In Which I Write Way Too Much About Things (Necklaces, Mainly).

Wow. I am now acutely aware that nothing is more troubling than posting a photo of oneself directly above a photo of Bambi Northwood-Blyth. From here on out, all images of my face shall be kept completely separate from facial images of she who resembles a young Brooke Shields (only somehow prettier and more ethereal). 

I've been kind of obsessed with all the beautiful chokers and bib necklace thingees that've been popping up everywhere. Taylor, from thingsonhangers.com, has a really cool/simple one. That applies to like, every conceivable type of jewelry, though. She has quite an eye for flair. Anyway, the sparkly Fallon piece I'm wearing above was one of those lucky "hanging out in the bowels of my jewelry receptacle" finds. I was pretty happy to rediscover it- and by "happy" I mean "overweening excitement so intense that a bemused Joey briefly wondered if I have always been this shallow". Hopefully, he wasn't reminded of the first time we met. It was one of "those" nights where my drunkenness rose to the level of bonkers that could easily end with naked night swimming, the belting out at the top of my lungs some long-forgotten Dropkick Murphys song, weeping about "all the beauty in the universe", or, in this case, loud and slurry proclamations to my lovely friend Miriam that "he's totally hotter than I thought he would be". "He" being Joey, who was standing right there, sort of taking it all in. I tend to follow the speech patterns of a Sweet Valley Twin when intoxicated. Point being, the first statement my husband ever heard me make was about as shallow as shallow can get. Funny how such an inauspicious meeting led to our lovely little life.
ANYWAY, now that I already have what I was looking for, it's time for my next obsession: the ManiaMania "Afterlife" choker. Bambi looks unbelievably gorgeous in the above photo (and the rest of the ManiaMania campaign), but Abbey Lee has just been wearing the hell out of that choker recently. Each new picture of her sashaying around like a towheaded Egyptian Aussie princess from the early '90s (uh, that description isn't nonsensical in my head) makes me want that piece more. I would have posted some photos, but since you've seen them on every other blog, ehh. 
Sadly, my weekend in Alabama was all about trying to keep from vomiting. So all the photo-taking plans Joey and I made were sort of the last thing on my mind. I've never mentioned this on the blog, but I have a frustrating vertigo-esque ailment that pops up at the most inopportune times. So I had three surreal days of Lifetime Movie Network (after a while, those movies blend into this blurry tapestry of banal strangeness and you quit differentiating one from the next). Oh, and in case Alfred Hitchcock* gave you the notion that "vertigo" just means "fear of heights"- imagine extreme motion sickness, but you aren't even moving, and not much can be done about it. And throw in that feeling you get when you drink too much and things start spinning. That's vertigo.
God, I am a long-winded writer. Here are the CliffNotes: "I like the Fallon necklace I found. Sometimes I am shallow. I like that one ManiaMania choker. I have vertigo."
Tomorrow I shall do an outfit post. With very little blather underneath it.

*Sorry, another random movie mention- I am referring to Hitchcock's Vertigo, which is a great film, but vertigo is shown to be a fear of heights, not an ailment (which it is- oh man, it is).


  1. chockers are to die for.
    and i love your necklace so muchhhh!
    bambi is my favorite too. gosh, you have gorgeous style. always!


  2. Chockers are great for custome yes haha
    I'm sorry to hear the thing in Alabama tho x
    You look nice :) very rockin!


  3. Haha love this post!!
    Ick on the vertigo though...my mom sometimes gets that :( NOT FUN!

  4. that is such a sweet necklace!! loving the bracelet too!

  5. WELL, the necklace is pretty badass!


  6. i used to have a coworker who had vertigo and it would hit her out of nowhere, definitely not an easy thing to deal with

  7. i love those chokers, especially yours...chokers always make me feel way cooler for some reason :P

    Fashion Bag 411

  8. thanks for the shoutout! and you look lovely, duh, own it

  9. Haha I just got another choker which I wore on my birthday. I think the Maniamania one is beautiful, but I'm holding out to see if they re stock this one:


    I actually liked Bambi's Maniamania ads more than Abbey's, I don't know why though I will admit that Abbey's had better clothes. I think it's cause Bambi's has a bit of a grunge feel that really resonates with me. Whatever, they're both beautiful.

    Anyway your Fallon choker is awesome. My work has been getting a lot of those hideous Haute Hippie bib necklace/shirt things which terrify me. I met my boyfriend at a RZA/Wutang show and I was underage and drunk as hell, there may have been some late night semi nude swimming involved also, and I think I uttered similarly shallow things.

    Andalusia is in south south Alabama, almost FL. J've been to Clanton once but only to that place that sells peaches and ice cream.

  10. I talk like a Sweet Valley High twin constantly. It's a real problem; nobody can take me seriously in a professional capacity. Your choker is so good!