The Ubiquitous Leather Shorts- 3.1 Phillip Lim, Cala Luna Tunic- Free People, Neonish Green Crop Top- Free People, Zoe Ankle Boots- Sam Edelman, Necklace- Urban Outfitters, Vintage Silver Bracelets

This probably goes without saying, but it was like wind-tunnel windy today. Hence the everything flying everywhere thing. At the moment I am completely worn out and just want to watch some random movie. Oh, and this one better be superior to 30 Days of Night, which was a crime against celluloid on SO many levels (man, I was actually so excited about that one...). First of all we had the whole "Josh Hartnett attempting to act" debacle, which was really quite sad/pathetic because you could basically see the steam coming out of his ears as he tried to be dramatic and heroic and all that jazz. So he is a horrible actor, but the script didn't help. I actually found a website dedicated to the myriad plot holes in this film, but my favorite would have to be the hilariously convoluted ending. It involved Hartnett injecting himself with vampire blood so he could become one of them vamps (for reasons I'm not entirely sure of), followed by about fifteen minutes of our boy hero fighting off them vamps, and finally, because Joshy is now a good vampire, we close with him clutching his (previously estranged, but soulmates once again) wife, as they sit on a snowy hilltop waiting for the first sunrise in thirty days. This is intended to be quite emotional because everybody knows that vampires turn to ash in the sun (except with Twilight, in which they just get all sparkly). SO. The actress playing the wife tries really hard to screw her features into something resembling a bereft expression as the sun rises and Good Vampire Josh meets his ashy fate. And scene. 
God, now I'm in the mood for a really beautiful film. At the moment Peter Weir is kinda calling my name, so I think I (and sleeping Joey) shall watch either Picnic at Hanging Rock or The Last Wave. Or Gallipoli. Those are some gorgeous and wistful and sad and lovely and lonely movies. 
Ok, stopping with all the film talk now. Actually, stopping with all the talk now. It's slowly drift off to sleep on the couch time, an activity I take very, very seriously. And with all that pan pipe in the Picnic at Hanging Rock score, this should be a thirty second process. Hope you're all having fun having your Saturday night fun having! Hahaa I crack myself up- there is a very specific type of person who finds that last sentence funny, and I think by "specific" I just mean "only me".
Shutting up now, really.


  1. I have to chck out those movies you talked about.. I am also a big fan of movies..

    Nice look again. Those shorts should be on my closet though!
    You look great in them.

  2. Love the outfit and photos! you look amazing!!! :D
    and haha, I love your movie rants :D

  3. Um, I have an amazing story about 30 Days of Night. Here is the abbreviated version: while in a classroom discussing that movie (it had just come out in the theaters) it came to everyone's attention that a girl in our class thought vampires were real, and not in a strange goth and/or Twilight-obsessed way, in a perfectly naive and honestly frightened way, and that they really must live in Alaska.

    ANYWAY, you are killing me with those shorts. I love them to pieces. I can't wait until my hair gets long enough to blow in the wind. These pictures are so good!

  4. Love the photos, the rail road is such a good setting

    I vote picnic at hanging rock, one of my all time favs

  5. love that top, it's awesome! have fun trying to pick a movie..we watch so many movies that it's hard to keep track and remember all of them :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  6. These photos are just gorgeous, and your skirt is beyond AMAZING. Thanks for the really lovely comment, sorry for the REALLY late reply, will try to reply sooner next time!

  7. love the tunic!!! such a great shape and fabric. wore my edelmans today too. hehe.

  8. I've been watching both that tunic and the crop tops that FP has, beautiful choices! I see these are some of the pieces you laid down the cash for the other day presumably? I adore them!

  9. seriously i always love your outfits.
    you are one of my favorites now :)
    hahah vampire movies? love it.


  10. This outfit is fantastic... oh and I love PAHR too :)

  11. I really love your shoes! :) You look so cute. And yay for being pigeon toed!


  12. Haha I love this post! The wind is aswome.
    I love love love your hair, my hair is blond too, but I want to do something different and I love the bleach on you! its simply beautiful and fun. I just dont want to damamge my hair any more than it already is :/

    check my out: