My hair is about five different colors right now

Kimono Top- Wilfred (Aritzia), Pleated Skirt- BCBGeneration, Eyelet Crop- Free People, Belt- Vintage, Silver/Gold Cross Bracelet- Courtesy of Konstantino, Oxfords- Steve Madden, the usual random jewelry

I know the last two photos are sorta redundant, but we were really trying to get some good shots of that Konstantino bracelet. Sadly, we didn't really manage to do it justice. The piece is unbelievable- there is a little diamond in the center of each cross, and all this filigree-esque detailing. I sort of don't feel worthy of such lovely flair, I mean, notice the white plastic tile bracelet I chose to wear next to it? That's some classy lady shit right there. Madeline has oft mentioned her addiction to Konstantino jewelry (which works out well since they employ her), and I'm pretty sure I get it now. Apparently they make everything by hand in Greece or something, which is awesome, but I would be fine if it were all churned out on some assembly line operated by chimps- the jewelry is just that pretty. Oh, so I have decided I need one of their chunky rings, like, tomorrow. Super early birthday present, Joey!
So we spotted this random nature-y (by our pathetic North Texas standards) area just off the highway, which was random. Our decision to explore resulted in these sort of weird location photos. Because I always wear a pleated pink skirt (and balls-out jewelry) on the woodsy banks of dirty streams! The outfit may have made a bit more sense in a relatively urban environment, but I'm kinda wearing all my current favorites at once, which is always nice. The BCBGeneration skirt fulfills my need for pleats quite well (although there's a Karen Walker pleated midi-length I've been desperately trying to track down). 
I actually feel like BCBGeneration is my little secret. Maybe people expect the clothes to be sorta "teenaged chippy interviewing for her first part-time job". That's what I assumed, since BCBG can be pretty "After work, let's go get awful sugary cocktails then watch Sex and the City 2 for the fiftieth time!". That made no sense. More succinct version: BCBG can sometimes (sometimes!) be tacky, so people might assume BCBGeneration is just teen tacky. However! The store is actually a wonderland of pretty pastels, twee prints, and very cool jewelry. Also, vanity sizing! I can pretend I'm a size 25 pant (that's like four sizes off) when shopping there. 
Welllll, happy weekend all- I have a really good giveaway with Urban Revisions coming up next week, so watch out for that!

BTW: I linked a few things in this post. The strange gaps in my basic computer knowledge make linking sort of mystifying for me- so let's just all hope for the best, k?


  1. love the color and design of that skirt!

  2. i love your crochet top so much and your kimono is pretty amazing.
    those laceless brogues are cute!


  3. One of my favorites in a while. I'm giving up on the hope of tuning in to find a Western post.

  4. love this! lovely skirt and top! that silver bracelet is goorgeuus.

  5. love your skirt, it's amazingg!!
    And yep, I need some chunky rings too!


  6. this outfit is so amazing! Also one of my favorites in a while.

    I don't know what you wanted to link, I didn't find it..? ;)

  7. How cool look again!

    The best secondhand and vintage stores i've found are in Brooklyn. Williamsburg area is really good.
    Also in Manhattan at Lafayette (soho) is great one called screaming Mimi's.
    Later one i can give you fuller and better list.
    There is still a lot of places that i haven't found yet though :)

  8. Hey, thanks for liking my blog, it's really encouraging!

    Also, next time you see/speak to (our mutual friend) Annabelle, tell her I miss her and that she needs to get online to chat with me. We've been playing facebook tag for a while now, so I thought why not have someone close to her remind her that her friend in Shanghai misses her!!

    Thanks!! And the hair color(s) are pretty cool!

  9. really cute outfit(: i love the eyelet top from free people! my favorite piece!
    wonderful blog post.



  10. a absolutely fell in love with this look!! following your blog its just perfect :)


  11. You such amazing style, I have serious hair envy of your hair. Following you back as your blog is so inspiring. xoxo

  12. That is an amazing skirt. The pleats, the color, the buttons all so chic. Looks fabulous with that cardigan!

  13. Yay! It looks wonderful on you!

  14. love this!!! pretty!!!


  15. WOW I just finnd your blog and I think you have an amazing style! Love it!

    I follow you, hope you can visit and follow me too if you like my blog :D

    You have a wonderful pics!


  16. I am glad you learned how to link! Haha, just playing. I love that kimono. And those bracelets!!! They're so amazing. I also ended up buying the same One Teaspoon shirt you have... did you get from Planet Blue? I am still waiting on it to ship, but I want the cutoff sleeved one as well. I can't wait to see the leather shorts.

    BCBGeneration is waaay better than BCBG. I HATE SATC/Carrie Bradshaw, and my work has tons of those BCBG cocktail/martini/let's bitch about boys bejeweled sequined bandage dresses. Gag.

  17. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. I would definitely wear this any time. I've pretty much assumed the same thing about BCBGeneration except for the shoes but that skirt is amaze.

  18. that is the cutest pleated skirt ever!!

  19. yes bracelet twinsies for sure! I'm excited you found my blog so I could find yours.. I'm loving everyyy single outfit post of yours! xx

  20. wow, i can´t believe that I found your blog just now...it´s amazing! your outfits are so great! and by the way, your hair doesn´t look like having five different colors :) it´s perfect!

  21. HEY! madeline was just telling me that i had to check out your blog!
    just a couple things...
    1. i have such a mean case of hair envy right now- i've always wanted my hair that color, but it's not something my hair is willing to do for me.
    2. your jewelry is out of control amazing.
    3. as is that destroyed denim shirt.
    4. you are totally inspiring.

    i could keep going. consider me a fan.

  22. Zillionth all the great hair comments. I get a really good vibe from you, I know it's super strong when I can feel it through the interwebz. I can tell you're one of those people who everyone can feel super comfortable around! Ok, maybe this is enough new-agey commenting for one post. :)

  23. Beautiful pics! I am in love with ur hair :) kiss

  24. Wow, I love this outfit. It is so perfect. Everything about it is so awesome!


  25. if bcbgeneration is anything like star trek: generations, then i'm staying the hell out!

  26. My husband, everyone!! The biggest nerd on the planet! At least he's hot.

  27. nice photos :)))
    following you??
    would you follow me back? :)

  28. haha I was thinking to myself that these photos are very style-bloggerish in that "I wear pleated skirts and heavy jewelry on hikes through beautiful deserted landscapes" way but you qualified it nicely so it just makes for a great story and an incredible setting.
    I say this every time: your photos look like they come out of a catalog or editorial. Impressed, always.

  29. Amazing photos, I love the skirt. It actually reminds me of stuff I see at Urban Outfitters. :)

    The Cat Hag

  30. Hi flower! Lovely look and amazing top..love these colors and your cuffs too!
    *Ah! And don’t forget to enter the Vagabond Van Giveaway on my blog. You can win a beautiful scarf and an earring of your choice. Good luck!!

    Peace & Love