He loves me, he loves me not. Actually, I'm pretty sure he loves me.

Skirt- Vintage, Swiss Dot Tie Blouse- Mom's Closet, Little Cat Necklace- Vintage, Earrings- Free People, Spike Bracelet- F21, Multicolored Gem Bracelet- Grandma's, Pearls- Mom's Closet, Lock Bangle- Vintage, Blue Stone Ring- Casey's Closet

So I actually hadn't planned on posting today, but upon showing my mom the AMAZING new poodle-esque vintage skirt pictured above, she brought out the nice heirloom-type jewelry and decided to play Tuesday Morning Stylist! If you're one of the lucky few who know my mother, you understand how amazing a garment (Bah! Hate that word!) must be to pique her interest. And come on, this skirt is FLAMAZING. Ok, bullet point time. This little outline format phase I've been going through is nice...probably less terrifying for you guys to slog through.

- Regarding the skirt: I speak zero French, but apparently the writing is something like "He loves me, he loves me not." Which is just beyond adorable...look at those flower petals! Who didn't play that game as a child? I can't get over the gorgeousness of every little stitch, button, and rhinestone on this thing. Even the red lining is perfect. I doubt "the flower skirt" (I tend to give my clothing handy nicknames) is gonna be hanging out at too many bars or music festivals any time soon. I keep thinking it's gonna like, fall apart if I touch it the wrong way...nope, not used to having such nice things. 

- How cool is the multicolored stone bracelet my mom let me wear? It belonged to my Grandmother, who was such an amazing person (I know it's cliche to drone on and on about the greatness of one's grandparents, but there was literally nothing cliche about Grandma)...she passed away before I graduated high school, and I'd do anything for her to have met Joey. Like my mom, she was hilarious, sarcastic, and completely (refreshingly) herself. I just now decided that after my upcoming "Personal Style Icon" post (Ethan...again...my little brother is unendingly inspiring), I'm gonna do one on Grandma. I already have like ten photos in mind (Mom! Start tracking them down!).

- See that little Mogwai creature in the last photo? She's actually a Persian cat named Liza Minnelli. Liza has only one tooth left, partially because she is older than you (whoever you are), and partially because most of her life was horribly difficult. Because of her tininess (4 pounds!), she was stuck in a cage and forced to give birth to litter after litter of equally tiny kittens- gotta have more fodder for the "tiny animals" craze! Because 'Mericans need their cats and dogs TEACUP sized, OK? I mean, who gives a fuck about the health of the animal? Just keep cranking out those tiny pets! 

- I saw Bad Teacher this evening, and whoaa...bad film. BAD FILM. Joey and I walked out after about an hour, and, uhhh, maybe the last part was soooo unbelievably amazing it made up for...nahhh. I bet it didn't. And now I don't want to write anything else about that waste of celluloid. 

- I recently bought a pair of white silky pants at a thrift store here in big D (Dallas, come on people!), and just noticed that they happen to be vintage Emanuel Ungaro. Awesome surprise, eh? I was wondering why they seemed so nicely made. 

- One last thing I can't keep from mentioning. When you remove an utterly toxic person from your life, it's sorta like losing twenty pounds. I feel like I just lost about forty. THAT is how unbelievably awful it was to walk around knowing a certain female. Earlier this evening, Joey asked me, "So what's the latest with (  )?". I smiled to myself, realizing that I don't have to care anymore. And realizing I don't have to care anymore was sorta like noticing my thrifted pants were Ungaro. Or listening to my little brother give a beautifully-reasoned political argument. Or giggling like a maniac at something hilarious Casey says. I know this whole freaking post is getting sappy to the point of "ok, what varietal did she smoke and how can I get some?", but dude- sometimes the calm after the storm is so blissfully calm that you can't help but get a bit earnest. 

*Sorry I have been such a terrible comment-returner/blog-reader the last couple weeks! I promise to stop with the laziness!


  1. That skirt is absolutely amazing! Love it!

  2. Ooooh I LOVE that skirt!!! :D :D And aww what a cute kitty, at least she's rescued now! :D
    and I know exactly what you mean about toxic friends, I had the pleasure of losing one last year after graduation :)

  3. this is cuuute! the skirt!

  4. Your cat is adorable and i am glad she is with you now and not in that "cat factory". I hate those!
    My mom used to have a persian. He died when he was 20 and he was blind like a bat! But adorable old boy he was.
    Your skirt is so great find! Nice look!

  5. LOVE those pictures!!! Joey has some serious competition..the skirt is captured fabulously and as are you my lovely best/big sister/inspiration/love of my life/now i look like a freaking stalker who is obsessed with you like in the roommate. i shall stop now. See you and your mommy at lunch for our double mom date!!

  6. I know what you mean about losing the 40 lb weight on your back. Last year I ended a friendship (and nicely ended it, at that) because I was sick of babysitting a bored child. Feels SO good. So freeing. I love your bun, and that skirt is the shiz. We have lame-o vintage stores here, so I am left with online shopping. You're lucky to live where you do, so jelly.

    strawberry freckleface

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. I am going to snatch that skirt right off of you (as creepy as that sounds)! It is so beautiful, I want it! There just aren't any words to describe how adorable it is! I look forward to seeing the pictures of your grandmother. And oh my goodness, did you kill that certain female? Haha that's what it sounds like. Well, I guess I won't ask any questions. I'm glad you're so relieved!


  8. this could be my favorite outfit of yours ever. I can see why that skirt piqued your mom's interest.

  9. OMG the skirt is incredible!

  10. The last bullet point- EW, I so know what you're talking about. I had a girl 2 years ago when I was 21 who literally attached herself to me and wanted to be BFF's. It was a little weird and my roommates were weirded out by how often she just showed up. She ended up stealing a bunch of my clothes (are we twelve?) and I didn't call her out until my vintage Chloe dress went missing and I had my ex force her to cough it up. Bad people are always going to be bad, all you can do is train yourself to recognize certain traits.

    That skirt is super fucking unique/special. I love those eureka thrift store pieces. I'm glad it seems you've gotten super into the "high" of thrifting lately.

    Also, WHYYYY did you go to that movie?!?!

  11. bad teacher was a goddamn masterpiece! the best part was when diaz's face fell off...

  12. ohh man.. I've had a friend like that. worst. removing her from your life? best.


  13. This skirt is amazing! And totally agree that getting rid of toxic people makes you feel so much lighter, nice to surround yourself with people that lift you up and make you feel good :)


    ps I want that kitty/mogwai!

  14. Recently just found your blog and it's totally awesome.
    You mom sounds like some sort of fashion Gandhi because she's giving you all the crazy things to wear! Love it.
    And I agree with you and just about every commenter on this post, ditching the toxic friends is the best diet going. If only I could suck it up and do the same with my boyfriend...
    Also that story about your cat - Jesus! Poor thing, good on ya.

  15. Wow, that skirt is so cool! Something very different, I think. Your shoes and jewelry are adorable too.

    xx Paula || intergalactic radio station

  16. Your mom is an awesome stylist AND I completely feel what you mean about removing toxic-frenemy-energy-vampires! xx

  17. we all miss your posts! hope you are okay :)