Waltzing Matilda

Mini Dress- Darling (ASOS), Cable Knit Cardi- Wilfred (Aritzia), Brogues- Steve Madden, Rosary- Aldo, Three Stone and Armor Rings- Free People, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Bracelets- Vintage

Joey got pretty artistic on the last photo (new iMac) while I was at work. I can't decide if it's terrifying, beautiful, or both. 
Anyway, I have been tagged by Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge to share seven facts about myself. Prepare for some rambling.

- That was a perfect segue, because here's number one: I am an inveterate rambler. Talking, writing, leaving phone messages, text messages- a cattle prod is necessary to get me to the actual point. My youngest brother, Griffen, is the exact same way. Imagine our family dinners. 
- I got married very young (barely 22!) but don't regret it at all. Joey is perfect for me. Oh, and we had the wedding to end all weddings. The word "bacchanalia" comes to mind. 
- Last summer I had quite the adventure when Joey and I traveled to Fukuoka, Japan for a wedding. He lived there for a while, (fluent speaker!), and made some of the most amazing friends. I want to go back so badly, and visit Tokyo this time!
- I was a pretty serious Ballet dancer growing up. Sometimes I still miss it, a sixteen year project is hard to let go of.
- My favorite song has always been and always will be "Whiter Shade of Pale" by Procul Harum. Actually, I really only care about three other bands/artists: The Velvet Underground, Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam, and Bob Dylan. 
- Our two cats are like babies to us. They each came out of quite mystical situations, and I am completely convinced they can understand everything we say. Their names are Boss Tweed and The Victorious General Sherman.
- I am obsessed with history in general, but Australian history makes me cry (there is so much pathos and heroism), and I am endlessly fascinated by women like Zelda Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein (The Jazz Age isn't just pretty fringe dresses). Learning about the past brought the realization that organized religion will never work for me. It's so much kinder and cleaner just to love.

I warned you I ramble. Well, if you've been reading my blog for a while then you already know that I suppose. But I bet you didn't know that I can be cornier than hell. 
I guess I need to tag someone, so Taylor(www.thingsonhangers.com), you're it! I need seven fascinating facts about you, stat. 


  1. your comment made me blush and you look so angelic!

  2. The last photo is stunning! You described it perfectly "terrifyingly beautiful!"

  3. wonderful outfit, I seriosuly looooveee iitttt !!! Love your blog


    Happy New Year's Eve

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  4. I also wanted to buy the White Lace dress by ASOS!
    oooh I did not even know you were married :D
    Awww too bad you didn't continue ballet!

    And I kind off agree with Shopdelano ^^

  5. Great Look !!!


  6. LOVE that white dress!! And ooh 22 is young, but if you find the right person that's all that matters :D :D

  7. love your necklace

  8. I love all your rings, I love Bob Dylan (have seen him twice!) and I love that last photo.

  9. Yay! Thanks for playing;)

    We have a lot in common, except, my dog is my baby...oh and I didnt marry at 22 but i met the man i am now married to,at age 20 and have never looked back. Oh, and I dance too, but never very seriously, I just take classes for fun, but I'm addicted!

    Love the cardi and the nails in these pics;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  10. Love these photos! That last one is a gorgeous pic of you, if you ask me; I love the effects! :P And your accessories... girl, they are amazing!

    PS: I don't think there's a "right" age to be married... my mom got married relatively young too (at 22), and had me at 23. But if you're in love, nothing else matters, right? :P


  11. This is great! So many of us young married girls. (not young anymore, but still). And nice to see we're all still happy kids. xx

    Thanks for your comment and we'll email you this next week with all our new updates!



  12. Your outfit is gorgeous! Your blog is amazing. Those are some great photos. I'm following :)


  13. Ahh i absolutely LOVE your dress! Now following :)

    hope you'll visit/follow

  14. I love that dress, especially with your tights and shoes! Nothing is more chic then a simple dress and some oxfords!


  15. Ahhhh I haven't forgotten about this. I have just been to sick to do an outfit post and I feel obligated to do the outfit post along with the interesting facts... but I have no idea why. Maybe because I am bonkers.

  16. Love the pics !

    xxx S