We Go a Bit Bonkers On Sunday.

Vintage Desert Storm T- Archive or Ahab Bowen (?), Leather Leggings- Wilfred (Aritzia), Bracelets- Vintage, Fake Hindu Prayer Beads- Aldo, Long Necklace- BCBGeneration, Cat- The Unstoppable General Sherman.

So I had this great idea where Joey and I were going to do some kind of black and white tile reminiscent of that iconic Edie Sedgwick photo. Then I realized that my facial repertoire consists of pretty much one blank, passive expression, then General Sherman decided to show up, and finally, Joey decided to have some fun with his new computer's photoshop capabilities. So, here we are then. As the title says, a bit bonkers.

On to a completely new but much more interesting topic, I am always on the prowl (ha, cats) for new and interesting vintage stores and websites. Recently, Raw Edge Boutique was brought to my attention and I was quite impressed. Case in point:

Really cute, right? Those happen to be my personal favorites, but these Brits have plenty more adorable vintage on their website, www.rawedgeboutique.bigcartel.com. I also found that the prices were beyond reasonable, which is pretty rare after making that depressing conversion to the weak little US Dollar. So, yay! 
It's time for the Joey and Margaret Watch a Usually Odd and Always Disturbing Movie segment of the evening (yes, our evenings are pretty regimented), so have a beautiful Monday. 


  1. Oh my goodness I love the second coat. And don't worry, your facial repertoire is da bomb.

  2. Oooh I love those dresses, might going to check the site out. But then again vintage = exspensive so it will be windowshopping for me =w= haha x

  3. haha!! well I love the pics doll!! dresses are also very cute!

  4. Happy New Year, hope all your dreams come true!! Lovely look ;)Thanks for stopping by, love your blog!!

    Peace & Love

  5. that looks like a great shop, thanks for the link

  6. God, you always wear the most awesome jewelry! Loving your bangles right now! And those vintage dresses are beautiful!


  7. I just discovered your blog and if you live close I will have to sneak in and raid your closet lol Love your style, and you love cats-we must be friends lmao! Will definetly follow your journey! xxx


  8. Thanks for sharing^^
    Love your style, your hair
    Have a nice day
    Bisous Bisous
    Now following^^

  9. I love these pics! General Sherman = Genius!

    Im a new follower! x

  10. Love the dresses, i'm going to check them out

    Check out my blog!
    Confessions Of A City Girl