Urban Revisions Shredded Scarf Giveaway Extravaganza!!

Star Print Blouse- Urban Outfitters, Skull Tank- Aritzia, Black Jeans- JBrand, Zoe Boots- Sam Edelman, Skull Necklace- Mom made it, Crystal Ring- Ylang23, Triangle Ring- Pamela Love, Silver/Gold Cross Bracelet- courtesy of Konstantino

Hello ladies and gentlemen, greetings from the capital of "your eyebrows really don't look that much different". All I can say is I bleached the shit out of them- they must have already been lighter than I realized. 
My outfit is a bit lazy, but how cool is that Urban Revisions shredded scarf? You, too, can own one of these lovely works of art (I'm sure you realize the painstaking painstakingness that goes into such a giant shredding project) by entering the FashionLitter/Urban Revisions Official Giveaway Extravaganza! Here's the rundown: visit the UR Facebook page and "like" it, follow them on Twitter, and, most importantly, check out the lovely Urban Revisions Etsy Store and share your fave piece in my comments. There really is some amazingness hanging out in the shop, including crazy awesome jewelry that looks like it was carved out of an ice cube. Also, every single shredded thing you can imagine. So if you feel like winning (I won't make a Charlie Sheen joke there): facebook, twitter, comment, and I shall choose a lucky person on ummm Friday. That sounds like a nice day for a little random choosing. 
That's basically all I've got tonight, but I do want to draw some attention to the awesome necklace my mom made. How cool is that giant lavender stone/turquoise skull creation? Oh, and she whipped it up in about two minutes. 
Also- the unicorn cutoffs from the last post shall be mine tonight. I'm pretty sure they're too small, but can't bring myself to care. 


  1. Your eyebrows look SO good! It's subtle, but amazing. Also, your mom is some sort of craft phenomenon.

  2. i'm very proud of my beautiful and talented neice

  3. The glass leaf necklace in their etsy store is awesome! and so is your blog!

  4. Oohhhh....
    What can I say....
    Well it doesn't look ugly I think.
    When I compare your other photo's, your eyebrows are a tinybit lighter. But you can still see a this smooth, subtle line :)
    And since you have a light skin + your hair I think it looks nice!


  5. your star top reminds me of my top!! only with bigger start that are actually visible.


  6. Gorgeous hair ! Kiss xxx

  7. Yaaaaaaaay! I'm glad you're getting the unicorn cutoffs. They embody your style. It's funny because after you posted those lavendar cutoffs, I decided to thrift some white Levi's and attempt to tye dye. I found the Levi's, but decided not to buy them because I realized that tye dying + me would equal a big mess/waste of money/disaster because I suck at DIY's. Speaking of which, your Mom's necklace is amazing.

  8. Booeeee I don't have twitter!
    btw LOVE your necklace!


  9. count me in!
    like it on FB and followed in twitter.

    best piece is this http://www.etsy.com/listing/58682065/glass-leaf-necklace-nature-in-the-city

    I so hope i win :)

    Your star printed shirt is nice and you look really beautiful by the way!

  10. i love that top your wearing! and great accessories too!

  11. LOVE the color in your hair! so subtle yet sooooooo nice.



  12. Ooh, I love free stuff. You eyebrows look cool. You remind me of a fairy


  13. HIIII!

    My fav is the Glass Leaf Necklace - Nature in the City Collection.


  14. i am in love with your hair color. it's insanely perfect. white with a little ganny grey and purple....too perfect. and yes! lazy cats need stickers too!! and also, i have a case of massive head too, and the asos hats fit me! swear they will fit you tooooo!! your comment cracked me up. thank you. and have a great weekend!

    ashley <3


  15. wow i love this look! absolutely gorgeous!


  16. Glass Cluster Ring is my fav
    pick me!