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There's something a bit icky about bookending an inspiration post with photos of oneself, but I like these and didn't really have an outfit post to place them in. They are from a shoot I did with the lovely and talented Courtney Teesdale a couple months ago, and (despite my decidedly wonky eyebrows in the first one) I wanted to share them. Hence, the inspiration/sort of outfit post hybrid. 
I hate when bloggers start some boring and complicated tangent about why they haven't posted in a while (as if I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for their next Heartbreaking Post of Staggering Genius), so let's just go with sometimes real life gets in the way and leave it at that. 
Anyway, you have probably seen most of these photos pretty much everywhere (one reason why I rarely do inspiration), but if not, then please enjoy. The amazing wrist photo and the beautiful girl with the tattoos and jewelry are from Facehunter, and I sourced the Abbey Lee 80's portrait style photo from SRC783 (even though it's all over the place, and with good reason). The lovely flowers pic has been sitting on my desktop forever but I bet it's from WeHeartIt or something. 
I have spent the past week or so hunting for a black dress to wear for a wedding in which I am a bridesmaid (congrats, Langley and Garrett!), and have been coming up with so much crap. Everything is ill-fitting or ugly or overly studded or zippered or bandaged or too tight or too tentlike (I really enjoyed typing that sentence). You get it. Suggestions welcome- I will be forever grateful if someone can provide me with a link to a lovely black cocktail dress that isn't too whatever. Thanks! I will inundate this little blog with outfit posts when the weather clears. That's one of the many beautiful parts of being a Texan- knowing the ice and snow is very, very temporary.


  1. Lovely Pics!!!


  2. I love your accessoires! For some reason you never overdress it :)

    Have fun at the wedding! I love weddings, they are so beautiful (and good excuse to buy & wear gorgeous dress)


  3. I dream of a crocodile bracelet !!!!!!!!

  4. Beautiful pics and i haven't seen all of them before :)

    I really like your blogging and style and i think this is my new favorite :)

  5. love your nail polish and your jewelry... and the girl with the tattoos... completely awesome inspiration.


  6. I hate bandage dresses. HATE. I also hate umpiare waist (tentlike, as you say) dresses. When i go shopping with my Mom she always tries to get me to try one on. Sorry, but I do not want to look pregnant when I am not. I just bought this black dress.


    I know finding something to wear under it is going to be a nightmare. Maybe you could dress it up for a wedding? They have a really beautiful backless maxi which I might buy as well that would be good for a wedding... if you can get away with wearing backless to that particular wedding.

    Also, I have been trying to find something that resembles that fringe vest that Abbey is wearing in the new ManiaMania images.

  7. Love the shot of all the bracelets....


  8. This may sound incredibly silly but I've finally gotten the courage to comment on your blog after admiring it for a good amount of time. I enjoy it so much and I for one, am glad to see a new post from you as they always inspire me.

    I've seen a few great black dresses lately so I'm linking them hoping one of these dresses might be to your liking or at least get you closer to finding just the right one... good luck!
    --Rachel Pally Hostess Gown

    --ABS by Allen Schwartz Scoop Back Fringe Dress

    --Tadashi Shoji Jewel Chocker Mesh Illusion Sleeve Chiffon Gown

    --Kensie Three Quarter Sleeve Ruffled Trim Dress

    --Kardashians by bebe Velvet Corset Dress

    xx maricel
    the style shrink

  9. Beautiful.. accessories.. love them all!
    And those flowers are great!

    Peace & Love

  10. Thought I would post here in case you don't see my reply on my own blog...

    Thank you for the reply, Margaret. That totally made my night, last night. I'm glad you liked the dresses, especially the bebe one as that one was my fave! :)

    xx maricel
    the style shrink

    p.s. thanks also for following my blog. :D

  11. hahaha so true the apologizes of some bloggers for not post in a while!
    The shoot is AMAZING.


  12. Haha- no those pictures are great, and I think you worked them into this post really well! They have an inspirational quality to them, especially the first one with how you styled/mixed and matched your jewelry.

    I'm following you, too!! Your style is awesome, and your blog is filled with really great inspiration (such as that above!) I also love the skirt you're wearing- so gorgeous, esp the colors.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  13. sometimes life does get in the way of blogging but its nice to have you back. PS you won my giveaway so soon you will have a chunky scarf to keep your throat warm in that crazy Texas snow

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    Total bracelets.
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  15. "I hate when bloggers start some boring and complicated tangent about why they haven't posted in a while (as if I have been waiting on the edge of my seat for their next Heartbreaking Post of Staggering Genius)"

    totes( hahaha) seriously i hate it too. i'm like stfu, no one gives a shit why you haven't posted. get over it.

  16. I really love the first picture of you... Like I love it so much that I would frame it :-)