Christmas In Pentonville (or, Why I Stopped Blogging For Over a Week)

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate!  I spend every Christmas in Pentonville, Alabama, a town about which I will share three fun facts: an utter lack of bandwidth makes blogging next to impossible, my entire (huge) extended family gathers there (we sort of have a compound going on) for most holidays, and lastly, I am the Princess of Pentonville. This is due to the fact that there are no non-Shaws in the entire area. Also, my endlessly regal behavior. 
Anyway, the beautiful little boy pictured clutching his Fushigi Ball (what, you didn't ask for one?) while dreaming his tiny Christmas child dreams is my cousin's son, Joey. And the orange dog I am communing with is Red Dog. He is very sweet, very manipulative, and a wee bit odd. The top picture is of my parents' house on the compound.
But most importantly, the amazing vintage leather (ankle-length! hand-painted by a member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band!) vest I am trying to squeeze myself into belongs to the proprietor of one of my favorite vintage/antique stores, which is in Alexander City, Al. My mother and I head there (the Antique Mall of Memories) every time we are in town, and always find something amazing (like, say, a WWII-Era Pachinko machine?). I was so lucky to get to try on that vest, as it isn't for sale. If it were mine, I would keep it also : )
Oh. And that fireplace? Just as haunted as it looks. My dad is a bit of a decorating hobbyist, and he salvaged the owl grate from an abandoned elementary school. I (and a few others) am convinced some ghosties came with it. 

Back to regular posting now!


  1. Wow amazing photos!!! Sounds like a very fun time, sometimes its good to get away from the crazy world for a while :)

  2. That vintage leather vest is gorgeous! Well you're the Princess of Pentonville so there's nothing in this world you can't pull off but still :P Hope you had a lovely Christmas! Glad to have you back :)


  3. Im going to need that doggie lamp... ask dad where it came from!! See you this evening!

  4. Sitting by the fire looks so super cozy! What a perfect winter getaway!

  5. i am in LOVE with your outfit. Are you a model ? If not you should be.
    Hope you come and visit me soon :) Im your new follower.



  6. you have such great style....nice blog! I am a new follower...


  7. Ahh I have been to Alexander City before (is it near Lake Martin?). Love your (Pendleton?) scarf and that vest... holy crap, it's amazing. That house looks amazing too.

  8. haha yes, it's right next to good ol' Lake Martin!
    oh, and the scarf is ASOS (good knockoff, eh?)

  9. I adore your scarf.