I Live Next Door To a Lunatic (EDIT! White paint mystery solved!)

Shirt- Vintage (sort of), Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chloe Doc Boot knockoffs- Jeffrey Campbell, Awesomely Tacky Necklace- Sam Moon, Silver Cuffs- Fallon

So the Chloe Doc knockoffs are just as amazing for stomping around as I expected. Yay. And how hilariously cool is the tacky prom necklace my mom bought? Oh, and no, the shirt is not vintage (uhhh Journey '05), but still one of my favorite NY finds. Joey has been giving me unrelenting shit for my "not vintage vintage shirt".
SO. These photos are mostly just random "wandering around post work" shots, except for the last one. I've gotz myself quite a story for you people. Notice the white spray paint square on our hallway floor? Some completely batshit crazy resident seemed to think that the hall is for craft projects. Let that sink in for a moment. We now have a giant white square outside our front door because a lunatic lives next door. We totally should have known something wasn't right when that tacky welcome mat went out. So yep, in the last photo, I am demonstrating just how freaking giant our pet square is, which begs the question: what the hell could this super-important craft project possibly have been? Obviously the spray-painting of something, but WHAT? And who just wanders out into the hall with their giant mystery object, revs up that can, and lets loose? WHO? I swear, this town (and by town I mean world) is mostly full of lunatics. I suppose the moral of my little story is this: when you meet someone who seems to be a non-lunatic, hang on for dear life... lest you end up in a nutso situation with someone like my very special neighbor.
One last scary thing: Joey has gotten really in to "Californication". I worry about my sweet Joey. We just finished re-watching all of "Arrested Development" (the best show to ever grace the screen), and he feels this disgusting "David Duchovny (Who Actually IS a Sex Addict In Real Life) Has Sex With Many Nubile Young Actresses With No Semblance Of a Plot Except For All the Aforementioned Sex" show is a reasonable substitute? I'm no prude. But I just can not take seriously little snippets like this: "I won't go down in history, but I will go down on your sister". Sooooo not clever. I'm actually embarrassed for everyone involved in the writing it's so not clever. And this stupid show is filled with similar bon mots. Many are even worse. Prayer circle for Joey! Let him see that Duchovny is creepy, and that sex jokes are only funny when used sparingly and uh, cleverly. 

So I definitely found out the story behind "psycho-neighbor-craft-project-gate"! As I pretty much guessed, this was the idiotic fallout from two female (I knew they'd be women...sorry) roommates with a super duper bright idea. And because this building is run by softies (AHEM Joey and Dad), the idiots only received a $100 fine.

Here's how I imagine their conversation went:
Tiffany: "Hey Stephanie! Let's paint that giant picture frame WHITE!!"
Stephanie: "OH MY GOD! A white frame is exactly what our classy new portrait of Ryan Seacrest needs!"
Tiffany: "But Steph, how will we ever successfully complete such an enormous task? Neither of us can operate a paintbrush, and only the very brightest of whites could ever match the blinding beauty of Ryan's teeth!"
Stephanie: "Don't worry! I've been huffing this (holds up spray paint can) beautiful white spray paint all afternoon, so we've got plenty! And (insert mirthless laugh here) we definitely both know how to operate a spray can!"
Tiffany: "Yay!!! To the hallway we go! Oh, Stephanie, what would I do without you?" 
Stephanie: "Don't forget to bring a couple paper bags and some Virginia Slims! Those brain cells won't kill themselves!"

So it looks like Tiff and Steph managed to make their Seacrest shrine complete and only had to cough up a pretty measly fine. Any ideas on how to further punish my neighbors, vigilante style?

Last but not least, thanks to (the mind-blowingly perfect) Annika, I gotz myself a super awesome feature in Sofis Mode. From what I've learned, this is a weekly magazine that comes with "Aftonbladet", a Swedish daily newspaper (correct me if I'm wrong, lovely Annika). Oh, and if it sounds like I've got a bit of a crush on Annika, then that would probably be because I do. Just go to her English blog, you'll see.
The headline translates to "My Little Brothers are my Inspiration". Or something similar. Goodnight, all!


  1. Haha I laughed out loud to the Joey part...no comment even necessary.
    Everyone in the world is bonkers, to quote your fave word. Well, except us. So I guess we need to hold on for dear life! Lovely post as always my lovely marg!!

  2. Shit. PS- I am so proud of my "big sis" for your feature in this mag/newspaper!!!!!!! okay. i look like a stalking lunatic now - not good. i am done.

  3. hahahaaa Casey when you said "hold on for dear life", I thought of Titanic (remember, "I'll never let go, Jack!") and how neither of us were allowed to see that stupid movie when it came out.
    The question here is: who gets to be Jack? Oh, and which one of us will break out in terrifying "Casey/Margaret hives" first during the nude painting scene?

  4. HAHAHA stalking lunatic?? I just referred to us as Jack and Rose from Titanic.
    Margaret for the "stalking lunatic" win!!!

  5. i am laughing so hard i don't know whether to text back this or post on here because now it is the casey/margaret show on your blog. people will be thinking really horrible thoughts about us and our weirdness ... or just laugh along? hopefully. and yes, you do win the "stalking lunatic" this time.

  6. I think the Casey Margaret Show would be deeply awesome, a bit disturbing, and filled with foul language.
    And anyone who doesn't laugh has to be Billy Zane. You know, he played Rose's asshole fiancee.

