Red is the color of my true love's hair...

pic- tfs

This girl is so cool and intimidating- not exactly my usual type but some people are just so perfectly put together that they transcend type, no? Oh, and her name is Pandora (some kind of editor for Tank (?) magazine). If I were a beautiful pale redhead with a perfect braid named Pandora then I would do exotic and mysterious things including (but not limited to)- swanning around in various turbans, painting my walls black and throwing sparkles at them before the paint dries, and slipping Oscar Wilde quotes into my everyday conversation while making it sound completely natural. I would be very interested in the morbid aspects of Victorian culture, also. In fact, I would have written my dissertation (Pandora has a PhD in this little fantasy world) on something involving Memento Mori and their impact on grieving during the transition into the 20th century. Ok, completely insane digression over.

Sadly, Pandora probably just DJs in her free time.

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  1. Margaret, I am a total creep and went back to your first blog posts to see what wonderful things I may have missed before discovering your blog last month. I was DYING laughing at the last line of this.

    Also, I have seen this girl before and was similarly taken with her.