Sparkly Bits

Bustier Top- Wilfred (Aritzia), Skirt- American Apparel, Platform Sandals- Topshop, Shawl- Vintage, Necklace- Free People, Peace Ring and Sweetheart Bracelet- Vintage, Wooden Bead Bracelets- Aldo

I am super beyond excited about the pictured sandals- they are a bitch to walk in, but fulfill my Celine knockoff wooden platform (flatform?) needs quite well. So thanks, Topshop. Maybe it took about two years for them to finally reach my doorstep, but I've dealt with their website enough to realize "priority mail" is actually Topshop code for "carrier pigeon". The bustier top from good ol' Aritzia (my lovely employer) has a rather curious way of making my boobs look huge- I am really not used to seeing, like, cleavage and all that jazz in photos of myself. Interesting optical illusion.
Does anyone else feel like everything in their closet is suddenly irrelevant? The complete sea change that seems to have occurred this spring has me jonesing for basically the opposite of everything I own. I need multiple pleated knee-length skirts (in pastels) immediately. Oh, and while I don't particularly respect Erin Wasson (yes, this is a mortal sin- prepare the firing squad- but don't forget her quotable quote about the "amazing style" of homeless people), I would do some shameful things for the leopard print maxi skirt she is wearing in that one photo circling the blogosphere. So, basically I need some longer skirts. And more crochet shit. And lots of white and lace and lovely florals. Oh and pretty blue things- really any shade will do. 
Happy almost Friday- it's time for me and Joey to watch an illegally downloaded version of that new Liam Neeson movie (Unknown), which doesn't even look that great. So if a SWAT team busts through our door and arrests us for this one then I'll be pissed. If we're gonna get in trouble over something as silly as downloading bootlegs, it better be for a quality film like L'Avventura or Buffalo 66. 
That was quite a digression. Sorry. Sort of.  


  1. the lighting is gorgeous in these pics! as are you :)
    and i need to get my hands on some more maxi styles-although short people tend to not look as good in them (ahem, me) ha ha

  2. your bustier and skirt are perfect for each other.
    loving the platform so much. topshop always supplies beautiful pairs!


  3. You look like the spring-fairy. You know, the one that ushers in warm weather and blue skies and dresses in bare shoulders and creamy billowy feminine clothes in sheer pastels. These photos are awesome quality, the belong in a catalog for UO (or something more indie, less mainstream but along those same urban lines).
    I love this and i want every piece, even if the shoes are completely impractical.

  4. wow i absolutely love this outfit and these pictures! they are so romantic and beautiful with the soft gold and peachy tones...i love the corset top and the flowy skirt too! i am obsessed with maxi skirts too at the moment, can't get enough of them!
    oh and me and my bf download movies all the time..but shh! don't tell anyone :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  5. Oooh I love this outfit! You look amazing!!!
    and uh oh...hopefully the SWAT team doesn't come ;)

  6. Yup, Unknown was garbage!

  7. I hope the swat team didn't burst trough your door :)

    I am in love with those shoes. I am searching similar ones. Thinking of getting the jeffrey campbell ones http://www.solestruck.com/jeffrey-campbell-douma-tan-leather/index.html

    Great outfot all over!

  8. Well, I think you look fan-freaking-tastic. I want that skirt. Badly.

  9. I love those shoes they are super cool looking. Your whole outfit looks great!

  10. i love the color combo going on in this outfit and that bustier is awesome, I do not know if I would feel comfortable wearing it but you do look great in it. I hope the feds didnt bust up your movie party

  11. I adore this outfit, the light pink shade is one of my favorites! I could literally wear it every day and be happy. And yes! My wardrobe is driving me insane! Then again, I feel like it's always driving me insane probably because I see way too many beautiful outfits out there and wish that they were mine! But, it is what it is.

  12. 1. "Flatform" = amazing name!
    2. Good call on the Erin Wasson thing! I hadn't heard about that (which is just another example of how screwed up people can be -- why did nobody talk about it?), so it's good to reiterate that people should not be allowed to get away with ignorant comments. Yeah Erin Wasson, that's really sensitive of you: use your buh-jillion dollars to buy clothing that emulates the forced aesthetic of persons for whom life would be dramatically different with the money you spent on one dress.
    3. I can't believe that necklace is Free People! Very nice.

  13. Totally with you on the 180 turn around my closet needs to take in order to be relevant again. Damn fickle fashion. www.thewardrobediaries.com

  14. These colors looks so beautiful on you! I feel like I can never pull off light colors because of my pale skin! At any rate, I like the edgy boho feel of this shoot. Double bonus, the wedge clog/platform Topshop heels are just what I have been looking for! I want a pair.

  15. I love these colors on you...and that shawl is to die for.

    strawberry freckleface

  16. oh my god, this outfit is beyond beautiful, the colours go so well together! one of my favourite outfits i've seen for a while :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  17. I love the mix of nudes,peaches, and browns. Gorgeous look.