  7. are the chloedoc knockoffs comfy? like would i be able to survive an 8 hour work day, standing, or 6 at least?? i've wanted the chloe docs since they came out....so this might be my only option.

    i have some 'vintage' band t shirts too that i got a macy's last year that i CAN NOT stop wearing. i feel kind of silly in them still. congrats on being featured!! that is really cool:)

  8. Unreal boots! Wonderful hair and T- shirt! Great shots!

  9. I bought those shoes also :D They are cool right?

    Gongrats for that feature by the way!

    Please,post some pictures while you were here (ny)?

  10. Oooh I love these photos, the shirt looks so cool against the black! :D
    And oyy...what a stupid neighbor *rolls eyes*
    AND YAY for the feature! That's so exciting

  11. i imagine our neighbor painting one of those head boxes from death of a ghost hunter...

  12. your titles always crack me up! and why do you always have the best jewlery?!

  13. I love this. I love the shirt. AND I want those shoes so badly. They are beyond amazing. Love this margaret.

  14. Oh man now I'm really gonna have to save up for those shoes, good old Jeffrey's done it again. Crazy neighbour sounds like he/she could have an interesting hobby... also interesting that they thought getting paint outside your front door would be more appropriate than putting newspaper down inside their house. You should start a modern art installation of hundreds of squares in the hall (or just outside their front door.)

  15. Pretty jealous about the Chloe knock offs. I want. And so awesome you were featured!!! Congrats.

  16. hahaha when I was looking at that last picture I was thinking, "who puts out a welcome mat INSIDE a building?!" ..that's so crazy though. I've had my fair share of crazy neighbors too. my first apartment was in such a shady area & my 40 year old downstairs neighbor with no teeth would constantly peek into our windows & steal me & my roommates mail. weirdos. I'd reallyyyy like to know what they were spray painting though.. seriously inform me if you find out. WHO DOES THAT?!

  17. congrats on the feature, i love the pics they used. Its a shame whiskey makes you sleepy although maybe you just need a good nights sleep and then you will feel all better? On another note, my brother in law has been trying to get us to watch Californication but I just dont get what its about...i mean I get it but I dont think it would be a clever show at all. Prayers will be sent to Joey.

  18. Seriously I am with Stacey on wondering who puts a welcome mat inside of a building. I love that shirt, who cares if it's new I'm sure I have my fair share of vintage not vintage Harley Davidson t shirts. You are the tye dye queen. Californication is shit. But I actually like that song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Make fun of me if you want.

  19. Working with the public I am oh SO aware of the lunatics that roam this planet. Lucky you, you get to have a permanent lunatic tattoo on your floor to remind you every single day! What the hell though? A box? Weird.

    Love your shirt. Congrats on the article. That is awesome. And your shoes, wow. Lusting.

    Glad youre back on the game, lady.

    strawberry freckleface

  20. Taylor, Californication is a goddamn masterpiece of modern theater! plus the intro instantaneously transports me back to 1996!

  21. Alls I can say is Pee Wee Herman and "Tequila!"

  22. Love this 'non vintage circa '05' Journey shirt. And your jewellery always really inspires me.

    Love your blog! Haven't been able to stop reading. Also, my best friend has a crazy neighbour too, with a welcome mat that sits INSIDE her building.. Crazy cat!

  23. this is such a cool outfit:)
    LOVVVEE xxxx

  24. OMG!!! So funny! Love this look and congrats on the fashion spread;)
    Aesthetic Lounge

  25. you t-shirt is very hot.I ever saw a black version,but this colourful one is really amazing.Good job<3


  26. Yes, dearest Margaret, I will correct you if you're wrong and that you are. Not about the feature, everything is spot on (did you receive your own copy yet or do I have to kill my lazy editor?), except that Sofis mode doesn't come with Aftonbladet, you have to pay extra. Can't believe you didn't know that. Stoooo-pid.
    But no, that's not what I'm going to correct, no-ho, what I'm going to correct is that fact that Californication is not a crappy show, it's not possible to make to many sleezy sex jokes about minors or women of any ages actually, and being a sex addict on screen or in real life is not to be considered disgusting in any way! Californication is art! ART! My favorite part of this art (tart fart start smart heart) is that the woman who plays the mother of Hank Moody's little emo kid is either so full of botox she's incapable of giving away any sort of expression or emotion, or she was just born that way, which is even funnier. I think it might be the latter, actually, because even her voice lacks any kind of nuance whatsoever, and I don't know much about botox but I'm guessing it can't affect your speaking abilities (unless you inject it to your vocal cords, but why would you do that?). She was simply born without any single possibility of displaying her insides on her outsides. Kind of like an emtional version of Johnny Got His Gun. She has all of these feelings inside and there is absolutely no way for her to get them out. She will look at you and smile her dead smile with her dead lips and her dead eyes and say "I am very angry. Furious, in fact. I think I even might kill someone today. First some torture, no, wait, a lot of torture, and then the actual killing will take place." And you'll be like "that's nice, would you like cream or sugar with that?"
    (Assuming "you" in this scenario would be a waitress or stewardess or something similar.)
    And I just realized what's even more funny is the fact that someone like her decides to be an actress. I'm not surprised she was cast for a tv-show, the Californication people probably didn't even listen to her speak, they just said "fuckable, check, ok lady, you're in". But... that out of all the occupations available in this world, she felt like the right one for her would be the one that involves projecting emotions on screen. That's sort of like the guy with no thumbs who thought being the first professional hitch hiker would be a good idea.

    I will stop writing now. But I hope you noticed that today, my favorite thing in the whole world is italics. It's like regular letters - but tilted! Awesome.