"I've been doing some research. In real life there is no Algebra."

Maxi Dress- Kimchi Blue, Lace Crop- Forever XI, Suede Flatforms- Urban Outfitters, Beaded Fringe Collar- Free People, Silver/Gold Cross Bracelet- Courtesy of Konstantino, Skull/Black Cross Bracelet- made by my awesome mom, Woven Bag- Wayuu Taya, the usual vintage flair

I feel like I haven't posted in about five days, probably because I haven't. I would totally apologize, but seriously doubt you were frantic. I'm fairly certain that it's healthy to realize the ol' blog is always completely expendable/replaceable. 
So this outfit made me feel very Mother of the Bride. Nice that it photographed fairly well, cause in person I looked sort of like I was about to fluff your skirt and take nips from a flask while wiping tears from my eyes and reminding you that there's still time to back out. I guess the accessory overload saved it. 
On to more interesting topics: I found the raddest knockoffs of those psychotic creeper-esque Prada shoes. They are seriously perfect and will soon be mine and we shall be very happy together.
Oh- and how could I forget! Joey and I moved. Our new apartment feels huge and our new setup means I can now type this while simultaneously watching Twin Peaks Season 1 (again). That show never, ever gets old. But the Scream franchise sure does. Oh wow, does it ever. We just saw Scream 4, because I am an idiot and thought it would be...funny? I guess? Ol' Wes Craven just kept killing off every character until we were convinced the movie would end in an empty room with a cell phone ringing, nobody left to answer it. Although there was a lovely moment where Ghostface demanded that this character answer a bunch of obscure horror film trivia questions, and I knew every single one. I was really proud of myself. But now that I'm actually typing it, I feel super creepy. And even creepier for being like, all proud and shit. 
I know I was supposed to announce the winner of the Urban Revisions shredded scarf on Friday, but the moving left me sans computer- I shall do so on Wednesday. Which is tomorrow. Today, in some places. 
That is all. Back to Twin Peaks. Hope your week is a happy week. Oh, and if the above writing is somewhat nonsensical- I'm still getting used to my ability to watch two screens at once. This post was pretty much just seamless mind junk.


  1. I like how your version of "Mother of the Bride" involves you trying to convince your fake daughter to back out of her fake wedding. You look beautiful, as per usual. That necklace is insanely good.

    Congrats on the new digs!

  2. You look lovely, those shoes are beautiful!

  3. Oh yeah, the scream movies..The first one was good when it came out.. i was a child at the moment so that covers it. But now, blaah. I totally understand you :)

    Your rings! Love them!

  4. that skirt and top are so beautiful!

  5. The styling is gorgeous and the colour theme is fantastic together with your hair! You look lovely dear.x

  6. Okay so...you trump probably everyone I know with your freepeople gear...you should probably be a model for them by now, don't you think? :-)

    Also, your mom must be rad. Wait, she is rad. Your mom rocks. You look great per usual, m'dear.

    strawberry freckleface

  7. Love your blog! Gorgeous outfit here! Love the layered skirt, the jewelry and the pics in general! The fourth pic is my favorite!!


    Follow each other?

  8. Beautiful look.. love that top.. and the accessories are gorgeous!!

    Peace & Love

  9. I adore this neutral palette! So gorgeous & chic!

  10. Love your outfit here, the colours match perfectly!


  11. your crochet top is awesome and it goes so well with this flowy skirt. Congrats on the move, that is always a bit stressful.

  12. I'm really diggin' your color palette here & how it looks so perfect with your pretty hair. your top is SO good.. & your jewelry.. & sandals.

    & I'm not gonna lie I still kindaaa wanna go see scream 4. I mean, they all suck, but I feel like it's necessary to see.. even though it's totally not necessary in the slightest.

  13. beautiful outfit, very boohoo chic, the textures and colours - though neutral - work so well



  14. That necklace is divine and looks anything but mother of the bride :)

  15. You're so pretty, as in every post! I love the pale colors with your super light blonde hair. It's truly surreal.


  16. Love the color palette and the very last picture is pretty cool.

    check out my blog

    ps I WANT hair like yours.

  17. First Mother of the bride I think not! You look gorgeous. I am in love with your maxi dress and love that you paired it with the cutest lace crop.
    As for Scream I kind of wanted to see it too but now I think I will pass and wait for it to come out on dvd sounds like a renter.
    Fashion in the Fog: MTV Top Style Blogger

  18. Ahhh my friend has those shoes! They are so cute. You are so gorgeous. I love that crop top. I NEVER find shit like that at Forever 21. It looks like it's from Stone Cold Fox. And you do NOT look mother of the bride. I am actually about to move to a new apartment also... post break up move :( but I am stoked about having more space. Space is super important. Scream 4 looked ridiculous.

  19. That necklace is SUCH a statement piece, love it!

  20. I absolutely love every aspect of this outfit! I can't even list them. Let's just say every single thing. I have a skull bracelet very similar to yours!

  21. LOVE those shoes from urban. gorgeous maxi styling and love the bag. new follower!

  22. i fell in love with his look its so stunning!! <3


  23. this outfit rocks. Thanks for the comment:)

    following yoU!