Puffins DO live in pear trees. I saw one once, I just didn't tell you guys.

Coat- Vintage, Grey Crochet Top- Free People, Black Jeggings- JBrand, Glitter Clogs- Miu Miu, Necklace- Iosselliani, Rosary- Aldo, Bracelets- Vintage and Fallon, Armor Ring- Free People

I got this shirt in the mail today after quite a long wait (or so it seemed...) and was immediately in love. Party in the back! Another favorite from good old FP. The giant fuzzy coat is from this random but awesome vintage store in Birmingham (Alabama); I had no idea what a staple it would become. The lining is half ripped out and there is a hilarious 60's era Sears label in it that I wouldn't ever remove. I like clothing with character (i.e. falling apart). 
Joey took these photos when we were walking to dinner this evening, hence the sort of depressing background. That white Mercedes is trying to edge in there on every shot, eh? 
So I've become sort of overly preoccupied with this whole header situation. My mom and I think the new one is a bit corny, but I am beyond tired of the old one and on the verge of just scrapping the whole damn thing and simplifying, i.e. just posting my blog name at the top like most people do. I need to resolve this and concentrate on something like, uhhhh, content? That would probably be reasonable.
Well. I was about to launch into a screed about the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but then I remembered that all I ever write about are movies and television. Let's just say I have an odd crush on Adrienne Maloof's husband and leave it at that. Maybe it's because he acts like an older version of Joey.
My unbelievably crafty mother just sent me a photo of an amazing flower crown she made- mom has been on sort of a crafting bender, which is good for me because it means insanely cool shark teeth necklaces and the like. My friend Casey had this enormous megalodon tooth that mom turned into a work of art. And now Joey is texting mom to ask her if she will make him a crown of thorns. For an Italian lapsed-Catholic he is quite comfortable with the Jesus jokes.   
Sorry for the rambling- at least you don't have to listen to the phone messages I leave (unless I know you personally, then you do). They generally involve long pauses, "like"s sprinkled liberally throughout, and lengthy digressions about what happens to be going on around me. Yessir. Oh, and the relevant information is always at the very end.


  1. Gah, those shoes! So amazing. My Miu Miu clogs are damn near impossible to walk in after a point. Like it gets to a point in the night where they just kill and I have to sit.

    I love the top too. I almost got that crochet maxi from FP but got boots instead. I went to Whatsonsecond when I was in BHAM and I didn't find anything :( but my sister has an amazing deer head from there in her bedroom.

  2. Haha your too funny don't over think the blog header this one looks good and so did the last one.
    Love your new top and that furry coat!!!

  3. you need to wear the tooth in a blog!!

  4. The coat and the whole look is really nice.

  5. hey, just gave you a stylish blogger award, check it out.


  6. fucking loving the clogs doll!!

  7. You saw a puffin?? haha Maybe you should have the header on a rotation, one week this the next the older one! I like both!

    I have just given you the stylish blogger award, check it out on my blog,
    (doing this took agaes!) :)
    Sparks and Fireworks

  8. your shoes are killer. Oh I finally mailed out your prize winnings today. Sorry it took so long but with the snow and my work schedule being all whacked out it was hard to find time for the Post Office.

  9. very lovely outfit and you look so beautiful

    Follow u back :)


  10. thanks for the lovely comment on my site, just put up a new post, if you like please follow :)

  11. I've gone through your entire blog and I am just in love with your style!