Some things I want, some things I want to do, and something I've already done.

I don't have much to say this fine evening, mainly because I plan on a megapost tomorrow. The above photos are kinda self-explanatory- some admirable wrists, and a pair o' shoes you better believe I'm gonna copy. Finally, a DIY I might be able to pull off. Bedazzled brogues. Yessss. 
Also, Madeline's necklace arrangement is killing me. You should read her latest post, it's so insightful (and there's a sort of impromptu "love your own body" festival going on in the comments, which is awesome). The shorts are on Ebay, and I think they're gonna have to be mine- completely perfectly tackily beyond awesome. Two hours to go- hopefully by the time you (hello, you) read this, I have won the shit out of them cut offs.
On another note, I finally bleached my eyebrows. The results were technically correct, but the effect is not exactly what I was going for. I guess you'll get to make your own judgement when I outfit post tomorrow evening. And you will lie to me, because you're all wonderfully nice people. What is it with fashion/style bloggers being so lovely all the time? 
Ok that's all. Almost.

Why did I choose to post a large photo of Joey's old Fukuoka subway pass in this (ostensibly inspiration) post? Because nothing is more inspiring than my husband staring at you like he wants to burn a hole through the computer, then kill you in some terrifyingly creative way. Look at that jaw clench! He wanted that subway pass. He wanted it BAD. 
Ok, some interesting junk tomorrow. Including a lovely giveaway! Really, this is something you will most def want!

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  1. How did you find those shorts? Those are perfect!! Order them...or I will. :-) But seriously, good find, lady.
    strawberry freckleface

  2. Lovely photo's!
    And I'll judge you with my (sweet) honestyyyyyyyy :D


  3. Great photo of your guy :)

    Those shoes you posted are really nice.. i want them!

  4. Student ID. I was like Cortes amongst the Aztecs!

  5. I need a unicorn on my booty! Also, Joey's photo is kind of perfect, but his comment really seals the deal.

    Thanks for the love, lady!

  6. such great pictures, those shorts are epic! love the tiedie effect and badges.

  7. Y'all are the blondest couple ever, and those shorts are amazing. Seriously, how do you even find stuff like this? I searched EBAY for hours for cuffs last night and all I found was bad faux turquoise and like, tribal wristbands. Or it was $23432424 dollars

  8. wow those shorts are amazing! that would be such a cool diy project..and i love all the bangles on the wrists, i need to stock up on more
    can't wait to see your eyebrows i bet they look amazing!

    Fashion Bag 411

  9. LMAO Joey... you look like you should be on Criminal Minds.