All we see and all we seem is but a dream within a dream.

The new header is up, which you already know if you happen to be reading this. Sorry, redundant. I wasn't going to post tonight, but then I saw the above mixed media extravaganza on the Free People blog (the artist is Beth Hoeckel) and knew I had to repost it immediately. Also, I couldn't really tell if I liked the header when it matched the post below it. Anyway, the second photo is from my favorite film of all time, Picnic At Hanging Rock. I won't ruin it with my clumsy words, except to say that every year there is a screening of the movie at hanging rock (a real place in Australia), which I would pretty much do anything to attend. 
If you like the new header, or think I should go back to the old one, or just scrap the whole thing altogether and stop obsessing over headers, then lay it on me. Have a lovely evening!


  1. I love the new header ^^ you look very beautiful init! Very dreamy...
    Altho, myself I would put it in the center of the page. It's on the left side now~


  2. I love the new header it looks great!

  3. Lovely pics,great blog.
    I'm a new follower on Bloglovin,
    I hope that become my follower too.Kiss.

  4. hey there! I just started following your blog and I love your style!!!
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