Creepy Creepers

Cropped Shirt- Pixie Market, Shorts- Vintage 501 cutoffs, Shoesies- Storets, Bag- Marc Jacobs, Earrings- Urban Outfitters, the usual flair

Eeeep! My wacky Prada creeper-esque knockoffs came in the mail this morning! They are completely perfect and I am seriously ordering the brown ones immediately. Joey took these photos on our way to grab dinner and I kinda wish I'd had a chance to put together an outfit that does these babies justice. Instead you get to see the most random shirt I own. I'm not completely sure why I felt that a T printed with a giant greeting was necessary enough to bother ordering.
Oh. Sorry about the butt photo. And the beer that sort of sneaks it's way in to a couple of these pictures. I guess this post is sort of the opposite of yesterday's post. 
I really only feel like blathering about one topic at the moment: who the hell cares about the goddamn royal wedding? I know we're all supposed to think William is this gorgeous dashing prince (ew.) and Kate (excuse me, KATHERINE) is someone other than the biggest social climber ever. I also know that I'm supposed to care very, very deeply about whatever the hell she decides to wear for the goddamn royal wedding. Guess what? I don't. Kate Middleton gives me the creeps. Oh, and she's got terrible taste.  
King George III lost the colonies partially because he had gone completely batshit crazy. Seriously. We might still be a British colony if ol' George wasn't too busy running around naked. I know things are different now and modern royals have almost nothing to do with actual politics. BUT. the British people still pay for all the stupid pomp and circumstance and junk with their taxes. They own this wedding and they aren't even invited. I feel like a Sex Pistol right now, but whatever. The only royal worth anything was Princess Diana- and if you look at the horrified expression on her face throughout most of her wedding to Charles, it's fairly obvious she didn't even want to be one of them. Cause they're probably pretty shitty people. Scratch the probably. Prince Harry wore a full Nazi uniform to a Halloween party a few years ago: they are most definitely shitty people. 
The US may not be anywhere near perfect, but at least we are completely free of people like Camilla Parker Bowles and her icky man-child of a husband. 
Don't yell at me in the comments. This is my opinion and you will not change it. If you feel that strongly, then spend your "yelling in the comments" time buying those hideous commemorative plates. 


This speaks for itself.


  1. I agree! and I'm British. Today is the big day and I'm gonna hole myself up in the library because I would rather do well on my exams than waste my time watching that pointless charade. It actually disgusts me.

    p.s. awesome shoes.

  2. cute look!!! love the shoes!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

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  4. I am so with you with the royals..
    Those creepers are perfect! somehow my computer wont let me go to the storets website! oh, whyyyyyyy!

  5. Love this so much! *those shoes*


  6. Haha love that shirt!
    and :p I am guilty of being obsessed with the wedding and I love Will and Kate XD Shame on me for being un-American, but whatever...haha..

  7. absolutely great outfit love it so much <3

  8. Your shoes do remind me of bit of what Baby Spice would have worn in the 90s :)

  9. hannn your shoes <3 love the accessories too :) and t shirt, andddd..

    ALL ^^I love all your style actually ^^

  10. I think the outfit works well the shoes though! You look laid back and fun, and the beer just makes the post even better! Happy Friday;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  11. OMGGG this is perfect love it!!xx

  12. such a fun loving post!! and i def agree with mimi-the beer ads a lil something extra to the pics ;) ha ha
    loving the new shoes!!

  13. Flyyyyyyest kicks. They look so good on you. And don't think differently of me but...your booty is AWESOME. I aspire to have a booty like you. Mine is hardly there. Dumb thing.

    Love your outfit, as usual. Glad you got the shoes. Now I want them.

    strawberry freckleface

  14. Man, you have the most perfect legs EVER. And I love that you are drinking a BUD LIGHT. Hahaha, so damn southern. Some guy tonight told me that I looked like "British royalty" (it was at a gay bar so I couldn't be too offended). Screw the royal wedding. I'm so sick of hearing about it, I really couldn't be made to care. The creepers were a great buy and you should get them in brown. Come to fashion week. Do it. It will be the most fun week ever. I'm also going in July.

  15. 1. Love your look. The shoes are insanely cool!
    2. That photo of Kate, PERFECT!! And so true ;)

    XO Charlotte

  16. You're gorgeous, I absolutely love you hair and style ! :)

    Kisses from Poland ;>

  17. Those pics look gorgeous, love the shirt and the creepers! And the last pic is just true!

    Virginie/ Couture & DIY

  18. What a nice outfit and hair, love the t-shirt.

    Hugs from:

  19. Bahahaha -- the "Kate" thing is hilarious. The 15-year old punk rock kid in me found myself nodding in voracious agreement at this part of your talky: "They own this wedding and they aren't even invited." TRU DAT. This post has just cemented my newfound love of screen-printed tee shirts. I never thought it would be true, but I'm kind of in love with them...

  20. YOUR PRADASSSSSS. ah can't believe you got em.

  21. Hahaha totally agree with you about the british royalty..(bullshit) I think they are just a turist atraction but what a shame that all british are paying for their parties, travel, food...Love your shoes btw :D

  22. u look gorgeous! love your hair!

    xx, Sabinna and David


  23. I really love this outfit! I'm not a fan of creepers, but they look good on you :)

  24. amazing blod dear! loved these photos <3

    check out my profile if you have time!

  25. and this is precisely why we are friends :)

    I'm going to be in Dallas the 8th-12th before I move to Chicago. FYI


  26. 1. I loveee your new whiter than white hair.
    2. I'm going to live vicariously through your new creepers because I'm obsessed. I'm trying so hard not to break into my savings to buy the brown ones.

  27. Margaret! Your blog is absolutely amazing, i'm definitely keeping an eye on you from now on ;) Your style is effortless and I'm totally in love with your hair! it's crazy and out of this world.

    much love! xx

  28. ok so i love you for so many reasons: 1. that you have the hair color that i have been trying to achieve (but have failed and given up on) literally my whole life. 2. you are drinking a bud light. 3. your gratuitous butt shot and 4. your story about your dad having to watch your 13 year olf self walk out of the house in slutpants. you rule.

    ashley <3


  29. love love love these photos! especially the last. i totally agree with you about the whole royal wedding thing. don'.t give. a shit.

    by the way, thank you so much for your sweet comment! it really made my day. : )



  30. Your shoes!! They're amazing!! I like your outfit so much.. Very inspiring.

  31. OMG!!!!your blog is so cool i'M a reader!! i love your style!
    and these shoes are amazing!! and what do you think about storts.com??it's ok to offer there??