Tripping the Light Fantastic

Dress-F21,Scarf-Intermix(label?),Boots-Sam Edelman,Jewelry-mostly vintage,silver armor ring-Free People,heart necklace-Bonadrag(In God We Trust)

Texas has such beautiful sunsets sometimes and last night was especially pretty, so Joey (husband) and I decided to wander around outside, which led to some really nice pictures in front of the old cemetery that abuts our apartment. I am rather pleased with this dress I found at F21- it looks like a cross between vintage lingerie and a cheap wedding dress that someone took a scissor to. It would look really good with my missing kimono, but I think the tie-dyed scarf makes a nice replacement.

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  1. I fell in love with this same exact dress at Forever XI and HAD to buy it. Most unfortunately they only had mediums and larges, extremely depressing, but I bought it anyway. I love it!!! Except it doesn't fit me well at all and I have been longingly gazing at in in my closet for the past two months. Do you know of any way I can tailor it? Or should I just take it to be professionally done?