"Grab the shovel, Harold."

Silk Top- Wilfred, Snake Print Tank- Wilfred (Aritzia), Lace-Inset Bells- Free People, Cross Necklace- Vintage, Layered Necklace- Iosselliani, Square Cuff- Fallon, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love

As usual, Joey did some obvious photoshopping on that last picture. There's just something about my face that makes him want  to...alter it. Ha. It does kinda make me want to reconsider my reconsideration of the eyebrow-bleaching though, as I assume it would look somewhat like this- creepy. And what girl doesn't long to look creepier, right?
So we are about to watch 30 Days of Night, which I am way too excited about. Maybe because it's (quite literally) the last remaining horror film that I have yet to see (foreign or domestic). Actually I missed out on the whole Saw thing, but that was absolutely on purpose. There's a big difference between a scary film, and one where a useless villain just goes bonkers throwing bloody severed limbs all over the place. Although they did churn out some pretty damn good slashers back in the '70s. Slashers are actually entertaining, it's the torture porn that bothers me. No, worries me- maybe it's the unbelievably trenchant sexism. But that kind of applies to like, over half of all movies ever made. Harold and Maude is really the only romantic comedy I can think of that isn't just swimming in "ladies are stupid so just throw pretty things at them and they might shut up". 
Ok, Margaret Ebert, signing off.
Oh ya- I bought the lavender hair dye. But I don't want to part with my nose ring. SO. Looks like I shall be playing the adolescent with an attitude (ohmygodmomyoureruiningmylife) for a little while. I could always get a job at like, Hot Topic.


  1. i really love your blouse and like the way you wear it as an outerwear.


  2. Wow that top is wonderful!
    Especially the way you're wearing it with the necklaces and and blouse!

  3. Those pants are great and that last photo is amazing he did a great job on Photoshop.

    Fashion in the Fog: Keeping on the Straight and Narrow Path

  4. Ooh I love this outfit, the pants are so cool!!!
    I don't do scary movies...I'm a chicken...haha

  5. i LOVE YOUR BELLS! I so wanna raid your wardrobe!

  6. The trousers are wonderful, really love the cross necklace. Thanks for the fab comment and finally I've got a new post up!

  7. My boyfriend did online marketing for the Saw movies, so for six months all I heard when I was in our living room/office was "do you want to play a game?" GOD it was awful. They are really really bad.

    The lavender and nose ring will be fine. I really want to do a DIY of those denim shorts you posted. Of course every time I try and do DIY's on thrift store items, it turns out horribly. Also, gimme those bellbottoms!

  8. Ha, it will not look like Hot Topic. You will just have an abundance of bad-ass-ness, which I fully support!

  9. Love this outfit, the title, and that last shot.

  10. I think i would kill to do photoshoot with you. You have such stunning features. x hivennn