Pretty Colors

 Peter Pan Collar Dress- Alexa Chung for Madewell, Booties- Sam Edelman, Rings- Free People, Rosary- Aldo

Courtney and I found this random wall when we were driving around downtown looking for a phantom warehouse (actually, we did end up finding the warehouse, but it came with a security guard who seemed to take his job very seriously) and we immediately knew it must be photographed. Such beautiful colors. I rarely wear this Alexa Chung dress, and I wonder if it needs a bit of hemming. If it were shorter and worn with opaque tights then I think I would like it better. Anyway, I am currently wearing these crazy chiffon pants I ordered from Topshop that I have decided are the perfect article of clothing- I can't wait to take photos in them. There's something about the swishing fabric when I walk and all the slightly offended glances (from people who are obviously easily offended) that make me quite happy. Yesterday I wore them with my Litas and this lady in Neiman's was practically apoplectic. I seriously thought she was going to keel over from sheer anger. But people in hot pink juicy sweatsuits probably shouldn't judge others' sartorial choices. Oh! I have a photo meant for my last post that I completely forgot about, but I really love it so...                                    

Thank you, childhood self, for your tree-climbing prowess. And thank you, Courtney Teesdale, for your camera-action prowess. The scarf wasn't in the last post, so in case you were wondering, it's Wilfred from Aritzia. One last thing- I've noticed that older horror movies can be pretty inspirational style-wise, and I found a really great one. "The Sentinel" (1976) is not only a decently creepy story, but the clothes are amazing. I drove Joey crazy with my constant "I would totally wear that"s. I couldn't find any good screen grabs, but I highly recommend watching it, if only for the great outfits on the main character. Have a lovely lovely evening!


  1. Omgggghdgfhbvnvbhfvfh i would die for all of your rings! So pretty! I really want one of those rings that cover at least 3/4 of your finger!

  2. I think the first dress looks very cute on you but I see what you mean about possibly hemming it. Cute either way though

  3. oo such cool photographs, the third is my favourite. love love love your free people rings and nail varnish, tres lovely x


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  5. Great blog & style!!!

    Are you maybe interested in following each other???


  6. thanks for commenting back and following :) I will follow you too because I love your pictures! great sense of style, peter pan collars make me smile!

  7. Pretty blog! Love the 2nd outfit :)

  8. amazing pictures, and love your rings!!

    xx claudia

  9. I've just stumbled across your blog and love it! I know what you mean about people judging you, where I live everyone lives in tracksuits and gold chains, oddly enough I get more strange looks wearing a suit jacket with jeans then the Katie Price wannabe girls.


  10. Just stumbled across your blog too. Love your style. You kind of remind me of Kristen from BleachBlack. Hopefully you take that as a compliment... :)

  11. hey! thanks for your comment!
    i love your blog...you have a great style...and your photos are amazing!
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    xx fasahionbit

  12. Margaret these photos are ssssstuning!! I'm glad you left a comment too,now I'm adding your blog to my roll! I love your accessorising too...great minds think alike! xx

  13. That dress is so great on you!