I Buy Tin

Loose Knit Sweater- Free People, Tie-Dye Scarf- Brightly Twisted, Solvang Clogs- Jeffrey Campbell, Necklace- Aldo Accessories, Rhinestone Studded Bracelet- Madewell, Rings- Free People

Joey and I had no idea this shack would be filled with dead vending machines. An oddly placed rusty little tin hut makes for a strange graveyard. Speaking of which (graveyards, not useless coke machines), Joey just informed me that "Obese New Zealanders Put the Squeeze On Cemeteries", according to a headline on the Playstation World News. First of all, since when does Playstation offer the news (probably forever, I know nothing about these newfangled gaming devices)? And, of course, what the hell does that headline actually mean? I can't fathom this idea in which hefty deceased New Zealanders cause a cemetery "squeeze" so great that it merits being the nation's top news headline.
Anyway, the sweater pictured above, which I seemed to think should be worn as a dress (hello, ladyparts), fulfills my longtime Rodarte-generated cobwebby knit desire (god, it's been like three years since that collection, hasn't it?).  
So now it's time for Joey and I to retire to the man cave (yes, we actually call it that for we are the corniest of them all) and watch a movie called Phenomena, which I am beyond excited about. I am a huge Dario Argento fan, and have been waiting forever to see this as it's supposed to be one of his best films. I don't know how it will surpass Suspiria, but apparently it does. We shall see. Suspiria included ballet, witchcraft, beautiful 70's outfits, psychedelic visuals, and a stunningly perfectly creepily awesome score by The Goblins. Beat that, Phenomena, let's see you try.
Oh, and um do me a favor. Before you tear this down, call 972-523-5464. I buy tin. 


  1. Those clogs are stellar and I LOVE your hair colour

  2. great outfit,the shoes are amazing :)

  3. lovely pictures and great outfit x

  4. Love this all black ensemble! And the print on your scarf is gorgeous!


  5. Margaret, your post is always so witty and makes me smile.

  6. I love your sweater! it looks so good on you.

  7. I love the knit, it definitely does remind me of Rodarte. And I saw a girl buying that bird skull necklace at Urban today, and thought about it, because my crow skull is turning MY NECK GREEN. Ugh. I like the necklace too.

  8. gorgeous pics, the location is beautiful! X

  9. love your hair!! so pretty.
    thanks for the comment girl!



  10. these photos are amazing. You are so incredibly chic and I love your necklace.


  11. amazin look!

    loooooooooove ur boots!


  12. I love the man cave! And "I love you Man" is one of my fave movies...(thats where I first heard of a man cave I guess) if you havnt seen it you have to. Anyway, love the neckclace with the tassels. I have a sweater similar to this one and its a favorite of mine. xoxo

  13. You remind me very much of Crystal Norris from True Blood. Good to see you looking super cool and comfy in your soft and cozy knit. I am always on the hunt for oversized knits like these but they are so hard to find.

    Love your necklace btw.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

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