The Tragedy Of the Lost Kimono

Kimono- vintage Chanel

So I used to have this absolutely beautiful vintage Chanel kimono/caftan with batwing sleeves, but college has a funny way of reducing your wardrobe. You see, College likes to fling the most prized members of your wardrobe into other girls' closets. Damn you Collins Dorm, your mystical thieving ways have robbed me of some very beautiful pieces. By the way, when people use the word "piece" to describe every article of clothing they own right on down to a pair of Forever 21 booty shorts they picked up at Buffalo Exchange, it becomes a problem for me. But we all have our peeves- my husband gets mad when I say "garment", which probably has more to do with his hatred for the entire cast of Project Runway (especially Heidi Klum, who bothers him so much that the new Lite and Fit commercials send him into episodes of Klum Rage) who really do throw that word around like they're getting paid every time they use it. And maybe they are. Maybe the word "garment" is sponsoring the entire show so it can insinuate it's way into the general public's lexicon. Maybe the Garment Family is rolling around in piles of royalty checks somewhere. But I digress (a lot). If I had that kimono now, I would wear it everywhere and with everything. I would never take it off again. And I would refer to it as my Piece Garment. While wearing it with a jaunty scarf, like this girl.

pic- dora's fur

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