Silk Dot Top- Talula Babaton (Aritzia), Quilted Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cardigan- Wilfred, Zoe Boots- Sam Edelman, Beetle Necklace- Mad Art Jewelry (Etsy), Square Cuff- Fallon, Other Silver Bracelets- Vintage, "Gnarly" Cuff- BCBGeneration, Armor Ring- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

Well I certainly haven't posted much (i.e. at all) this past week. So if you were on the edge of your seat, sorry about that. My eyebrows are still not bleached- I missed my hair appointment, which was supremely stupid, because my roots are getting noticeably bad. Sadly, in a greasy icky way not a cool Debbie Harry way. 
Anywho, the Pamela Love triangle ring (most obvious in the first photo) that Joey got me for Valentine's Day is my new favorite piece of jewelry, even though it's about as uncomfortable as it looks. I keep jabbing myself with the points at inopportune times. Definitely worth suffering for, though. I love how the photo makes me look as if I'm setting some kind of magic spell with it. Judging from that scary angry deep-set eye, the spell is probably bad. I just turned you into a toad. Or something.
I'm having trouble focusing on writing this, because Joey has the "Funny or Die" Show from HBO on in the background. I really didn't expect it to be so hilarious. Highly recommended. 
Wellll that's all she wrote, except I do feel the need to credit Oracle Fox for the arms-behind-the-neck pose. It really works for the purpose of showing off the back of something plus all one's hand jewelry, and I just blatantly ripped her off with that. Mandy Shadforth, you are one talented lady. Haaa that rhymed, sort of almost. 
Lovely weekend, all! 


  1. Wow this outfit is just great!
    I love the leather shorts,
    the weapons on the vest, and especially all of you jewelry!
    The title fits perfectly, in this outfit it's all about the details ^^

  2. great outfit, i love your shorts!

  3. amazing jewellery... so good!

  4. Oh you lucky girl have those shorts!

  5. You know, the thing about the roots is that if they get long enough, it comes full circle to being socially acceptable again. Mine got so long that people just assumed I was going for an ombre look.

    Also, Phillip Lim is a genius and those shorts are fan-mazing.


  6. I wish I could have the same cardigan and Gnarly cuff... where did u find it?
    I really like Mandy too


  7. I want that ring, but I'm damn near positive I would poke my own eye out or something. I'm a severe clutz. Also, you should probably watch Dreamcatcher on Netflix if you haven't already, it's the worst, cheesiest horror movie ever and I can't believe I'm telling you to watch it but I think you would enjoy the campiness.

  8. blogging while watching hilarious program is very distracting. haha.
    loving your polkadots top so much!
    and speechless about phillip lim 3.1 shorts.
    everybody likes it!


  9. you top is adorable but your accessories are my favorite. they are so gorgeous!!
    anyway, please check out my blog, I've got an award for you ^_^

  10. Really digging your sytle... I'm just staring out on my blog. Check me out


  11. Frickin' amazing jewelry and those shorts!!!!

  12. Every piece of this outfit is amazing!! I love that ring, and the shorts, and jacket a lot...ok again i want everything from your look

  13. I looove it :))



  14. Hi Lady! Thanks so much for the comment, I'm so flattered because you have the best style (and hair, and jewelry)!!!!! I am in love with your gun cardi and this AH-MAZING beattle-watch necklace. I am so obsessed with bug jewelry, this one is one of the best pieces I have seen in a very long, long time. I need to stop by the etsy shop. Thanks again for the comment and the follows, your totally the first giveaway entry. I look forward to being blog friends and following your posts. xoxoxxo! FOLLOWING FOR SURE!

  15. thanks for your comment as well...DEF going to be following/stalking your blog now :-) its actually funny because i came across it a couple months ago and fell in love with it and somehow i couldn't remember the name of it because i was too focused on your amazing outfit posts! but i just re-found it the other day and was sooo happy! hehe
    you always have the best accessorized hands! ahh and that beetle necklace is to die for!!!

  16. I love that sweater and your jewelry is amazing!! I really like your style :)

  17. LOVE your accessories...I have been MIA this week too...it happens.