Philadelphia #2

Lacy Shorts, Fringed Vintage Shirt- LF, Black Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell

So I am officially back from the Great Northeast, but thought this little group of photos might be of interest. The quaint half-empty house in which Joey took these was absolutely full of treasures. Details tomorrow- I've been sick ever since the plane ride home (going on three days?!) and am desperately hoping that I shall rise from bed in the morning, nauseous no more, sense of humor still intact.
Until then, one pressing question: how the hell do we live without LF in Dallas? HOW?? 

EDIT: Looks like tomorrow is now, and I do have a bit more to share. Because I still don't feel like stringing sentences together (I'm not sick anymore, but suffer from this unbelievable laziness I can't seem to shake), we're gonna do this outline-style. 

A) As Jana from (theflamazing) Wolf&Willow astutely observed, the dinos on the above shirt are amazing. I think this top would be my favorite buy from the Big Apple. Besides the diaper shorts. Which also come in black and omg I can't think too much about all the beauty I left behind or my head begins the exploding process.

B) Michael Weiner('s wiener). Discuss. I happen to feel that my elected officials can be as pervy as they want on their own time. And this feeling is completely non-partisan: Larry Craig and his "wide stance" were hilarious, but not in any way related to ol' Craig's job as a smarmy Repub. So leave my Weiner alone! 
(see what I did there?)

C) I gotz me them Jeffrey Campbell Chloe Doc knockoffs. Just a bit of gloating.

D) Brother Ethan graduated!! So any Colorado State readers ready to embrace a super adorable freshman with a penchant for rock climbing and building things out of concrete and skateboarding and dressing like an idiot savant, my little bro will be up there in the fall! No swooning girlfriend attached!

E) While I was typing this out, something deeply terrifying came on TV. Bill Kurtis needs to regulate the corpse photos on "American Justice". I want my true crime stories vague and watered-down, Bill!  

F) I have been complete shit at commenting and checking other blogs recently. Sorry! As I said above, I've been struck with a bad case of laziness laced with a wee bit of residual nausea. I seriously can't wait till my blogging-vigor returns because I know there are some beautiful things awaiting me on all your (highly superior, much less erratic) blogs!

G) Last but not least, while up in Philly I met the most adorable person ever. Her name is Allie and she has a freaking beautiful baby and she looks just like Pocahontas. Well, the Disney version of Pocahontas. Helloooo beautiful Allie!

Ok that's all I've got. Although there are a few pretty exciting things happening in my life that I can't talk about yet. Not blogging-related things, just holy crap I must really be a grown-up now type-things.


  1. loving those shorts!! and ughh I felt gross when I went on a recent trip also, i don't like flying! but hope u feel better!

  2. babe this top is awesome with the shorts, LOVE how you styled it! this house is amazing. would never tire of it!


  3. feel better love!
    you always have the most amazing ensembles :-)
    the first pic is my faveee

  4. love that top!!! great look!!

    http://imjustmefashionblog.blogspot.com :)

  5. Your hair looks amazing! I love the top too..so perfect with the shorts.


  6. this is a great outfit. I really love the 1st and 2nd photos. their so different. =)

  7. I love LF. Full off treasures :)

    You look good here. Those shorts are must.

  8. love everything about this, you have such a great blog!

  9. this outfit is radical. I love the dinos on that DC shirt!


  10. love so much this look and pictures you rock ;)

  11. Love your outfit perfect what a cute place too. Hope you feel better real soon xoxo

  12. Seriously, if LF were in Dallas I would flip shit. I basically spend all of my time there at Dolly & Urban. Which I get so tired of being generic at Mockingbird. Is the H&M up yet?

    BTW, I love love love the shorts.

  13. those dinos are in fact ah-mazing. & seriously, LF needs to expand. like now.

    p.s. your hairs are looking all kinds of perfect. x

  14. i am digging outline style. very direct. Diaper shorts are cute as is dino tee. Hope your laziness ceases soon :) I hear whiskey helps.

  15. I feel you on so many of these. I almost bought the Jeffrey Campbell Chloe Doc knockoffs, but I can't be bothered with shoes lately so I bought an Isabel Marant dress instead. I just returned from a (two day, but still) trip to LA and I left so much behind at the goddamn flea market, not to mention never making it to LF (I suck). Those shorts are amazing. We will have to find ways to share our exciting news with each other cause I have some too and I've been horrible at blogging lately and unable to really even get decent photos.

  16. those shorts are amazing...i love!

  17. Oh yeah I e-mailed you so we can talk about our exciting things.

  18. Finally I have internet!!!! So this means I can bother you with another comment on this amazing post. I love love love the top. DC and dinosaurs just rock. The diaper shorts have left me eternally jealous I don' own them, especially after seeing them in person...but thrilled bc I will just steal them soon. Okay, love you and all of your amazingness :)

  19. where are those shorts from, i neeed them!

  20. Outfit is great on you!