In which I ramble about tie-dye and some other things.

Tie-Dye T- Vintage store in Fukuoka (Japan), Cutoffs- Siwy, Sharktooth Necklace- Self/Mom made, Square Bangle- Fallon, random vintage flair

This is one of those posts that make me feel a bit ehhh. There is something decidedly icky about sandwiching photos of myself throughout an inspiration post. Just to be clear- I in no way find myself inspirational to myself. Alright.
So I have this obsession with tie-dye that pretty much transcends season. You can probably imagine how nice Proenza Schouler Spring '10 was for me- I still have that one cotton tank top in blue and in acid green. And no, I really couldn't afford either one. But the most important member of my huge tie-dye things collection would be the T pictured above. I found it at the best vintage store I've ever had the privilege of visiting. A couple years ago, I got to go to Fukuoka, Japan for a wedding. Actually, Joey lived there for a while before we met, and his best American friend was marrying a Japanese friend, hence the whole Margaret getting to tag along thing. Anyway, there was this mall called Tenjin Core that had an entire floor devoted to amazing vintage. I forced Joey to take me there every single day we were in Japan. So ya, the point of that whole drawn out story is that I got this T-shirt, and I love it. A lot. 
Also, those lavender dyed cutoffs are perfect, and I deeply envy whoever that is wearing my favorite Pamela Love necklace with a really, really good tie-dyed shirt. And though I wimped out on getting my eyebrows dyed (which has a lot to do with my hairstylist's reaction- shock, followed by "but you already have such light eyebrows...", and her assurance that it would look weird ((in a bad way)) without some kind of tan), I am pretty sure that it's time to forfeit the nose ring for some light purple streaks. Wow, I think it's possible that the preceding sentence is the longest I've ever written. Anywho, I can't see myself pulling off the ring and the streaks without looking like some sort of dejected adolescent hell-bent on pissing off her parents. 

So I guess I could have just said "I like tie-dye and purple things at the moment", but rambling is deeply important to me. As is this deeply important work of art:



  1. oh my gosh, love these shorts you've posted. this is a way inspiring post! sounds like AMAZING shopping :)


  2. love the girls hair...i want to do something extreme to my hair!

  3. totally understand you. that t-shirt is to love!

  4. thata cat in last picture is similar to mine!

    amazing shorts



  5. ahhh don't put the ring out, I love your piercing :) And I think you're hair stylist was right, your eyebrows are already very light, they are just ok so.

    Thanks for following :)

  6. HA HA HA I just love to read your posts!

    That last picture is important. How cute is that?!

    I really like those siwy shorts. Wouldn't mind having them also..plus that t-shirt..

  7. i was in love with tie dye too. there's something interesting to see how tie dye really affects one whole outfit.
    love this inspiration!


  8. LOVE tie dye!!!! I always like when I have a good story to accompany clothes I have, haha...makes things more fun :D
    And that cat picture is amazing, haha :D

  9. i have a sweet spot for tie dye as well. i love to make shirts in the summer with my younger cousins. If I had lighter hair I would love to put light pink streaks in it but my hair is so dark so that wont be happening, cant wait to see how your hair turns out :)

  10. Great pics,
    that shirt is stunning indeed,
    the necklaces are so cool,
    and that dyed hair looks great as well!

  11. That last photo---- wtf. Kind of reminds me of this, which was my facebook default for awhile.


    I want your t-shirt. And those lavender shorts... I don't like purple at all but I love lavender.

  12. i know i commented already, but i had to come back and stare at that necklace some more!!! and now im really in the mood to tie dye something!

  13. great pictures, i love tye dye. especially those shorts!

  14. I was dying laughing at your very important piece of art. I need to go to this amazing place in Japan! It sounds like utopia. While I am majorly bummed that I won't get to see your eyebrows done, I think that the lavender streaks will be mega-cool!

  15. I love your necklace :) Love from Norway.