Blonde On Blonde

Knit Taupe Sweater- Free People, Skirt- Free People, Combat Boots- Steve Madden, Black Rosary- Aldo, "Let's Make Out" Heart Necklace- In God We Trust (Bonadrag), Rings- mostly Free People, Bracelets- mostly vintage and Fallon.

Well, we definitely came upon the three most adorable horses ever. There was something rather surreal about these babies- they were preternaturally calm, but completely convinced that the camera was for them. Whenever Joey took a photo, they would pose. I'm completely serious. So we decided to just go with it, especially after realizing that I shared some rather striking hair and complexion similarities with one of them. Anyway, my mom bought me this skirt from Free People (where else...) to try to cheer me up during the Great Blog Hacking Debacle Of 2010, and it really is perfect. Just what I needed during the two days when I thought Fashionlitter was gone forever. I don't want to go into the details (mainly because they are strangely traumatic), but I will say that I had no idea how important this blog had become to me until it was deleted. You know that ridiculous movie "Hackers" from like the mid-90's? Well IT LIES. Hackers are not cool, gorgeous geniuses who hang out at cyber-punk themed bars and save the world from whatever stupid thing they saved the world from in that movie. Hackers are just bad people who like to destroy things. If my husband weren't a total computer otaku then I probably would never have gotten my blog back. Thanks Joey! 
Ok, well I am going to go watch a random netflix and gorge on Zebra Cakes (a type of Little Debbie) and nurse my rapidly worsening cold. Oh, if you are so inclined, check out the Free People blog- there is a short feature about Fashionlitter and my penchant for wearing FP in pretty much every outfit. Including this one. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. i love horses! and thats cool that you were featured! so exciting :)


  2. hey love your style..check us out we're just getting started


  3. Love this photoshoot!!! Definitely one of my favorites so far! Lovin' all the beige!


  4. That sucks about your blog. But I'm glad you got it back. And congrats on getting on the Free People blog!

    You should totally buy they knit SGC shorts... they're on pre order, and if you use the coupon code TEENVOGUE, you can save around $30. I'm betting they will sell out.

    I love this satin skirt... really really pretty. And your rings are gorgeous as always.

  5. Taylor- The reason they put me on the FP blog was because the New York FP store Facebook page did a short interview they posted on their wall. Anyway, they asked me what other fashion blogs I like and I mentioned yours (because it's so true, you have one of my favorites!)

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  7. i love your blog!
    i'm from poland and i will in english write already tomorrow

    im following you!

    kiss from poland

  8. wow . that second last picture looks like a picture out of a spanish moss shoot or something .