Sad Day In Shoe Land

Dress- Darling (ASOS), Vest- BCBGeneration, Platforms- Topshop, Dried Flower Necklace- BCBGeneration, Agate Cuff- Coldwater Creek (yep), Square Cuff- Fallon, Other Bracelets and Turquoise Ring- Vintage, Armor Ring- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

So I'm thinking maybe it's getting kinda redundant to list every last thing I'm wearing in all my posts. Like, there's no way anyone is actually reading my super lengthy rundown of every single piece of jewelry within a five-mile radius. Basically, I'm gonna start listing only what's essential or new. I doubt you are jonesing to hear (again and again) that my armor ring is, in fact, still from Free People. I half expect myself to start telling you where my panties are from, then like crediting Mother Earth for the grass I'm standing on.
Oh, the platforms pictured above freaking fell apart this afternoon. Actually, they had already broken (the suede ripped out of the instep) when we took these photos- I kept tripping while walking through the grass, which was really only a preface for the ginormous fall that ultimately ruined my shoesies. Thanks, Topshop- they lasted three whole days. 
I am tired and hungry and some quesadillas are calling my name, so it's time to settle in with a super crappy movie. Joey and I watch so many that we've run out of actual quality films, and are reduced to choosing based on camp value. 
One last thing- it was inconceivably windy this afternoon, hence the rather ridiculous (third from bottom) "ohmygod what the hell is happening here" photo. Maybe my roots have just gotten so long that they're taking on a life of their own. 


  1. SUCKS your shoes broke. lovely dress.

  2. you look so cute!
    i love your ecriu dress!

  3. love this outfit and love the shoes! haha i like the windy hair photo, it adds a bit of playfulness :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  4. Wow what a lovely dress this is!

  5. this is gorgeous! i love your dress and shoes. sucks about the platforms falling apart though!

  6. Love this outfit!
    and OH NO!! you should totally take them to Topshop and yell at them...or email customer service! :(

  7. I love your look. This is flawless.


  8. Very cute. The vest... gotta have it :-)

  9. RE: shoes breaking
    damn that overseas manufacturing

    RE: super crappy movies
    story of my life. It's so bad that now I'm actually picking the crappiest movies I can find and trying to see how long I last. It's a nice exercise in patience if nothing else.

  10. Wow I can't believe they only lasted 3 days! Never buying shoes from Top Shop... lovely outfit! I need a jean vest in my life.

  11. We ARE twins. First the denim vest, then the shoe malfunction: my brand new JCs are all toe-scuffed and terrible-looking after ten minutes of wear because I apparently walk like I'm being dragged.

    I love this outfit, PS. It's like Bad Girl Texas.

  12. The photos are incredible, really love your rings too. The outfit is made so much more interesting with shoes, gorgeous! Thanks for the really sweet comment, new post up :)

  13. That really sucks with the shoes. Topshop has been a bit off with the quality lately.

    But that dress you wear here is the cutest.

  14. Ugh, I hate when an item falls apart so quickly. I have a love/hate relationship with fast-fashion items (I buy a lot of F21 clothing)- you can't beat the low (wallet-friendly) prices, but you have to love those items while you can because they aren't made to withstand the test of time (or multiple washes/wears). Those sandals were so cute, it's such a shame.
    on the bright side, they went out with a bang as part of a really great outfit. The setting is the perfect compliment to the mood of the ensemble. and I wouldn't worry about listing the rings, if people are interested they can just ask, right?

  15. WTF, that is weird that those shoes broke. I have 2 pairs from Topshop and they're both in perfect condish. Wow, can't believe I used that word. I must be delirious from lack of sleep. HA. Anyway, I want to steal that crystal ring right off your hand. And maybe methodically listing out the jewelry is a good idea for new readers to see? IDK. Last photo is pretty.

  16. Sorry about the shoes but at least you've got that fab denim vest to make up for their loss ;)

  17. it's funny because I think the 3rd photo from the bottom is my fave :)
    such a sweet outfit!

  18. Why can't we live in the same town so we can be stylish bff..i love your girly look.

  19. hello margaret!

    I just fell over your blog and I love it! I linked you on my blog, hope that's ok :)

  20. what a lovely look!

    just like a rock princess or something, only milder <3
    I love your hair :)

    la petit poucet

  21. me encanta el chaleco, las fotos son una pasada!!


  22. great outfit and your photos are just gorgeous! lol, i know all about the wind, i've had quite a few funny posts myself where the wind came into play :)

    so sorry to hear about the shoes, you'd think they'd last longer being from a well known respected brand. hope you get another pair, they're really cute!

    Beneath the Glass

  23. This is why we can't have nice things...lol!

  24. this is a great post,photos and the outfits,everything :))

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