I suppose this is where the "litter" part becomes relevant...

Downside regarding the Litas: looking like a giant in photos with your two omg bffs 4lyfe. I wish I could blame the enormity of my head and extreme paleness on the boots, but that might be pushing it. Anyway, there is absolutely no central theme tying together the photos I just posted, so let's just be huge nerds and title it "a litter of inspiration" or some other blog name-derived corniness. The second pic is one of my favorite men (he was a bridesmaid in my wedding, teehee) dressed adorably, as usual. His name is Travis, and yes he is always that dapper. Next we have another breathtaking Sofia Ajram photo. Never have I seen one of her photographs without wanting to blow it up and hang it on every wall in our apartment. The Peruvian bag is self-explanatory (i.e. awesome), followed by (I am starting to sound like a tour guide, sorry) a beautiful Alison Scarpula photo. Lastly, I somehow managed to just now come across the blog froufrouu, and am completely floored by how perfect every single one of her looks are. This was one of my favorites. Perfect. 
On another note, I have been so unbelievably sick all day. Until about an hour ago, I couldn't even sit up without vomiting. You really needed to hear that, I know. Actually, one of my peeves is when people ramble on about how sick they are (unless their illness is mysterious or exotic, that's always interesting), but it bothers me even more when the inevitable dream-describing begins. I have found that illness-ramblers are always inveterate dream-describers. My husband is one. I have learned to cut him off at "I had the weirdest dream last night...". 

pics- Joey, Sofia Ajram, christeric blog, thehiddenpeople, froufrouu blog


  1. those are all amazing pics! that bag is pretty awesome too...oh and i love froufrou's blog, she's got such amazing style and her photos are just so artistic!

    Fashion Bag 411

  2. beautifull post! i'm new on blogger and from now i'm your follower :) if you want to follow me this is the url : http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com/ xoxo

  3. I'm thrilled I finally made it on Fashion Litter. But you could have at least referred to me as a bridesman.

    And holy crap, that printed bag. Want.

  5. Amazing pictures!! Your scarf os really cool!



  6. wonderful post!
    I'd like you follow me! ^^ I wait you!

  7. wow great photos!you are awesome!! <3 :)

  8. i love these photos! a great litter indeed. : )

    and gorgeous nailpolish in the first picture. do you mind my asking what brand/color it is?

    thanks for your sweet comment on fashionhash! i love a good flannel, as well.

    i'm your newest follower! can't wait for your next post.



  9. I.love.the.nail.polish.

    Just to name ONE thing I love about this post but I could gush for days.



  10. As much as your writing is weird it is fascinating even more so. And that is probably very grammatically incorrect but I hope it gets the message across. It is indeed a wonderful litter and I hope you come up with more in the future as I hope to frequent this blog quite often.

    Shall we keep in touch....what do you think?

    From Toronto, Canada

  11. Fab pictures, loving the jewellery!! ☺ p.s I'm a new blogger so I just have to say nice to meet you in the Blogging world haha :) x

  12. christeric and froufrouu are AWESOME . high five .