Fancy Pants

Pants- Topshop, Grey Leather Jacket- Doma, Sweatshirt- Nation, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Agate Cuff- Coldwater Creek (yep), the usual random jewelry

Here are the pants I was talking about in my last post. I get quite a few compliments on "my skirt". Courtney and I had the opportunity to use a friend's empty retail space to shoot in, and had lots of fun playing in the dust (she resembled an actual chimney sweep within about ten minutes) and using all the construction junk as props. I am pretty positive that today has been the laziest day of my life. I don't have work until tonight, so other than a fifteen-minute running across the street to get a cheeseburger break, I am planted on the couch watching old Law and Order: SVU episodes. Taylor (from thingsonhangers.com) was so so right about Detective Stabler. He is beautiful- but I hate how whenever there's a "hot political issue" episode, the writers makes him say all the stupid crap. How about using a less attractive character to hang on to the ultra-right wing contingent? 
Oh, I just remembered. This is a fashion blog (why do I always end up rambling about movies or TV?). But a lot of what I have to say about fashion and style at the moment can be summed up in one picture:

I know this photo has been making the rounds in a big way, but there's a reason for that. Anja is doing it right. I have never been really fangirlish over her, but this is some Abbey Lee- caliber street style. Does anyone else feel like pyramid studs are kind of exciting again? I don't think I would have really cared for her bag about six months ago, but I covet (ouch, hate that word) it now. Ok, back to my SVU marathon. 

pic- lefashion


  1. your pants are incredible, I would rock those in a heartbeat

  2. Haha thanks for the mention! Yep, Stabler is the "go to" conservative guy, and Munch is the conspiracy theory guy. The only one with anything valid to say is Olivia! But Stabler is DAMNNNNN fine to look at. And Ice T always has nice comic relief lines.

    That jacket is great... and Coldwater Creek (oddly enough) has good stuff sometimes. So does Chico's. And I want those pants still...

  3. Have a pleated pair of black pants like yours. Made me laugh, when you said people complement a lot "your skirt", 'cause I had that too. Your style is amazing, dear!

  4. what a great photo! i love those pants. they look amazing with the leather jacket!



  5. thank you for your lovely comment! and for following :) i have those wide leg pants from topshop, they are sooo cool, i cant wait til its spring to wear them again! great outfit :)




  6. your hair is amazing, today I am your follower.

  7. i love your outfit ! and yes totally agree with that other outfit, and her bag. it dominates.

  8. u look amazin!

    love the entire outfit!

    ur blog rocks!



  9. Very nice outfit ^^ the combination of the pants and leather jacket is brilliant!
    Also I adore your hair~

  10. I love the long skirt. I always feel so sophisticated, elegant and tall when I wear mine!