Is it possible to be jealous of my own shoes?

Blazer, ZZ Top Shirt, Ruffle Shorts, Orange Tods- Vintage, Necklaces- Self-made, Earrings- Casey-made, Spike Bracelet- F21, Other Bracelets- Vintage

So I feel kinda guilty about the ten (TEN!) photos, and will try to make this short. Bullet point time!

- I acknowledge that my roots are scary, but don't quite feel like remedying the situation yet. Oh well.

- Casey and I have been total vintage warriors recently (prompted by her trip to the Best Flea Market of All Time while in LA), which has led us down a rabbit hole of strange and wonderful crafting/up-cycling. Yesterday afternoon we stole one of Joey's old Baylor tees and went bonkers. There are studs, spikes, kitty cat patches, a (really good) marker drawing of a unicorn, and a super special, super eloquent message to The Land of Kenneth Starr. 

- How great is this location? Joey found it, but was super terrified that someone was gonna jump out of a train car and like, shiv me. Thankfully, no shiving (new word?) occurred. 

- I want to dye a a black leather vest like, a really pretty dark greenish seawater color. If this is possible, then shoot me an email, pretty please. Directions would be great!

- If you feel like learning about a COMPLETELY AMAZING historical figure who should be WAY more famous, google "Mildred Fish-Harnack". Her husband (Arvid Harnack) was equally amazing, but recently I've been focusing on the ladies. 

- Sometimes I have this little fantasy regarding my old high school (Highland Park). Here it is: the Freshman would be forced to gather in the auditorium, and I would lecture about a heroic, kickass WOMAN. The girls desperately need some empowerment, and (many of) the boys need to stop treating the girls like subhumans. I hear stories from my brothers that really just come down to utter sexism. Like, shocking sexism.
Sadly my little dream could never happen, because I screamed at the school principal the day before brother Ethan's graduation. That guy is a first class wiener. 


  1. It's amazing! I like the way of your dressing. Lovely tee and shorts!

  2. i liked all ten :)
    i'll do a bullet fomat too:
    -the roots are fine, way rock'n'roll!
    -the shoes are insane, in a good way
    -i frigging love the zztop tee
    -wish we had trains in cyprus but we're too small :(
    -speaking of cool women, look up dido elizabeth belle. she wasn't a war hero or anything but a black aristocrat in eighteenth century england (during the height of slavery). interesting story



  4. lol. kudos for screaming at old prinicpals. they were never "pals" at all. great color combos in this outfit, and also great location!

  5. Love these photos and the outfit! Especially the shoes! :D
    And oooh....why did you yell at the principal? haha

  6. love those shoes! and the shorts!


  7. Loving the shoes! Those are pretty bad ass. I love the blazer look with the vintage tee. Cute look as always!


  8. Oh, love the bulleted post. I think I am obsessed with lists, so it made me pretty excited to look at and read. Check! Love the shoes, love the shorts, duh.

    strawberry freckleface

  9. you have the best blazer here. I seriously sit and think about wearing blazers, but rethink the major sweating. Anddd you have a killer killer bracelet on that I am so envious of!

  10. I'm loving the hair and the t-shirt:D

    xoxo Despite color

  11. Ugh, Margaret, I hate how I post a blog entry about which I feel pretty good, then I stumble over to your blog and just think, "I dress like a Junior High cheerleader on an off day..." and I grumble at your general awesome-ness. This is amazing. I didn't even notice the roots.

    I hope that Casey went to Melrose Trading Post while she was here!

    Also, I am googling Mildred, and I agree about "kids these days". I just want to indoctrinate young people, shamelessly, with my belief systems (which break down very simply into: "Don't be an ass-hat, okay?").

  12. Love your shirt!

    Anyways, dunno if you can dye leather. You can spray it.

    And I kinda like your roots!!


  13. Wow I really love the styling in this and the roots add coolnest to this look!loving the shorts! and shirt with all your amazing jewllery plus the train background is awesome!x

  14. first of all, trainyard hobos are stabbin' hobos! I'm just in the know on this stuff.

  15. Sexism is really bad not just in high school kids I think, but in people our age. I have a huge problem with attracting the most misogynistic, awful men that you don't even want to fathom exist much less meet in person. The last guy I fell for is nearly 30 and has never had a relationship, lies about what he does for a living, talks openly about women being idiots, and is in love with a horrible girl who wears Ed Hardy and embellished True Religion jeans. I could say a lot more about the situation, but won't because I would sound REALLY pathetic. Sadly, this isn't even the first time that something like this has happened, but I am determined to make it my last. I admit I have bad self esteem sometimes and I think that awful dudes pick up on that and are determined to exploit it to make themselves feel better about their pathetic existences. Anyway, that's my sob story. Misogyny isn't going anywhere, I don't think, sadly, because people like this are allowed to exist and even catered to despite their asshole, infantile behavior. I won't do it in my own life anymore because it's embarrassing and making me miserable.

    Anyway, aside from that word vomit, I love your orange Tod's. And please post close-ups of that amazing necklace you made. I want to see. And did you get the weird smoke smell out of your blazer?

  16. You look flipping amazing in these shots. I have some completely inappropriately short shorts like these and have been trouble wearing them out of the house for various arse exposing reasons... I like your method of jacket layering, it makes them almost decent ;)

  17. those shoes are COMPLETELY jealous worthy. & LOL at your freaking out on your old principal. I need to get drunk with you at some point in our lives.

  18. Cute train pics, and I love all of the bracelets and your blazer. and the shoes of course! You should definitely give such a speech at your old high school. I completely agree with what you've said, I think most girls need some direct inspiration.

    Also I'm very intrigued by the idea of the you dying the black vest! That'll be so neat if you figure it out! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  19. great post as always Margaret, the outfit rocks and your "list" post makes it easier to read. didn't notice the roots either, but i did notice your lip color, looks great on you.

    and as for your vest, not sure if it will work, but when i was younger i had docs martens that i wanted green, so i took yellow shoe polish to them and it turned them a nice dark mossy green shade. not saying to use shoe polish on your vest, but something similar (like yellow dye) may do the trick. but i'm no expert, so experiment at your own risk, lol. but there is leather dye online...

    Beneath the Glass

  20. beautiful outfit :)